ABOUT THE ARTIST: He lives and works at his home and studio northwest of Boise, Idaho and is a featured artist at "Studio 54" in Cobham, Surrey, in the U.K, "Uniquely Northern" in Racine, Wisconsin, "Purple Sage Gallery" in Winthrop, Washington, "Red Door Gifts" in LaConner, WA., and the "9 Lives Gallery" in Newport, Oregon. He also does the better arts and craft shows in New Mexico, Washington, and Idaho. He's won fifteen major art show awards including "Best in Show" at the Edmonds Art Festival, Tapestry Arts in San Jose, the Mercer Island Street Fair and "Best in Painting" at the Tempe Arts Festival(2004 and 1999), at the Tucson Fourth Avenue Show(1998) and in Lewiston, ID.(2014). He believes art is about communication and the work is concept-based with many hidden recurring elements and ironies. This year he'll do arts and crafts shows in Albuquerque, Spokane, Bellevue, Anacortes, Boise and other cities.

THE TECHNIQUE: The process begins with an idea which comes from any number of sources including suggestions from customers and friends, then he makes preliminary sketches and collects the pictures or background information from the library or internet. The images are free-handed or projected via opaque projector onto the hot-pressed Arches paper or canvas. Layers of matte spray are applied over the air-brushed areas to allow for "tooth" and to seal around sheet frisket. Brush-on acrylic is applied with conte' pencil, gel medium, hand-made paper and sometimes gold and silver foils. He does all of his own printing on state-of-the-art printers using uv-stabilized inks. Prints are all signed and numbered in limited-editions with no artist proofs or second editions.