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Somewhat the same as the Gob site also on this page.

This page hasn't been updated in probably a year. I think you can buy stuff from the though.

The Bucky's
The Bucky's home on the web. Good surf music, send the guy an e-mail and get a free sampler.

This is a great page for the descendents/ALL. The guy who does this can get a hold of the members of the bands.

Diesel Boy
An un-official page with lots of stuff on the band including tabs, bio's, tour dates, pics and lots more. Go find out for your self. Probably the best.

Falling Sickness
Nice stuff about this Riverside ska-punk quartet. Think Guttermouth meets Op Ivy.

Good page for this great B.C. pop punk band.

The Official Guttermouth Homepage. Also hosts the TFG mailorder for your PUNK fashion wear and other shit!

A cool Guttermouth page. In fact the best.

Another Page with pics and some other stuff.

I just got there new CD and it is pretty good, if you are into hardcore. This site has info for a demo tape and some pictures.

Home Grown
Tour dates, sound bites and more.

Home Grown's other page
Tour dates, a bio and more. This site is maintained by Home Grown's drummer, so it's the "official one", I guess.

Johnny Beef
A cross between the descendents, tilt, and the doughboys. The page has pictures, chatrooms, lyrics, links, a guestbook, (sound clips coming soon), booking info, all that kind of shit.

Jugheads Revenge
The best Jugheads Revenge Site out there, the official one in fact. Wav. files and tour dates to boot. Also has pictures.

Knee Deep
Knee Deep,from Manhattan, KS. They're more old school Replacements-type punk.

This is a very good limp page and if you like this band at all then I would check this one out. And if you haven't heard this band than you need to buy this CD.

The Loutz-Basard Punk Rock!
A bastard punk rock band from Providence, RI. Musically, comparable to Chaos UK and Motorhead. E-mail the Loutz at VOM77@aol. com (if you want a demo tape, leave your home address for "snail mail"). Cheers!

California-styled skate punk (melodic and aggressive), but these guys are from Sweden, the European hotbed of newschool activity! This is one of my favorite bands.

Mutual Defiance
Band out of Iowa. Some pics, bio's, and some other shit too.

The NOFX sound archive. If you have never heard of NOFX (who hasn't) than go here and take a listen. If you have then go and steal the sounds so you have something to listen to on ur computer.

A great site for a great band.

Another NOFX page.

No Use for a Name
Probably the best one out there that I know of!

They did sorta sell out though. But it is the music that counts, right?! But there new album does kinda bite...

Operation Ivy
Info, pictures and more for another one of my favorite bands. It sucks they aren't still together. These guys, including Tim and Matt from Rancid, defined ska-punk, and if you don't have their "Energy" album on Lookout you're missing out on one of the best punk records ever!

Quincy Punx
This is a pretty good page with tab, sound, discography, and tour dates. Quincy Punx is in your face punk.

Page for the Netherlands.

The page for the US of A.

Nice page for this excellent Canadian melodic hardcore (with lots of metal influence) band. Good page!!!

A good site check it out. I am getting there tape soon so I will tell more in the future.

This is the official hompage and it has lyrics, sounds, photos, and some links. I just got the new CD and it kicks ass.

This page is for a band called Squelch. Cool stuff, including sound clips of the band.

Strung Out
American Lie. Really cool page with interviews, reviews, discography, merchandise and more, plus some info on another punk band called Blount.

Strung Out
Another cool Strung Out page, with clips, lyrics, discography and more.

$wingin' Utter$
A good page with lotsa shit, check it out.

Ten Foot Pole
Ten Foot Pole official page.

Excellent page. Sounds, pics, news and everything you could ask for on a page.

Violent anal Death
Violent Anal Death (or VAD, for you correct types) have been playing in Providence since 1991. Originally formed by Rev. Jason Chandler and Jami Wolloff, VAD's intensions were to make jingles, children's songs and TV themes into hardcore punk songs (and also just to piss off people without a sense of humor). If interested in VAD 7", or want to book Violent Anal Death, E-mail at

Your Mother
I am almost sure this is the official Your Mother page. Really cool fun-punk.

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