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Mr_Long_Hair's Home Page

My Favorite Web Sites

OMEN's Official website (The LOUDEST Heavy Metal band on the planet)
OMEN's Lair. A tribute to One of THE BEST bands ever!!! (OFFICIAL club for Heavy Metal band: OMEN)
OMEN Lyrics (More coming soon!)
Serious Discussion about the Bell Witch
Official Lizzy Borden site
Savatage - Official website
Phil's Tribute To Mercyful Fate
Fates Warning (Lots of cool stuff here!)
Until I can post more Omen lyrics, go here.

To find more information about the "actual" Bell Witch go to my links page
The Bell Witch link page

My Guitar Gear

Sounds Page

My CD Collection

My Album Collection

About Me

I love Heavy Metal (especially metal from the 80's) and Power Metal.
If you would like to chat about OMEN, then stop by my YAHOO!
Omen's Lair Club.

If you are a Lizzy Borden fan, then stop by this YAHOO!
Lizzy Borden Club.

Guitar tabs coming soon!
Thank you for visiting my page. Please come back and visit again!

The LOUDEST dot com on the planet!!!

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