Washington River Reports

Washington River Reports 03/24/2015


Fly Fishing 02/26/2014

Fly-fishing film: The Fly Fishing Film Tour stops in Gig Harbor on Wednesday at the Galaxy Theater, 4649 Point Fosdick Drive NW. The event is sponsored by the Gig Harbor Fly Shop and proceeds benefit the Native Fish Society. Tickets are $12 at the fly shop and $15 at the event. The movie begins at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. For more information visit thef3t.com or call 253-851-3474.

More info on Fly Fishing


Smelt 02/03/2015

Sports fishermen with with dip nets will be allowed to dip for smelt along the Cowlitz River bank from 6 a.m.-noon Saturday and Feb. 14. Each dip-netter can keep 10 pounds of smelt (about one-quarter of a five-gallon bucket) per day, with no more than one day's limit in possession.

Smelt 01/30/2015

Recreational dipping for smelt in the Cowlitz River will be open from 6 a.m.-noon Feb. 7 and 14, part of an effort to gauge smelt population growth.
Fishery managers in Washington and Oregon on Wednesday approved the move, as well as a recreational fishery in Oregon’s Sandy River and a commerical fishery in the Columbia River. It is the second straight year limited dipping will be allowed because the species was listed in 2010 as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act.
Each Cowlitz angler may keep 10 pounds of smelt per day, with no more than one day’s limit in possession. Ten pounds is about a quarter of a five-gallon bucket. No fishing license is required to dip for smelt in Washington.
In 2014, sport dippers caught an estimated 198,000 pounds of smelt in the Cowlitz during two days of good fishing in early March. The mainstem commercial fishery harvested an estimated 18,600 pounds of fish in February.

Smelt 03/12/2014

smelt: Saturday was another good day for dipping on the Cowlitz, with most 10-pound limits caught in a few dips or less. Fish were reported upstream to Blue Creek. Fish also are reported in the North Fork Lewis River and upstream to Vancouver in the mainstem Columbia. No more recreational fisheries are currently scheduled.

Smelt 02/26/2014

Cowlitz: When it comes to smelt dipping, “they aren’t getting enough to make a meal,” Chamberlain said.

Smelt 02/12/2014

Smelt: Only a half-dozen people were seen dipping Saturday in the Cowlitz, and they had no catch on the first of four Saturdays dipping is allowed. The river is open Saturdays 6 a.m.-noon through March 1. Dip nets used from the bank only. The daily limit is 10 pounds per person.

Smelt Reports for 2011/2012



Bogachiel River 07/18/2014

The Bogachiel has been producing trout and some steelhead but is fairly low and clear.

Bogachiel River 06/04/2014

The bogachiel river will reopen on Saturday.

Bogachiel River 02/05/2014

Bogachiel-Quillayute: A weekend creel count showed 54 anglers who kept three hatchery steelhead and released 21 fish — 12 wild, nine hatchery.

Bogachiel River 12/17/2013

Bogachiel/Quillayute River — Dec. 9-12: Seven bank anglers and 24 boat anglers caught 21 steelhead for a total of 187.0 hours fished; Dec. 13-15: 92 bank anglers and 41 boat anglers caught 22 steelhead, and released six steelhead, seven cutthroat trout and one coho for a total of 581.0 hours fished.

Also see Olympic Peninsula River Reports below........


Calawah River 06/04/2014

The Calawah River will reopen on Saturday.


Carbon River 11/14/2014

CARBON: People have been catching some coho. Most people are using jigs, in purple-pink or blue-white.

Carbon River 10/03/2014

CARBON: People are catching a few chinook and coho in the Orting area.

Carbon River 09/23/2014

CARBON: People are catching coho and chinook in the Orting area. Anglers are using corkies in black or blue, with red yarn.

Carbon River 09/02/2014

CARBON: Recently opened, an angler reportedly caught a 32.8-pound fish here over the weekend. “The Carbon has been phenomenal,” Rock said.


Cascade River 01/25/2014

Cascade: The river, a tributary of the Skagit River, remains closed from the Rockport-Cascade Road downstream to the mouth to aid with the collection of winter steelhead broodstock. It is scheduled to reopen Feb. 1.

More info on the Cascade River


Cedar River 07/15/2014

Cedar: Anglers are hooking some trout using beadhead Woolly Buggers in black or olive. Be sure to fish early, before the swimmers hit the water later on these warm mornings. If there is a hatch in the evening, try an elk hair caddis dry fly with an emerger dropper.

Cedar River 06/27/2014

Cedar: The river has been fishing well, producing some chunky rainbow trout — some that are measuring around 19 inches.

Cedar River Basin Map & Info


Chambers Creek 08/25/2012

Chambers: Salmon fishing in the creek is still slow.


Chehalis River 02/20/2015

CHEHALIS: Steelhead are biting.

Chehalis River 01/20/2015

CHEHALIS: Overall, the fishing has been fair as of late. Some people are still hooking into a late arriving coho salmon.

Chehalis River 01/02/2015

CHEHALIS: Fishing has been good for some, according to a recent washingtonlakes.com report.

Chehalis River Basin Map & Info

Chehalis River Salmon Fishing in Tidewater


Cispus River 03/03/2015

CISPUS: Last week Tacoma Power released two steelhead adults above Yellow Jacket Creek.


Columbia River Reports 03/24/2015

COLUMBIA: The effort in the lower river is increasing, but not so much the catch. The state sampled nearly twice as many anglers, but about the same number of fish as the previous week. Last week, the state checked 1,709 salmonid anglers with 68 adult spring chinook and 15 steelhead. Anglers are reminded that the mainstem Columbia below Bonneville Dam will be closed to fishing for salmon, steelhead and shad Tuesday (March 24), March 31 and April 7.

Columbia River Reports 03/10/2015

COLUMBIA: More people are hitting the water, but the catch rate hasn’t kept pace. Last week, the sampled 503 fishermen who had four spring chinook and seven steelhead plus had released 11 steelhead. A count Sunday showed there were 261 boats and 426 bank on the mainstem Columbia below Bonneville Dam. Sturgeon fishing has been slow.

Columbia River Reports 03/03/2015

COLUMBIA: About 900,000 fall chinook are expected to return this year to the river marking the third-largest run since 1938 according to the WDFW. About 255,000 hatchery chinook are expected to return.
WDFW counted nearly 100 boats and 200 bank anglers on Feb. 28 but has yet to conduct its first spring chinook sampling. Bank anglers are catching steelhead in the John Day Pool. Boat anglers average a walleye per rod in The Dalles Pool and two per rod in the John Day Pool. An estimated 149 (13.6 percent) of the 1,100 sturgeon guideline were taken during the winter season. Fishery managers will meet in March and April to set the summer retention season.

Columbia River Reports 02/24/2015

COLUMBIA: Even though the fish aren’t showing up in state creel checks, there are reports of spring chinook salmon being caught in the lower river. The number of anglers on the water has been low, and it should be noted that from March 1 through May 15, the mainstem Columbia will be open for retention of hatchery steelhead and shad only on days and in areas open for retention of hatchery spring chinook.

Columbia River Reports 02/20/2015

COLUMBIA: Bank and boat anglers are catching some steelhead at The Dalles Pool but most are wild and must be released according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Bank anglers are catching steelhead at John Day Pool. Anglers are catching sturgeon from boats at the Bonneville and The Dalles pools and from the bank in the John Day Pool. Walleye are also biting in all three pools.

Columbia River Reports 02/10/2015

Columbia: Portions of the upper river are open for hatchery steelhead fishing.

Columbia River Reports 01/27/2015

COLUMBIA: Overall, sturgeon fishing is on the slow side in the Bonneville, The Dalles and John Day pools. Boat anglers are catching some steelhead in all three pools, but most of the fish are wild and had to be released.

Columbia River Reports 01/23/2015

COLUMBIA: The action for sturgeon has been slow, although a few legal-size fish are being caught in the Bonneville and John Day pools. Walleye anglers were averaging two fish per rod in the John Day Pool.

Columbia River Reports 01/16/2015

COLUMBIA: In the Bonneville Pool, boat anglers are averaging more than 3.5 sublegal size fish per rod, and a legal size fish for every 8.7 rods. A few legal fish are being caught in the The Dalles and John Day pools.

Eastern Wa. River Basin Map & Info

Ocean Fishing out of the Columbia River

Columbia River History

Salmon for All - Columbia River History

More info on Sturgeon Fishing


Cowlitz River 03/24/2015

COWLITZ: A check of 42 boat anglers showed they kept 36 steelhead and released one fish, while 32 bank anglers kept six adult spring chinook and nine steelhead plus released one steelhead. The steelhead were mainly caught around the trout hatchery and the springers at the salmon hatchery.

Cowlitz River 03/17/2015

COWLITZ: With rising river levels early this week, anglers have had to spend time looking for the steelhead. Side drifting eggs has been effective, or back trolling with plugs. Look for the fish holding close to the edges if the water continues to rise.

Cowlitz River 03/13/2015

COWLITZ: Steelhead fishing has been fair to good. People have been using all sorts of techniques, but side-drifting eggs and back-trolling with bait and plugs have been very effective. Spring chinook have yet to make it into the river.

Cowlitz River 03/10/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead fishing has picked up. State creel samples showed 70 boat anglers caught 58 steelhead and released four, while 50 bank anglers had six steelhead and released two. The best action has been in the trout hatchery area.

Cowlitz River 03/06/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead action for B-run fish has been fair to good. People are putting some fish in their boats by side-drifting eggs or yarn balls through the holes below Blue Creek. Back trolling with plugs also has been effective. Water conditions are dictating smaller presentations.

Cowlitz River 03/03/2015

COWLITZ: The most recent WDFW report says 12 boat anglers surveyed kept eight steelhead and 21 bank anglers kept three steelhead. At the hatchery separator, Tacoma Power recovered 19 winter-run steelhead.

Cowlitz River 02/27/2015

COWLITZ: The B-run steelhead are making their way up the river. Anglers are having success side-drifting eggs or back-trolling with plugs. If the water is low and clear, go with smaller line and gear.

Cowlitz River 02/24/2015

COWLITZ: During state creel checks, eight boat anglers kept four steelhead. The fish were caught in the trout hatchery area.

Cowlitz River 02/20/2015

COWLITZ: According to the Feb. 9-15 sampling by the WDFW, eight boat angler kept four steelhead but 12 bank anglers came up empty. The Cowlitz has closed to smelt fishing. This week Tacoma Power recovered 28 coho adults and 67 winter-run steelhead.

Cowlitz River 02/17/2015

COWLITZ: People putting in the time are catching some steelhead, mainly in the Blue Creek area. There also are reports of some of the first spring chinook of the season being caught. Most of the steelhead are in the 5- to 8-pound range.

Cowlitz River 02/13/2015

COWLITZ: The second opening for smelt dipping takes place Saturday (Feb. 14) from 6 a.m. to noon. Anglers can keep a limit of 10 pounds.

Cowlitz River 02/10/2015

Cowlitz: A good option right now.

Cowlitz River 02/03/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead fishing has been, based on state creel samples. Three boat anglers had kept six steelhead, while 26 bank anglers kept two steelhead and released one fish.

Cowlitz River 01/27/2015

COWLITZ: The action remains on the slow side. State creel checks of 35 bank anglers showed a catch of just three steelhead kept.

Cowlitz River 01/23/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead action has slowed some, according to state creel checks. Reports are that the water is dirty, so try side drifting your bait close to the bank if you are fishing from a boat.

Cowlitz River 01/16/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead action has slowed down, but anglers are catching a few here and there, as well as some coho. As of Jan. 7, more than 108,400 adult coho have returned to the salmon hatchery.

Cowlitz River 01/09/2015

COWLITZ: The steelhead action has been very good since the waters have receded and cleared. Making the action even better is that the average size of fish being caught has been larger than typical.

Cowlitz River 01/06/2015

COWLITZ: Steelhead fishing slowed a bit last week, especially for bank anglers.

Cowlitz River 01/02/2015

COWLITZ: Anglers are catching winter-run steelhead and coho with the steelhead return ahead of last year.

Cowlitz River Basin Map & Info (PDF File)

Friends of the Cowlitz


Deschutes River 03/28/2012

Deschutes: The river is producing some cutthroat trout. Flows have been dropping down to typical levels for this time of year.


Duwamish River 09/16/2014

DUWAMISH: The coho action has been fair to good. Lures seem to be outperforming bait right now.


Eastern Washington Rivers 03/17/2012

Eastern Washington: The Wenatchee, Icicle and Methow rivers opened Friday for hatchery-reared steelhead fishing, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday. The fisheries are tentatively scheduled to run through March 31 but could end sooner if fishing impacts reach annual federal limits for steelhead, said Jeff Korth of WDFW.


Grays River 11/26/2013

Mainstem Grays River from Hwy. 4 Bridge to South Fork and West Fork Grays River from mouth to 300 yards below hatchery road bridge – Opens to fishing for hatchery steelhead, hatchery coho, and adipose and/or ventral fin clipped Chinook beginning December 1. Mainstem Grays below the Hwy. 4 Bridge and West Fork from 300 yards below the salmon hatchery road bridge upstream to the hatchery intake/footbridge are already open.


Green River (King County) 01/20/2015

GREEN: A few steelhead are being caught. People are using lures like a Heddon Tadpolly with a silver body and orange stripes.

Green River (King County) 01/13/2015

GREEN: The river is just starting to come back into shape, so there should be some fish around.

Green River (King County) 01/09/2015

GREEN: The action for steelhead has been slow this past week.

Green River (King County) 12/23/2014

GREEN: The steelhead action has been slowed by poor river conditions in the last few days.

Green River (King County) 12/12/2014

GREEN: Todd Rock of Auburn Sports and Marine says anglers can land some late chum. Also, steelhead are being caught below Soos Creek.

Green River (King County) 11/28/2014

Green: Not in good shape for fishing thanks to recent rain, said Todd Rock of Auburn Sports and Marine.

Green River 11/25/2014

GREEN: Chum have been biting, according to recent reports.

Green River (King County) 11/21/2014

GREEN: The fishing for chum has been fair to good.

Green River (King County) 11/14/2014

GREEN: Fishing for chum salmon has improved, although the water level is still a bit high. Look for fish along the golf course in Auburn. Jigs, in purple and blue, fished under a bobber has been effective.

Green River (King County) 11/11/2014

GREEN: Anglers are catching chum, coho and steelhead.

Green River (King County) 11/07/2014

GREEN: The river conditions have improved, and people are reporting catching some chum, some bright red coho and a few steelhead.

Green River (King County) 11/04/2014

GREEN: The chum fishing has improved, with some people catching their limits. Fishing with jigs under a float has been working well.

Green River Basin Map & Info


Hoh River 06/04/2014

The Hoh river will reopen on Saturday.

Hoh River 04/23/2014

The Hoh river is closed!

Hoh River 02/05/2014

Hoh: A weekend creel count showed 59 anglers on the lower river; they kept 10 hatchery steelhead and released 14 fish — eight wild, six hatchery.

Also see the Olympic Peninsula River Reports Below.


Humptulips River 01/13/2015

HUMPTULIPS: The river up around Stevens Creek has been fishing good to very good.

Humptulips River 10/31/2014

HUMPTULIPS: Coho fishing has been fair to good. Most people are using Nos. 4 or 5 Vibrax spinners, while others are using jigs or Wiggle Wart-type plugs.

Humptulips River 10/14/2014

HUMPTULIPS: People are catching some chinook and coho, but the action has been off and on.

Humptulips River 10/03/2014

HUMPTULPIS: The chinook fishing has been fair to good. People are having success free drifting with eggs, casting a Blue Fox spinner or drifting corkies and yarn in green, black, red or pink.


John's Creek 09/29/2012

Johns: Chamberlain said he has heard plenty of success stories from anglers fishing here.


Kalama River 02/24/2015

KALAMA: Beginning Sunday, and until further notice, anglers will be able to keep three hatchery steelhead. This rule change covers the river from the boundary markers at the mouth to 1,000 feet below the fishway at the upper salmon hatchery.

Port of Kalama


Kennedy Creek 12/05/2014

KENNEDY: Most anglers are using corkies and yarn in varying shades of green, or an anchovy under a bobber, to hook chum salmon. There have been lots of fish coming into the creek this week.

Kennedy Creek 11/04/2014

KENNEDY: The chum action continues to slowly improve. There were 57 anglers checked on Sunday, and they had landed 14 chum.

Kennedy Creek 10/28/2014

KENNEDY: The action has been fair for chum salmon, with the catch rate averaging about 0.5 fish per person.

Kennedy Creek 10/24/2014

KENNEDY: The first chum salmon are starting to show up at the mouth of the creek.


Klickitat River 11/14/2014

KLICKITAT: Anglers willing to make the trip have been rewarded with very good catches of coho. State creel samples showed bank anglers on the lower river averaged two coho per rod while boat anglers averaged four coho per rod.

Klickitat River 11/04/2014

KLICKITAT: The lower river has been excellent for coho. According to creel samples, bank anglers were averaging nearly three fish per rod, while boat anglers landed two coho per rod.

Klickitat River 10/21/2014

Klickitat River – Bank anglers below Fisher Hill Bridge averaged about a coho per rod. Some fall Chinook are also being caught.

Klickitat River 10/10/2014

KLICKITAT: Fly anglers are doing well with swung fly and nymph but be prepared to put in some time. the egg pattern has been effective for the nymph. The action has been good on the entire river according to the most recent report from The Evening Hatch in Yakima.

Klickitat River 06/14/2014

Klickitat: The lower river is still producing spring chinook.

Klickitat River 06/04/2014

Klickitat: Still some spring chinook being caught by bank anglers downstream from the Fisher Hill Bridge, but overall effort is light on the lower river.

Klickitat River 05/31/2014

Klickitat: Bank anglers in the lower river are catching an equal mix of adult and jack spring chinook. Through Tuesday, 144 fish had been counted. The escapement goal is 400-500 fish.

Klickitat River 05/28/2014

Klickitat River – Bank anglers in the lower river are catching about an equal mix of adult and jack spring Chinook.

Klickitat River 04/30/2014

Klickitat: Some springers and summer-run steelhead are appearing in the bank angler creels below Fisher Hill Bridge.


Lewis River 03/03/2015

LEWIS: March 15 is the last day to fish on the east fork.

Lewis River 02/24/2015

LEWIS: Starting Sunday, anglers must release all chinook caught on the mainstem from its mouth to the mouth of East Fork, and on the North Fork from the mouth of East Fork to the overhead power lines below Merwin Dam. Steelhead fishing remains open.

Lewis River 02/20/2015

LEWIS: Looking like a good place to try for steelhead.

Lewis River 01/02/2015

LEWIS: At last report, the winter-run steelhead return was one fish shy of doubling the return at the same time last year (107 this year after 54 last year).


Methow River 03/29/2014

Methow: Steelhead fishing from the mouth to the confluence with the Chewuch River in Winthrop will close one hour after sunset Monday.

Methow River 02/01/2014

Methow: Folks willing to make the trip have been catching steelhead each day. Using nymphs has produced the most hookups.

Methow River info


Mill Creek 03/303/2015

MILL CREEK: Salmon and steelhead fishing closes March 15.


Minter Creek 11/23/2013

Minter: Chum have arrived, in big numbers. Some of the fish are already dark. Green corkies and yarn is the best setup to start.

Minter Creek 11/13/2013

Minter: The few people who have headed to the creek are reporting there are very few fish.

Minter Creek 11/06/2013

Minter: There are only a few chum in the area. The action should pick up in a couple of weeks.


Naches River 06/25/2014

Naches: The river is a bit high right now, making a float trip the best option. Using dry flies like a purple trude or caddis are good options.


Nisqually River 01/09/2015

NISQUALLY: The river closed on Tuesday.

Nisqually River 01/06/2015

NISQUALLY: Anglers are reminded fishing for all species will be closed from Tuesday (Jan. 6) through Jan. 31. With the chum run lower than forecast, both the state and Nisqually Tribe are closing their fisheries.

Nisqually River 12/19/2014

NISQUALLY: The bite has been fairly consistent, just not great. People are landing chum salmon using black/pink jigs or corkies and yarn.

Nisqually River 12/16/2014

NISQUALLY: The chum action has improved in the last week or so. Anglers are having success casting spinners or drift-fishing with chartreuse corkies and yarn on a 3-foot leader.

Nisqually River 12/12/2014

NISQUALLY: Rock says this will probably be a good place for chum this weekend. “Drift fish with corky and yarn or float a pink-and-purple jig tipped with a bit of prawn meat,” he says.

Nisqually River 10/28/2014

NISQUALLY: The salmon fishing has been very slow.

Nisqually River 10/21/2014

NISQUALLY: The section of the river downstream of Military Tank Crossing Bridge and at the mouth of Kalama and Clear creeks is open for the retention of hatchery chinook.

Nisqually River 10/10/2014

NISQUALLY: No reports of action picking up here.

Nisqually River 10/07/2014

NISQUALLY: The salmon fishing has been very slow for the past week or so.

Nisqually River Basin Map & Info

Nisqually River Management Program


Nooksack River 01/03/2013

The Nooksack River is seeing some pretty good steelhead fishing.

Nooksack River Basin Map & Info


North Sound 02/08/2014

North Sound: The few stretches of river that remain open have been producing but a handful of steelhead.

North Sound 01/29/2014

North Sound: The steelhead season is winding down, with many streams closing at the end of the month. Even at the terminal hatchery locations, action has been slow.


Olympic Peninsula Rivers 03/24/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: High flows over the weekend really slowed the action for steelhead anglers. The Sol Duc was the best option, based on state creel samples. A check of 59 anglers showed they caught and released 34 wild steelhead and two hatchery fish, as well as four trout.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 03/17/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: Last weekend was one of the most consistent on the Forks area rivers. The Bogachiel and Sol Duc produced the most fish, but the Calawah had a steelhead per-angler catch rate based on state creel checks. The action this week should be good with water conditions settling back to near normal levels.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 03/13/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: Water levels remain low, despite a spike on Thursday, but steelhead fishing remains fair. Try using a nightmare pattern jig under a bobber or eggs. Look for the fish holding in deep pools or riffles with a good chop on the surface. There have been lots of people on the water, especially the lower Hoh River, so be patient.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 03/10/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: There were a lot more people fishing the rivers around Forks last weekend, but the catch rates didn’t keep up. Despite very low water conditions — the Hoh was at 429 cubic feet per second Tuesday morning — anglers were catching steelhead on the Bogachiel, Sol Duc and the Hoh rivers.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 03/06/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: The Bogachiel, Sol Duc and Hoh have been fishing well. The catch rate on the Sol Duc last weekend was a little more than one fish per angler. River levels are very low, so go with smaller setups.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/27/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: The rivers were low and clear, at least before Thursday night’s rain. The steelhead action has been fair to good, and could improve with some higher flows.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/24/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: The Sol Duc and Hoh rivers were the hot spots over the weekend. Creel samples showed anglers caught 63 wild and two hatchery steelhead on the Sol Duc, 58 wild and 14 hatchery on the lower Hoh, and 45 wild and one hatchery fish on the upper Hoh.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/17/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: It was a good weekend for wild steelhead on the rivers around Forks, based on state creel samples. On the Sol Duc, 174 anglers were checked and they caught 103 wild fish and nine hatchery fish. The Calawah was productive, as was the Bogachiel.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/13/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: This might be a weekend when it is worth making the drive to the Olympic Peninsula. River levels are dropping to normal after being unfishable last weekend. There should be some fresh steelhead in the rivers around Forks.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/10/2015

Olympic Coast: The rivers haven’t been in good shape lately, but they seem to be getting better. Daniel Bravo of Auburn Sports and Marine says the Hoh should be in good shape by the weekend.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 02/03/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: The Sol Duc continues to put out the most steelhead, based on state creel samples. There were 52 anglers checked, and they had a catch of 38 wild (released) and three hatchery fish. While attracting fewer people, anglers on the Calawah averaged almost a fish per person last week.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 01/27/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: Overall, the action on the coastal rivers has been slow compared to earlier this month. The lone bright spot is the Sol Duc River. Creel checks of 62 anglers last weekend showed they caught 42 wild steelhead and five hatchery fish.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 01/16/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: River levels have settled back to normal, and the Sol Duc seems to be the best water now for wild fish. The Boagchiel and Calawah are good options, while the Hoh remains slow.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 01/13/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: The Sol Duc was the hot spot last week among the Forks-area rivers. Of 73 anglers checked over the weekend, they caught and released 93 wild steelhead, and another six hatchery fish. The Bogachiel and Calawah were also productive.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 01/09/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: Focus on the terminal areas in the Bogachiel and Calawah for steelhead. Roe, jigs or beads under a float have been effective.

Olympic Peninsula Rivers 01/06/2015

OLYMPIC COAST: Before the storm hit, the steelhead action was pretty good on the Calawah and Sol Duc, fair on the Bogachiel and slow on the Hoh. Flows on the Hoh were at 8,070 cubic feet per second Tuesday morning, after reaching almost 25,000 cfs Monday.

Puyallup River Basin


Queets River 04/23/2014

The Queets is closed!

Also see the Olympic Peninsula Rivers reports.


Quillayute River 02/05/2014

Bogachiel-Quillayute: A weekend creel count showed 54 anglers who kept three hatchery steelhead and released 21 fish — 12 wild, nine hatchery.

Quillayute River 12/17/2013

Bogachiel/Quillayute River — Dec. 9-12: Seven bank anglers and 24 boat anglers caught 21 steelhead for a total of 187.0 hours fished; Dec. 13-15: 92 bank anglers and 41 boat anglers caught 22 steelhead, and released six steelhead, seven cutthroat trout and one coho for a total of 581.0 hours fished.

Quillayute River 11/30/2013

Quillayute: A popular choice for steelhead fishing this weekend, according to Mike Chamberlain at Ted’s Sports Center in Lynnwood.


Quinault River 04/23/2014

The Quinault River is closed!

Also see the Olympic Peninsula Rivers Reports.


Rocky Ford 02/24/2015

ROCKY FORD: Trout fishing has been good, but most fish being caught are small — 10-11 inches. Scuds, hare’s ear nymphs and leeches are effective flies.


Satsop River 01/25/2014

Satsop: Slow for steelhead.

Satsop River 12/07/2013

Satsop: People are still catching coho, as well as some steelhead. Spinners have been most effective, but jigs and eggs also are resulting in catches. It is a similar story on the Humptulips and Wynoochee.

Satsop River 11/20/2013

Satsop: After being low for quite a while, river conditions improved over the weekend and so did the fishing. But that was put on hold by heavy rains Monday. Without more rain, the river should be in good shape by Thursday. Before the rain, people were catching some chrome-colored coho. Black jigs have been effective. It is the same story on the Wynoochee.


Sauk River 07/06/2012

Skagit Above Sauk:Much higher than normal flows for this time of year with 3 - 5 feet of visibility.

Skagit Below the Sauk: Much higher than normal flows with 2 - 4 feet of visibility above the Baker Dam... Less below the dam.

Fishing Report: No Reports available.

Reports from John's Guide Service.

Sauk River

Sauk Above the Suiattle:Closed until June 1st, 2012

More info on the Sauk River


Skagit River 09/16/2014

SKAGIT: The coho action has been pretty good, even though the water is clear and low. Try drifting cured eggs under a float through the deeper holes.

Skagit River 06/25/2014

Skagit: The sockeye action has been slow since the weekend.

Skagit River 06/18/2014

Skagit: The sockeye action was slow over the weekend, in part because of the extreme tidal changes. Caught fish were few and far between.

Skagit River 01/22/2014

Skagit: In a word, steelhead fishing has been slow, but people are catching some Dolly Varden in the upper river. Try using large silver Rapala lures or Dick Night spoons.

Skagit River 01/18/2014

Skagit: While the river was a bit high during the week, visibility was fairly good. Still, steelhead action was slow.

Skagit River Basin Map & info

Some of the Fishing reports come from John at John's Guide Service. Check out his site below.

More info on the Skagit River


Skate Creek 06/26/2013

Skate Creek: Fishing is tough, but there are occasional rainbows to be had, according to a report posted at washingtonlakes.com.


Skokomish River 10/24/2014

SKOKOMISH: Most anglers are using chartreuse or cerise corkies and yarn for chum salmon.

Skokomish River 08/26/2014

SKOKOMISH: The action has been very slow.

Skokomish River Channel (PDF)

Skookumchuck River 03/17/2015

SKOOKUMCHUCK: Poeple are catching some steelhead — just not in huge numbers. Orange and pink corkies in sizes 10 and 12 have been effective, as have nightmare-pattern jigs fished under a float.

Skookumchuck River 02/20/2015

SKOOKUMCHUCK: Steelhead are biting according to several reports.

Skookumchuck River 02/10/2015

Skookumchuck: Fishing should be good on the lower river, Bravo said.


Skykomish River 02/03/2015

SKYKOMISH: The steelhead fishing was very slow over the weekend, with just a few fish being caught

Skykomish River 01/30/2015

SKYKOMISH: People are catching steelhead now that river conditions have improved. Try using a pink jig under a float.

Skykomish River 01/23/2015

SKYKOMISH: The steelhead action has been fair to good this week. People are using jigs tipped with shrimp, spoons or worms in orange or pink. The Reiter Ponds stretch has been the most productive.

Skykomish River 01/20/2015

SKYKOMISH: Pink jigs with purple marabou tails, fished under a float, continues to produce good catches of steelhead.

Skykomish River 01/16/2015

SKYKOMISH: This seems to be the most consistent water for landing steelhead. Purple jigs fished in the soft seams under a float has been effective in producing strikes.

Skykomish River 01/13/2015

SKYKOMISH: The river is still producing steelhead at Reiter Ponds. Try using a bobber and jigs in pink and white.

Skykomish River 01/09/2015

SKYKOMISH: The Reiter Ponds section is fishable, and people are catching steelhead. Jig under a float seems to be working best. Despite rain in the weekend forecast, the river should be in good shape for those wanting to give it a try.

Skykomish River 01/02/2015

SKYKOMISH: The Reiter Ponds area seems to be a good place to find success.

Skykomish River 12/30/2014

SKYKOMISH: The most consistent catches of winter-run steelhead in the North Sound has been coming from this river. Focus on the Reiter Ponds section of the river.

Skykomish River 12/26/2014

SKYKOMISH: The steelhead fishing has been consistent in the Reiter Pond, Proctor Creek and Cable Hole section, with many anglers catching their limits. People also are catching steelhead between High Bridge and Sultan.

Skykomish River 12/23/2014

SKYKOMISH: People are hooking some steelhead, as well as chum and coho. Pink jigs fished under a float have been effective.

Skykomish River 12/16/2014

SKYKOMISH: Some people are catching their limit of hatchery steelhead, fishing from Reiter Pond to Proctor Creek.

Skykomish River 12/05/2014

SKYKOMISH: People are having some success catching steelhead, but overall the action has been fair. Try using a pink or red jig fished under a float. The bite has been best mid-day when the water can warm up some.


Snake River 08/28/2013

Snake: Anglers can keep hatchery fall chinook starting Sunday.

Snake River 08/24/2013

Snake: Starting Sept. 1 anglers will be able to keep hatchery fall-chinook salmon. “This fishing opportunity for hatchery chinook salmon is a bonus for anglers during the traditionally productive Snake River steelhead fishery,” said John Whalen, regional fish manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Snohomish River 11/07/2014

SNOHOMISH: People making the drive north are hooking coho and chum salmon.

Snohomish River 09/19/2014

SNOHOMISH: More coho are moving into the system, but don’t seem to be holding in one spot for very long. Try casting Dick Nite spoons, plugs or small spinners.

Snohomish River 09/09/2014

SNOHOMISH: People making the drive north had some success over the weekend. Most people are drifting jigs under a bobber, while others are using spoons.

Snohomish River Basin


Snoqualmie River 02/12/2014

Snoqualmie: Steelhead action has been slow, although a few fish are being hooked. Most people are using a jig under a float.

Snoqualmie River 01/22/2014

Snoqualmie: The action has been very slow in recent days.

Snoqualmie River 01/08/2014

Snoqualmie: The river is producing some steelhead, but the action is far from hot. Most people are drifting pink jigs under a float. The action has been best when visibility has been 4-5 feet.

Snoqualmie River 01/04/2014

Snoqualmie: No more salmon fishing as of Wednesday, but anglers can still go for trout and other game fish.

Snoqualmie River 01/01/2014

Snoqualmie: The river remains open to fishing for trout and other game fish but is closed to salmon starting today.

Snoqualmie River 12/28/2013

Snoqualmie: The fishing has been best near Fall City, but recent reports indicate it’s slowing here, too.


Sol Duc River 07/18/2014

The Sol Duc and has been producing trout and some steelhead but is fairly low and clear. Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/07/18/3293551/fishing-report-for-july-18-algae.html?sp=/99/1683/160/157/#storylink=cpy

Sol Duc River 06/25/2014

Sol Duc: Below average water flows have made fro some good trout fishing. Streamers have been effective in the morning and then people are switching to dry flies when the stoneflies, green drakes and pale morning duns start hatching.

Sol Duc River 05/07/2014

SOL DUC: The lower river is open from the mouth to the salmon hatchery near Sappho. Fishing for hatchery spring chinook has been good.

Also see Olympic Peninsula Rivers below...... ------------------------------------------------------

Stillaguamish River 01/25/2014

Stillaguamish: The North Fork has reopened from the Swede Heaven Bridge downstream approximately 4 river miles to the French Creek confluence.

Stillaguamish River 08/03/2013

Stillaguamish: The state will close 41/2 miles of the North Fork to all fishing, including catch-and-release fishing, from Monday-Sept. 30. The move was made to protect summer-run steelhead holding in the North Fork below the mouth of Deer Creek.

Stillaguamish River Basin Map & Info


Tilton River 03/03/2015

TILTON: Tacoma Power released four winter-run steelhead at Gus Backstrom Park in Morton.

Tilton River 02/20/2015

TILTON: Tacoma Power released 11 coho and 13 winter-run steelhead at Gust Backstrom Park in Morton.


Tokul Creek 12/12/2014

TOKUL: This creek opens at 7 a.m. Saturday from the Fish Hatchery Road Bridge upstream to the posted cable boundary marker below the hatchery intake. Expect crowds and an excellent chance to catch fish, Rock said.

Tokul Creek 01/11/2014

Tokul: The state opened the creek to fishing on Thursday, and people are catching some decently-sized steelhead. The creek is open from the Fish Hatchery Road bridge upstream to the posted cable boundary marker below the hatchery intake. The early opening took place because Tokul Creek Hatchery staff has collected the eggs it needs.


Toutle River 03/03/2015

TOUTLE: Open for fishing on the south fork until March 15.


Wallace River 10/12/2013

Wallace: The coho action has been good. People are having success using eggs under a bobber. Anglers are also hooking chinook and pinks.


Washougal River 03/03/2015

WASHOUGAL: Last day for salmon fishing is March 15.


Wenatchee River 03/10/2015

WENATCHEE: Anglers wanting to chase steelhead on the eastside of the state should head here, Icicle Creek or the Methow River. The water is low and clear, but anglers are hooking fish using small jigs under a float, beads or a combination.


Whatcom Creek 01/12/2012

Whatcom Creek will stay open to Tuesday, Feb. 28.


White River (King County)

No Reports!


White Salmon River 09/29/2012

White Salmon: Not much happening here, according to reports.


Willapa River

No Reports!


Wind River 06/14/2014

Wind: Light effort, but some anglers are catching spring chinook on the upper river.

Wind River 05/28/2014

Wind River – Effort has dropped but anglers are catching some fish throughout the river.

Wind River 03/12/2014

Wind River: Fishing from the mouth (boundary line markers) upstream to the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge will be open Sunday-July 31. The daily catch limit will be two chinook or two hatchery steelhead or one of each. Anglers with a two-pole endorsement may fish with two poles for salmon and steelhead May 1-June 30.


Wynoochee River 03/13/2015

WYNOOCHEE: While the river remains very low and clear, people are still catching steelhead. The issue has been most of them have been wild and must be released. Rain in the forecast this weekend should improve the action.

Wynoochee River 03/06/2015

WYNOOCHEE: People are picking up some steelhead, but the fish are very spooky because the water is at summertime levels. People are having some luck running plugs through the deeper slots.

Wynoochee River 02/27/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The river was fishing very well for steelhead this week. People have had success drifting shrimp under a float, or using pink worms, salmon eggs or red beads.

Wynoochee River 02/13/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The river was produtive, and popular, before being blown out last weekend. With water levels dropping, this and other Southwest Washington rivers will be worth a try this weekend.

Wynoochee River 01/30/2015

WYNOOCHEE: This river and others in the area are putting out good catches of steelhead, but be prepared to share the rivers with large crowds. Try side-drifting eggs or sand shrimp, or using a chartreuse jig under a float.

Wynoochee River 01/23/2015

WYNOOCHEE: If you are headed here this weekend, expect a crowd, despite reports that the fishing has been tough the last few days. People are trying a mix of eggs, jigs and plugs. Some anglers feel the fish are still in the lower river.

Wynoochee River 01/20/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The steelhead fishing has been very good to excellent. Pulling plugs through the holes has been very effective.

Wynoochee River 01/16/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The river is a good option for steelhead. Trying running a purple plug through the holding runs.

Wynoochee River 01/13/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The river has been fishing very well for steelhead now that it is back in shape. Boat anglers are pulling plugs or free drifting bait. Bank anglers are using jigs under a bobber.

Wynoochee River 01/09/2015

WYNOOCHEE: The upper stretch is fishable now, the rest should be by the weekend.


Yakima River 03/24/2015

YAKIMA: River conditions are good, with the trout willing to rise to skwala and baetis dry flies. On sunny days, use nymphs and streamers until the sun dips behind the canyon walls, then switch to dry flies.

Yakima River 03/17/2015

YAKIMA: The trout are looking up, seeking out skwala dry fly patterns. Try using smaller patterns, in size 12, to trick the fish that are seeing plenty of pressure this early in the season. You might find fewer people in the upper stretches of the river.

Yakima River 03/13/2015

YAKIMA: The dry-fly action remains good, with people using skwala, brown dun and blue wing olive patterns. The water is low and clear, so be wary not to spook the fish with a clumsy approach.

Yakima River 03/10/2015

YAKIMA: The recent warm weather seems to have turned on the skwala hatch and the trout are starting to feed on the surface. If the water is cold, say 40 degrees and below, run a skwala nymph along the edges of seams where the water is about 2 feet deep and moving at a slow walking pace.

Yakima River 03/06/2015

YAKIMA: Nymphs have been working best in the upper stretch of the canyon, while dry flies have been more effective in the lower portion. The skwala hatch has yet to begin with any consistency. The water is low and clear, making the fishing more challenging.

Yakima River 02/27/2015

YAKIMA: Look for the trout holding in the slower, deeper slicks. Trying using a skwala nymph with another nymph in sizes 14-18 below that. As the day goes on, some trout are starting to rise to skwala dry flies.

Yakima River 02/24/2015

YAKIMA: The best action has been in the canyon stretch. Anglers are using skwala patterns as the water temperatures warm up. Fishing in the Cle Elum area was slow over the weekend.

Yakima River 02/17/2015

YAKIMA: Trout fishing has been fair to good. The best action has been on skwala nymphs and various attractor nymph patterns. The river’s flow, measured at Untanum, is still nearly twice as high as normal for this time of year but has been slowly falling for the past six days.

Yakima River 02/13/2015

YAKIMA: Water clarity has been better above the confluence with the Teanaway River, but overall the river has slowly been improving. Flows are still high for this time of year, so look for the trout to be holding close to the bank.

Yakima River 02/03/2015

YAKIMA: The trout fishing has been fair to good. Try casting streamers on a floating line into the pockets of slow water close to the bank. River flows are dropping and should improve as the weekend nears.

Yakima River 01/30/2015

YAKIMA: The river has slowly been clearing this week, with the best clarity in the Cle Elum area. Looking for trout holding in slow-water pools. Nymphs will work best early in the day, but watch for midge hatches if the weather is warm enough.

Yakima River 01/27/2015

YAKIMA: Warm weather early this week has river flows up near 3,600 cubic feet per second, about three times higher than normal during the winter. If the flows hold, and water clears, the fish should be holding closer to the bank as the week progresses.

Yakima River 01/23/2015

YAKIMA: The river is back in shape, although still high for this time of year. It should be fishing well this weekend. Look for trout holding in water moving at a slow walking pace. Nymphs will likely be best.

Yakima River 01/20/2015

YAKIMA: Rain has raised water levels, but the river is still fishable. It should be in good shape by this weekend. Try San Juan worms as the river flow drops, as well as stonefly and zebra midge nymphs.

Yakima River 01/16/2015

YAKIMA: The river is in good shape, and the trout fishing should be improved this weekend.

Yakima River 01/13/2015

YAKIMA: River conditions have improved and should be even better by the weekend. Look for the trout holding in slow moving water, and deeper pool. Nymphs will work best now, although the trout might come to the surface if the midges are hatching.

Yakima River 01/09/2015

YAKIMA: Flows are still fairly high for this time of year, making fishing more difficult. Look for trout to be holding in slower, deeper pockets.

Yakima River 01/06/2015

YAKIMA: The rain also has impacted the east side of the state. The river is unfishable but could be back in shape in time for the weekend.

Yakima River Basin Map & Info


Contributing to this report:

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Mark Yuasa myuasa@seattletimes.com The Seattle Times.

A lot of the reports came from the following sources, however some came from fishermen and other sources. If you have reports to contribute to this page, please send them to my email at: fishinginthenorthwest@centurylink.net thank you.

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