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Welcome to the

Perth Christian Drama Swap Meet

Hi, our names are Jenny and Carrie, and we have found drama to be a great tool for communication in the church. We've started this web site with the aim of promoting more use of drama in church services. We plan to do this by establishing a network of churches who use drama as part of their ministry.

We are especially interested in building up a bank of 5-7 minute sketches suitable for use in an Australian setting. (NB: not full length dramas or plays which require a lot of acting skills and production.)

Hopefully this will become a valuable resource for anyone who has had difficulty finding suitable scripts for a Perth audience in the past.

To do this, we need people who are willing to contribute scripts they have found to be successful. As the scripts arrive we will build up a catalogue on this web site, indexed according to theme.

If you have a script or scripts (free of copyright constraints) which you would like to contribute, please email it to us at, and we will put it up on the site.