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Nickelback is:

Nickelback is a rockin' band out of Canada. I can't even find their album here in the U.S. yet... but I hope they'll be working their way southward. But, I ordered Curb and The State off the internet. Also... I've heard Nickelback played on U.S. radio stations, not frequently, but it's a start. The band started in 1996 when brothers Chad and Mike Kroeger picked up guitarist Ryan Peaker and drummer Mitch Gandau. They have released 3 albums... their 7 song EP from 96: Hesher and 2 full length albums: Curb and teir most rescent album The State. Canadian radio stations give Nickelback a lot of air time and 99.3 the Fox has been supporting the band from the start and plays Nickelback regularly... so if you get vancouver radio stations tune in and listen for them. If you're interested in Nickelback I highly recommend you visit Nates Unofficial Nickelback Homepage page. It's got all the info, lots of sound clips, and all the other good stuff. So check it out!!! I have also included links to some other Nickelback sites. Soon I'll have other stuff up too... tabs, maybe some sound clips, etc.

Nickelback Sites

Some Sound Clips
Official Nickelback homepage
Unofficial homepage-maintaned by Nate. GREAT SITE!!!
Paradise Alley Nickelback page