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It's all about me, it's all about me

It's all about me, it's all about me

It's all about me, it's all about me

It's all about me, it's all about me

(verse 1)

Don't stop, don't think, let down all your defenses

Don't consider the truth or consequences

Do what you want, just do what you feel

Lost in your lies, what truth do you conceal?

(bridge 1)

Sensory depravation, total miscommunication

Covert operation, media manipulation

Do what you want, do what you will

So many lives, so much time to kill


Exercise, mobilize, criticize, ostracize

Exonerate, confiscate, humiliate, obliterate!


It's all about me, it's all about me

It's all about me, it's all about me

It's all about me, it's all about you

It's all about me and you, all of us together

(verse 2)

Don't feel, don't care, have a heart of stone

Disregard the truth as if it is unknown

Do what you can, just do what you must

Even though you know you don't deserve my trust

(bridge 2)

Intimidate, interrogate, operate, fill with hate

Demonize, terrorize, desensitize, fill with lies

Terminate, fornicate, reprobate.....


(verse 1)

The whole wide world's on the brink of extinction

And it's coming very soon, without hope or distinction

Murderers in power, lawbreakers making rules

Governments controlled by liars and fools

Profanity in church, pornography in the (Sistine) chapel

One long litany of sin, since Adam bit the apple


Tornadoes and hurricanes blowing us away

Give up, it's judgement day

Meteors and comets destroy all in their way

It's all over, now we're all gonna pay

(verse 2)

So much hellfire and damnation, all across the whole damn nation

Too late to turn back, no chance for salvation

Stadiums crumble, and skyscrapers fall

Cities are burning, there's no hope at all

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)

It's a nightmare without end, all around the place

All I hear is screaming and wailing, explosions and guit-bass

(repeat chorus)

(repeat verse 3)

(verse 4)

Suddenly I wake up, and the sun is shining

Children are playing, everybody's smiling

The nightmare is over, and the world keeps turning

No reason to give up, just a time for learning

(repeat chorus)


(verse 1)

Images return like a nightmare without end

Trapped in Satan's clutches, he's posing as a friend

Falling ever deeper, innocence is lost

Trying hard to keep her, paying such a cost

(chorus 1)

Who killed sweetness, who killed kindness?

Who killed vision? lost in blindness

Who killed sweetness, who killed kindness?

Who killed vision? lost in blindness

(verse 2)

Things that I saw, I wish I'd never seen

Places I have gone, wish I'd never been

Things that I did, wish I'd never done

Now it seems too late, everything is gone

(chorus 2)

Who killed sweetness, who killed kindness?

Who killed vision, lost in blindness

Who killed feelings, and emotions?

Hearts are reeling from such commotion


You've hardened your heart to all that is real

Love is all gone, nothing do you feel

Tear down the walls, tear down your fences

Open up your heart, let down your defenses

(verse 3)

Promises of love, were only lies of lust

Eyes filled with deception, not worthy of trust

Got to find a way out of all this pain

Leave the past behind, try to start again

(repeat chorus 2)



Temptation looks so pretty, a real work of beauty is she

Temptation's gonna get you, a master of deception is she


She tells you she loves Jesus, so how could it be wrong?

She's taking you to places you know you don't belong

You know that it's evil, you should never compromise

Distracted by her beauty, decieved by her disguise

She knows all your weak spots, how to get your defenses down

But when you really want her, she's nowhere to be found

She says that you'll feel better if you just give in

She's got you where she wants you, leading you to sin


Temptation wants your body, but she'd rather steal your soul

Temptation whispers sweetly, "give up all self control"


She's taking you to places you know you've never been

She'll get you where she wants you, leading you to sin

"Everybody's doing it" she's whispering to you

"Give me all your lovin', all your lusting, too!"

She's telling you of Jesus, but the devil's in her heart

Doing so much evil, she wants to break your heart


(verse 1)

Have your way with me, do what you will

Cause everybody knows that you're out to kill

You tell me where to go, and what to do

You behave as if the whole world revolves around you

You take all my money, buy yourself a fur coat

While I'm here drowning in my leaky houseboat

I can't do anything without your approval

My friends are all campaigning for your removal


I'm your battered boyfriend, you beat me down

With all your vicious words, into the ground

Battered boyfriend, I've no backbone

But I'd rather be with you than be alone

(verse 2)

You take more than I can give, a greedy little crook

All the while you hide behind your holy black book

You make me live in poverty, in dirt and grease and smog

I don't get as much respect as the family dog

You criticize my every move, my singing and my song

Has it ever occured to you that you could possibly be wrong?

You keep haranging my with such persistance

Someday you'll nag yourself out of existance

(repeat chorus)


Take my money and my self respect

I guess a little dignity is too much to expect

(verse 3)

Scream and yell yourself back to your minx lined prison

You've never known the meaning of the words "you're forgiven"

Why don't you get a life and leave mine alone

I'm sick of you're ringing, ringing my telephone

I'm sick of traveling on your ego trip

Here's a quarter call someone who gives a rip!

(repeat chorus)


(verse 1)

You tried your hardest to change me

and wanted me to live by your rule

I lacked something you didn't

so you tried to make me look like a fool

You tried your hardest to bring me down

belittle me to feed your ego

Then you spread your vicious eyes

claimed all I did was illegal


You left me on a corner to die

I had never lived without you

Everything you told me was a lie

How can I live without you?

You were never my friend in the first place

So why can't I live without you?

That was my mistake

Why can't I live without you?

I always felt enslaved

Why can't I live without you

You were never my friend in the first place

So why can't I live without you?

(verse 2)

You tried to break my spirit

humiliate and disown me

Destroyed all my dignity

claimed you'd never known me

Robbed me of all I own

took the food right from my table

Beat me up and knocked me down

leaving me disabled

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)

Well you took away my family

took away my house and home

You can try your best to kill me

but the spirit of a man lives on and on

(repeat chorus)


(verse 1)

I'm sitting all alone tonight, watching time go by

The emptiness around me makes me wanna cry

Was it only yesterday, that I held you tight

When I saw you smile at me I knew I'd be alright

(chorus) This lonely summer drives me crazy, it's killing me inside

The lonely winter will be cold, until I'm by your side

(verse 2)

Staring at your photograph isn't quite the same

I try to sleep but I wake up calling out your name

This emptiness inside my heart is only filled by you

Til I hold you once again, I'll always be so blue

(repeat chorus twice)


(verse 1)

At last the news is out

that should remove all doubt

Finally your name bears no shame

and we can clear your name

It was a reporters desire

to blame you for the fire

I knew you weren't to blame

for that awful flame

(chorus 1)

Yes I knew all along

What they said was wrong

You see you can't please everyone

So you got to please yourself

(verse 2)

The tv and the radio

brought us a new hero

Singing 'Hello Mary Lou'

and a 'Poor Little Fool'

Some said it couldn't last

You'd soon be in the past

Your records topped the charts

And entered into our hearts

(repeat chorus 1)

(verse 3)

In your plane you had such pride

but it was there you died

I guess we'll never know why

He took you from the sky

You're in another land

you're in the angel band

I hope that you still know

you're friends all miss you so

(chorus 2)

And we'll never forget the one

Who taught us all so well

You can't please everyone

So you got to please yourself


(verse 1)

The long tailed, twisted, midget guard opens the gates at dawn

While rambling, gambling, poetic drunks crawl back to Babylon

Uttering nightmarish, twisted childhood dreams for anyone with ears

Heading down the road to Fairfax

(verse 2)

The sirens wail "the end is near for all ye girls and boys"

And scientific, ingrate sons try to be heard above the noise

While polar bears with sunglasses hide behind their fears

As they're walking down the road to Fairfax

(verse 3)

The shower heads and flowered beds keep speaking to no one

And armchair soldiers lift the shades, hoping to see the Son

And Sgt. Friday, and Forrest Gump is looking for Peter Gunn

And there are no laws on the road to Fairfax

(verse 4)

The psycadelic tabby cat is purring in the zoo

For Siamese Sam and Stubby Manx, two friends without a clue

While the lying king and John Cougar decide just what to do

And the bridge is down, on the road to Fairfax

(verse 5)

Prophetic pigs and pigeon holes foretell of impending doom

While visionary vacuum men suck up all the gloom

And backwards walking, talking heads try to leave the room

And there are no rooms on the road to Fairfax

(verse 6)

The lonely school custodian searches for Prince Albert in the can

While refrigerators run down the hall when they hear the ice cream van

And 10 pound bowling balls roll down the lane without a plan

There are no plans on the road to Fairfax


(chorus 1)

I hate myself and I wanna die

Pull the lever, I wanna get fried

I'm a sinner, I've lived a lie

Take me to my home on high

(verse 1)

Jesus loves me, yes I know

That's the reason I wanna go

To meet my Maker forevermore

To find the answers behind the door

I hate myself, I don't want to live

I've got nothing left to give

I'm sick of fighting temptation, sin

I hate myself for giving in

(repeat chorus 1)

(verse 2)

Jesus died for me, I know

So why can't I be next to go?

This life on earth brings misery

They locked the door, threw away the key


(chorus 2)

Change your clothes, ,now cut your hair

We're going to the electric chair

I hate myself and I wanna die

Hit the switch, I wanna get fried


(chorus 1)

You're a loser

Just a loser

Go jump in a lake and get drowned in the deep

Drive your car off a bridge, you're a rotten old creep

You're a loser

You're a loser

Get the hell out of here, go play your guitar

But give up your dreams of being a star

You big loser!

No good loser!

(verse 1)

How long must I endure these taunts?

Am I the only one who doesn't get what he wants?

The battle's been long and it's wearin' me down

The water is high and I'm starting to drown


Please give me peace

Please give me love

Give me some understanding

Please let me be

Please let me see

What You are demanding

(chorus 2)

You're a loser

Just a loser

You're so overweight and you're ugly, too

Why would anybody want a friend like you?

You're a loser

You're a loser

Go jump off a bridge 'cause you deserve to die

You're a hopeless case and you deserve to fry

You big loser!

No good loser!

(verse 2)

The voices inside go on and on

They're wearing me down 'til all hope is gone

They're screaming at me and I'm ready to drop

I try to find peace, but the voices won't stop

(bridge 2)

Please give me peace

Please give me love

Growing so deep inside me

Please let me be

Please let me see

Please walk beside me

(instru mental

(verse 3)

The voices inside go on and on

They're wearing me down 'til all hope is gone


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