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Beverly Peer Lackenbauer
Bothell, WA

Peer Ancestry*A History of our Family! by Beverly Peer Lackenbauer



JULY 30, 2002


Our Peer family was always stated as being PA Dutch by my grandfather Samuel Edward Peer and his father Samuel Isaac Peer. Origin before that time period is not known or is not passed down, but it is rumored that the Peer name started in Bavaria.
My great-great-grandmother spelled it Pier, Benjamin Peer was listed as Pier in NY, and there was a Jacob Piere in NJ in the early 1700's. Other spellings are Pear, Pears, Peers, Pier, Piers, Peir, Peirs, Peire, Peery, Pierre, Pere and many more!
Our Peer family was in Ontario/Upper Canada before 1800 but they went back & forth between Canada & the US.
Here is our Family History!


    born 1738 in NJ (Newton?),
    died 1815 in ON, Canada
    married: Anne(Hanna) Unknown
    children: Marcy b 1771 m Lyons 1792,
    Phoebe m Mcqueen,
    Philip b c1766 m(1)Dunn (2)Grinius,
    Levi born 1770-1780 m Marical,
    Stephen, and possibly:
    Edward C. m(1)Anne?(2)Sarah?,
    John d 1808,
    Jacob Jr. m. Lucy?.


    born 1766 in NJ,
    died between 1818 and 1820
    married:(1)Ester Dunn, 1792 Frankford
    Twp, Sussex Cty, NJ by Squire Francis Price
    Ester died bef. 1816
    children of Ester:
    Jacob born bef 1797 m. Mary Conner,
    John born c1790? m. Mary A. Oliphant,
    Dennis born 1804 m. C. Mullen,
    Lewis born bef 1810,
    (2)Susan Grinius (Greeniaus)c.1819
    in Ontario.


    born 1790? (in PA?),
    moved to Canada with his father,
    Philip Peer in 1796,
    died Aug. 21,1888 in Toronto
    after being struck by a runaway horse & wagon.
    married: Mary Ann Oliphant
    children: Aaron H b1826 m.McGiffins,
    Philip b 1832 m.Hendershot,
    John Henry b 1835 m.Armstrong,
    James b 1837 m.Anderson,
    William Wallace b 1844 m.Hayes,
    Duncan W b 1847 m.Sheridan,
    Elisabeth b 1848,
    Louis Albert b 1850 m.Fletcher,
    Cyrus Edway b 1852.


    born Sept. 15, 1835
    died Mar. 28, 1908
    married: Elizabeth A Armstrong
    children: Wm Cyrus b 1859,
    Thomas b 1862 d 1881,
    Barbara Emmeretta d 1863,
    George Edward b 1865 d 1873,
    Mary Ellen b 1869,
    Susannah b 1871 m. Dearing
    child: Florence Jane
    Samuel Isaac b 1874 d 1958 m Francis Dearing
    children: Jenny E,
    George A
    Susie M
    Florence M
    Samuel Edward
    Mabel R
    Francis I
    William J (Willie),
    Samuel J (Jimmy),
    Ada M,
    Jack W b 1915 d 1991

    Margaret Jane


    born Dec. 16, 1874
    died June 20, 1958
    married: Frances Dearing
    children: Jenny Elizabeth,
    Ada May,
    George Alexander b 1901 d 1978
    m. Deveny
    Jean E.,

    Susie May b 1903 d 1988 m. Cronkwright
    children: Donald, Doris
    Samuel James (Jimmy),
    Florence Margaret b 1906 m. Hawkins
    children: John W.,
    Muriel A., Sharon B

    Samuel Edward b 1908 d 1987,
    William(Willie) James,
    Harry b 1911 d 1968 m Lee
    Mabel Rena 1913 m Tillotson,
    Frances Irene b 1914 d 1988 m Messacre
    children: W Allen,
    Ruth A,
    Sandra E
    Marvin D

    Jack Wesley b 1915 d 1991 m Watts
    children: Murray P,
    Larry J


    born Oct. 4, 1908
    died June 10, 1987
    married: Catherine D A DAY b 1912 d 1994
    children: 5


    born Nov. 25, 1934
    married:(1)Elsie Dillman,
    July 30, 1955
    Elsie b 1935
    Elsie d 1993
    children: David,
    Beverly Anne b 1965.
    (2)Jorene May 13, 1995


    born Jan. 19, 1961
    married: Linda 1995


    born July 17, 1965
    married: Lackenbauer
    Jan. 17, 1987
    children: Jeff 1987,
    Sarah 1990.

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PEER: The regular vernacular form of "PETER", a common name meaning rock or stone. The name was extremely popular throughout Christian Europe in the Middle Ages, as it had been bestowed by Christ as a byname on the apostle Simon bar Jonah, the brother of Andrew. This name was chosen by Christ for its symbolic significance, is a translation of Aramaic kefa rock (John 1:42, Matt. 16:18); Peter was regarded as the founding father of the Christian Church in view of Christ's comment, "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church'. In Christian Germany in the early Middle Ages this was the most frequent given name of non-Gmc origin, being over-taken in the 14th century by John and Nicholas. In England the vernacular form PIERS was usual at the time when surnames were being assumed.

PEER: a person belonging to one of the five degrees of nobility in England. (Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron)

PEER(PEAR):in Dutch(Belgium)means Bulb

PIER: in Dutch(Belgium)means earthworm

Variations; Fr. Pierre, Pere, Perie, Le Perier, LaPeer, Peery; Eng. Pier(s), Pears(e), Petre, Peet, Peat, Peters(on), Pether(s), Pither(s); Ger. Pet(t)er, Peer(s), Petran, Pe(e)termann, Petri, Petry, Pieters, (Pirner, Poschel Bavaria); Flem. Du. Peeter, Pieter, Peer, Pie(t), Pee, Pe(e)ters, Pieters, P(i)eterse(n), Petri, Pien(s), Pergens; also translated in Italian, Spanish, Portugese., Russian, Czech., Scottish, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish, Bulgarian, Danish, Croatian, Lithuanian, Armenian, Beloruss, and occationally Jewish.

William Peers 1444 AD; A family called Piers became established in Ireland when William Piers (d.1603) was granted estates there by Elizabeth 1 in 1566, including the abbey of Tristernagh, Westmeath; Harry Piers b Halifax,Nova Scotia Canada 1870, was appointed Currator of the Provincial Musium at Halifax. He retained that position until his death in 1940.

DAY:"kneader of bread", "bread-baker", later "dairy-maid", "female-servant", Pet name for DAVID, perhaps a short from of personal names. Originally used only of women, it was later used of men. Women's Christian names are rare. The first two early examples are, no doubt, used in the original sense.

Variations; Day(e), Dey(e), D'eye (intended to make the name look French), Daykin, Dakin, Deyes, Dayson, Deason, Daymanl

DEARING(DEAR): ME personal name Dere, OE Deora, in part a byname meaning 'Beloved', nickname from wild animal, or from th adj. of the same form, meaning 'wild', 'fierce'.

Variations; D(e)are, Deer(e), Dearman, Thier, Dier, De Diere, Dyhr, Dearing, De(e)ring, Doring, Deares, Dearson, Dairson, Dyhring.

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Aldershot, Nelson Township, Halton County (No Longer Exists) Possibly settled as early as 1798, it was first known as Port Flamboro. Became part of Burlington in 1873
Appleby, Milton Township, Halton County (Currently Exists) Part of the city of Burlington
Appleby, Trafalgar Township, Halton County (No Longer Exists) Now named Bronte it was originally named by pioneers for their former home in Appleby, Westmoreland, England
Aurora, Whitchurch Township, York County (Currently Exists) Originally named Machell's Corners, renamed Aurora in 1853; Became a village in 1863, and a town in 1888
Baden, Wilmot Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists)
Belmont, South Dorchester Township, Elgin County (Currently Exists)
Berlin, Waterloo Township, Waterloo County (No Longer Exists) Established in 1805 by Pennsylvania Mennonites, later settled by Pennsylvania Dutch, then after 1930 by German immigrants; Named Berlin in 1833; Renamed Kitchener in 1916 (See Kitchener)
Beverly Township, Wentworth County (Currently Exists) Part of the town of Flamborough
Barton Township, Wentworth County (Currently Exists) Part of the city of Hamilton
Bogart-Town, King Township, York County (No Longer Exists) Possibly now known as Bogarttown, Whitchurch Tp, York
Bogarttown, Whitchurch Township, York County (Currently Exists)
Bostwick / Bell Mill Cemetery, Middleton Township, Norfolk County (Cemetery)
Bostwick Cemetery, Westminister Township, Middlesex County (Cemetery)
Bostwick Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties (Island) One of the Thousand Islands and one of The Navy Islands; Located in the St. Lawrence River
Bostwick Township, Algoma District (Currently Exists)
Brant County, (Currently Exists) Named after Joseph Brant
Brantford, Brantford Township, Brant County (Currently Exists) Established in 1827 as Brant's Ford, named after Joseph Brant; In 1784 it was part of a land grant to Six Nations; Became a city in 1877
Brantford Township, Brant County (Currently Exists)
Burgessville, North Norwich Township, Oxford County (Currently Exists)
Burgessville Baptist Cemetery, Norwich North Township, Oxford County (Cemetery)
Burlington, Nelson Township, Halton County (Currently Exists) The area surrounding Burlington was first settled in 1798; Burlington was created in 1873 as a village that encompassed the earlier settlements of Port Nelson, Wellington Square & Port Flamboro (aka Aldershot); Became a town in 1914; City in 1974
Guelph, Guelph Township, Wellington County (Currently Exists) Established 1827 by John Galt and named in honour of Britain's Royal Family, the Hanoverians who were descended from Guelfs; Became a village in 1851; Town in 1856; City in 1879
Gwillimbury East Township, York County (Currently Exists)
Gwillimbury North Township, York County (Currently Exists)
Gwillimbury West Township, Simcoe County (Currently Exists)
Home District, (No Longer Exists) Originally known as Nassau District, it was renamed by 1792
Kitchener, Waterloo Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists) Originally named Berlin (see Berlin); Renamed Kitchener in 1916 after Lord Horatio H. Kitchener; Became a city in 1912; Twin city to Waterloo
Lincoln County, (No Longer Exists) Comprised of the townships of Caistor, Clinton, Gainsborough, Grantham, Grimsby, Louth, and Niagara; Named after Lincolnshire, England; Now part of the municipality of Niagara
Middlesex County, (Currently Exists) Created by an Act of the Legislature of Upper Canada, Middlesex County was 'born' 1 Jan 1800, it was earlier known as Suffolk County; Named after Middlesex, England
Mount Hope Cemetery, Waterloo Township, Waterloo County (Cemetery)
Nelson, Nelson Township, Halton County (Currently Exists) Part of the city of Burlington; Originally named Hannahsville, renamed in 1858
Nelson Township, Halton County (Currently Exists)
Nelson United Cemetery, Nelson Township, Halton County (Cemetery)
New Hamburg, Wilmot Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists) Established in the 1837 by Old Order Mennonites and Amish and named Hamburg after the German port of departure
New Hamburg Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, Wilmot Township, Waterloo County (Cemetery)
Newmarket, East Gwillimbury & Whitchurch Townships, York County (Currently Exists) Established about 1801 as Beman's Corners after early settler Elisha Beman; Became a town in 1880
Newmarket Cemetery, Whitchurch & Gwillimbury East Townships, York County (Cemetery)
Oakville, Trafalgar Township, Halton County (Currently Exists) Officially established 1827 by William Chisholm, but was originally settled by Mississauga Indians
Old Baden Mennonite Burying Ground Cemetery, Wilmot Township, Waterloo County (Cemetery)
Oxford County, (Currently Exists) Named after Oxford, England
Oxford East Township, Oxford County (Currently Exists)
Oxford North Township, Oxford County (Currently Exists)
Oxford South West Township, Oxford County (Currently Exists)
Peterborough, North Monaghan Township, Peterborough County (Currently Exists) Named in 1826 for Peter Robinson; Became a town in 1850, a city in 1905
Peterborough County, (Currently Exists)
Queensville, East Gwillimbury Township, York County (Currently Exists)
Scarborough, Scarborough Township, York County (Currently Exists) A borough of Metropolitan Toronto since 1967; Became a city by 1984
Scarborough Township, York County (Currently Exists)
Sedore Cemetery, Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington County (Cemetery)
Simcoe, Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County (Currently Exists) Named after John Graves Simcoe who visited the area in 1795; The hamlet was 'plundered' during the War of 1812 and rebuilt 1918
Simcoe County, (Currently Exists) Named for John Graves Simcoe
Simcoe District, (No Longer Exists) Established in 1837 it was declared a separate district in 1843
Toronto, East York Township, York County (Currently Exists) Established about 1796 it was named Little York, the name was changed between 1817 and 1846; Became capital of Upper Canada in 1797 and remained so until 1841; Became capital of Ontario in 1867 when it became Metropolitan Toronto; Now the 'Mega City'
Warsaw, Dummer Township, Peterborough County (Currently Exists) Named by Thomas Choate in 1821 after Warsaw, New York
Waterford, Ramsay Township, Lanark County (No Longer Exists) See Almonte
Waterford, Townsend Township, Norfolk County (Currently Exists) Part of the City of Nanticoke
Waterloo, Waterloo Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists) Established 1806 by Mennonites; Became a village in 1857, a town in 1876, and a city in 1943; Twin city to Kitchener
Waterloo County, (Currently Exists)
Wawa, McMurray Township, Algoma District (Currently Exists) Originally named Michipicoten, a fur trading post established about 1647; The name Wawa was adopted in the 1890's from the Ojibwa word for 'wild goose'; Renamed Jamestown in the 1950's but changed back to Wawa in 1960
,b>Whitechurch, Kinloss Township, Bruce County (Currently Exists)
Wilmot Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists)
Woolrich Township, Algoma District (Currently Exists)
Woolwich, Woolwich Township, Waterloo County (No Longer Exists)
Woolwich Township, Waterloo County (Currently Exists)
York, Seneca Township, Haldimand County (Currently Exists)
York, York Township, York County (Currently Exists)
York County, (Currently Exists) Named after Yorkshire, England

(one of the variations of Peer) Almost smack dab in the center of the state. They have a Municipal Airport, Fort Pierre, and a Fort Pierre from 1832 and Fort Pierre National Grassland. The Missouri River runs through or by it, and the Bad River connects to the Missouri at Pierre. It is surrounded by Indian Reservations. The Lower Brule Indians, Cheyenne River Indians, And the Crow Creek Indians. It is about 30 miles North of Interstate 90. Pierre is the State Capital of South Dakota!
Check out the entertainment and tourism information at the Pierre, SD web page.

LAPEER, MI is located about 1 mile North of Interstate 69, about 20 miles East of Flint, MI. It is about 50 miles West Port Huron. The city has a new web page they are working on. So you will soon be able to get tourism information. The new site is
LAPEER HEIGHTS, MI is located South of I69, just a few minutes Southwest of LaPeer on LaPeer Rd.


You can view a maps of LaPeer, MI; LaPeer Heights, MI; and LaPeer, NY by going to, in the search field type LaPeer, MI.

Peer (pronounced Pear-like the fruit)is located in the Heart of Limburg Hills, province of Limburg, in the eastern part of Belgium. It became an official city in 1367. In 1619, nearly the whole city burned. The city has a homepage, but it is in Dutch. You can visit it by going to


06 Jan 1996 Mills Library Mc Master University

NIAGARA FALLS TIGHT ROPE WALKER The Hamilton Daily Spectator, Hamilton Wed. June, 1887, pg. 1 Col 7

Niagara Falls Ont. June 22 Steve Peer, a local tight rope walker, crossed the Niagara River on a 5/8 inch cable stretched from the Canadian to the American side between the Cantilever and Suspension bridges at 4 o’clock this afternoon successfully. A stiff breeze was blowing during the time, and the cable was not properly guyed and he says that several times he very nearly lost his balance from its vibrations. Several thousand people witnessed the daring performance. Peer will repeat his performance several times during the season.

Peer the Rope-Walker Suicide The Hamilton Daily Spectator Hamilton, Canada, Monday June 27, 1887

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, June 25 Steve Peer, the local celebrity who outdid Blondin in daring feats around Niagara and recently crossed the rapids on a 5/8 inch cable is dead. Ever since he did the daring act he has been drinking very heavily, and Wm. Leary proprietor of the Elgin House where Peer has been stopping, has been watching him closely. This evening about 7:30 pm Peer went out unobserved with John Gillespie and a stranger, and later was seen with 2 men near his rope. As he did not show up by 8:30 and no trace of him could be found elsewhere, it was suposed that he had attempted to walk his rope and had fallen from it or stumbled over the bank, and ropes and lanterns were procured and Peer’s brother, with John Connolly was lowered down. Near the bottom of the incline they found his lifeless body, badly cut around the head. There was a large gash leading from his nose over the top of his head so that his brains protruded, and death must have been instantaneous. His body was raised to the top of the precipice by means of ropes, and taken to the Elgin House, where it now lies awaiting the coroner. A good many rumors are afloat regarding how he met his death, amongst them one that he suicided, there being, it is said some trouble between himself and his wife. The general belief is that he attempted to walk out on the cable when recovering from his drunk and lost his footing and fell into the abyse below.

Written by KAY PEER (Catherine Diantha Jane nee Day)
July 26, 1986

I'll start with my (Dad) MILES RICHARD DAY born April 6th, 1872 at Putman,Ontario, Canada.
His parents were JAMES BARKER DAY,
born Aug. 19th, 1846
died of cancer June 17th, 1907- 61 yrs old.
JANE OLIVER DAY born Dec. 20th, 1840
died General Debility, Oct 15th, 1920(79 yrs old)

Progeny of JAMES and JANE DAY;
Miles Richard born April 6th, 1872-died July 22, 1952 (my dad)
Bob Oliver Day born May 26th,1874- died (I have nothing else on uncle Bob)
Jenny Day born June ?, 1870- ( She lived in USA. I have nothing else on her.)
Birdie Jane Day born May 15th, 1876
Maggie Day born Oct 8th, 1878 (May's Mother) died of cancer

Progeny of Aunt Birdie and Will Hutchinson.
Mabel Hutchinson married Mr. Brown
Florence Hutchinson married Stanley Elliot (died of cancer) they had 2 boys William Edward and Doug Stanley
Catherine Nellie Mary Hutchinson married William Shier they had 3 children= Janet Mary, William Robert and Betty Anne
Maggie Day and George Keeler were married Nov. 27th, 1900

Progeny of Maggie Day and George Keeler Bertha Lerena Keeler born April 13th, 1911 (GG) McCormick
Legetta May Keeler born March 8th, 1902(married name Marks)
Charlie Oliver Keeler born Oct 10th, 1904-died Jan. 9th, 1951
May Marks Husband name James Walter Marks died 1955 son, Alvin Marks died March 14th, 1980
Earl LeRoy Keeler born Nov. 20th, 1913
Edson George Keeler born April 29th, 1915
Bertha Lerene Keeler (GeGee) and Mr Shea Married ?

Progeny of Bertha Lerene Keeler and Mr Shea are; Dorine June Shea born July 9th, 1927 Dorine and Harold Madion Married June 29th, 1946 Dorine died 1972

Progeny of Dorine and Harold Madion Candice born July 15th, 1948 Married ?
Rex born Oct 14th, 1951
Marion Katherine born Oct. 14th, 1958
Jennifer born March 22nd, 1960
Bertha Keeler Shea re-married to Don Brittian June 29th, 1950 (They had been to our home to visit ) Don had 2 sons by first marriage Larry and Dennis Mrs Don (Bertha) Brittian died May 29th, 1972

Nov. 21st 1900
Ida Evis Day died April 22, 1940
Miles Richard Day died July 22, 1952

Progeny of MILES and IDA DAY: Norman Grant Day born Dec. 17 1901-died July 2, 1971
Carman Robert Day born Jan. 2nd, 1903-died Jan. 1, 1968
Wilbert Lorne Day born Jan 17th, 1904-died Oct. 9th, 1904
Ida Evis Day born July 1st, 1905-died Sept 28th, 1905
William James Day born Nov. 2nd, 1906-died April 18, 1917
Wilbert Augustus Day born Sept. 4th, 1908- died April 20, 1986
Harvey Glen Day born Feb. 8th, 1911-died Jan. 2nd, 1984
Catherine Diantha Jane Day born Oct 27th, 1912 (that's me)-died Sept. 21, 1994 Married Samuel E. Peer Dec. 10, 1932 in Burgessville Ontario, Canada
Bessie Merle Day born April 26th, 1914-died Dec 8th, 1977
Frederick Murray Day born Nov. 19th, 1916-died

SAMUEL E. PEER died June 10th, 1987

This is the information that was handed down to me by my grandmother, Catherine Diantha Jane Day(Kay Peer). I have added any information that I know. If you or anyone you know has any more information, or questions related to the DAYS, PEERS, BARKERS, WAUNS, WOANES, DEARINGS, JOHNSTONS, or any of the other names mentioned here, please email me and we will talk.

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To sit and chat
With a dear old friend
Over a cup of tea,
We talked of this and that,
Remembering you and me.
To sit and chat,
On a winter's day,
Over a cup of tea,
All the things we used to do,
And things we used to see.
To sit and chat,
On a summer's day,
Under a shady tree,
Of walks we took along the way,
Remembering you and me.
To sit and chat,
In Autumn's glory,
Over a cup a tea,
Of dreams we shared and promises made,
Remembering you and me.
To sit and chat,
When spring arrives,
The memories we shared,
Over a cup a tea,
Can never be compared.
To sit and chat,
With a dear old friend,
Over a cup a tea,
Our memories will never end
Remembering you and me.
Written by Elsie May Peer


Link to more of Elsie's poems.

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Salem Witch Trials (70)
Shipwrecks (45)
SS Princess Sophia Shipwreck (4)
Sultana Shipwreck (27)

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Historical and Genealogical Societies General Federation of Genealogical Societies FGS is an umbrella organization promoting the activities and programs of hundreds of genealogical societies nationwide. GENTECH With its annual conference, this organization emphasizes the close ties between technology and genealogy. NGS sponsors the largest national conference in American genealogy. Connecticut Connecticut Historical Society Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. French Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut Maine Maine Genealogical Society Maine Old Cemetery Association (MOCA) Massachusetts American Antiquarian Society The Bostonian Society Cape Cod Genealogical Society Essex Society of Genealogists Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston Massachusetts Historical Society Massachusetts Society of Genealogists Polish Genealogical Society of Massachusetts The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA) Rhode Island Rhode Island Genealogical Society Rhode Island Historical Society

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