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1960's Greenbase Toes Up Navy bobbing head!!!
This is a green base toes up 1962 bobbing head, It is in good condition, there is quite a bit of chipping on the underside of the head. It displays very nice...... Price.....$95

1960's Gold base Rams NodderSOLD!!!

This is a neat gold base Rams Nodder. It seem to be in decent condition but with a 1/2" x 1/2" piece missing out of the back of the head........ Price........$49


1960's football Nodder !!!!

This is an old Football nodder from the early 1960's or the late 1950's. It is in great condition...... Price......$49


1960's football planter Nodder

This is a tough to find football planter that has a nodder attached to it. I believe this in one of the fist sports nodders ever made!!! I believe it is from the 1950's.....Price...$39

Lost in Bet!!!!

Gold base KC Chiefs Bobbin Head

This is a 1970's gold base nodder. It is made out of plastic and comes with is original box.....Price......$35

1960's Gold base Lions Nodder

This gold base Lions nodder just has a touch of ware it is in good condition. Displays great!!!!....Price ......$65


Early 1960's CFL Hamilton Ticats Nodder

This is an extremely tough nodder. It is from the CFL and was made in the early 1960's. This is a square base and would fit right into your square base collection. This nodder does a couple of hairline. and there is a crack all the way arount the top of the feet. It still looks good though.....Price....$79


Ottawa Rough Riders Nodder

This is a different kind of nodder the head bobs aroung in the inside. These are extremely tough to find. This one is very presentable. It has some minor paint chipping and a touch of ware. There is a problem tough. the weith that is on the back of head shaft is brocken off. It does not take away from looks because its inside but it doesnt bob!!!....Price....$89


Early 1960's Football Bank

This is a football Bank from the early 1960's its in great condition with just a tiny chip on the underside of the head. This is an extremely tough Item.....Price...$49


Football Nodder early 1960's Green base

This is an early 1960's green base toes up nodder. it has no decals and does have the virginia collors. It has a touch of ware but in good condition. Price....$29


1960's Football Bank Nodder Bank

This is a generic Gold base nodder. Its in Tennesse color and in great shape with just a touch of ware. Price.....$29


1960's Gold Base Eagles Nodder

This eagle nodder in near perfect condition. He has just a touch of ware, and a couple of small paint chips......Price...$119


1960's Gold Base Lions Nodder

This Lions nodder is in near perfect condition. These are tough to find in this conditon.....Price... $69


1960's Green Base Toes Up Oregon Nodder

This is a green base toes up 1962 nodder. It displays good but there is some damage. there is a crack from the chin to the bottom of the helmet. There is also some cracking in the back of the head. There is also some minor cracking around the feet on the base.....Price....$89


60's Gold Base Real Face Saints Nodder

This is a Real Face New Orleans Saints Nodder. It is in great condition with just a touch of ware. and some paint chips on the base...Price.....$89


1960's Gold Base Redskins Nodder

This is an 1960's Washington Redskins Nodder. He displays nicely, but does have problems. He has several cracks in his head. None that are to bad to ruin the nodder....Price.....$89

1960's Gold Base Cardinals Nodder

This is a gold base St Louis Cardinals Nodder It has a few good cracks in the head.....Price....$39

70's Plastic Seahawks Nodder

This is a Gold base Plastic Seahwaks nodder. These were made in the 70's, It does have some decal ware. .....Price....$19

70's Plastic LA Rams Nodder

This is a 1970's plastic LA Rams Nodder. It is in great conditon.....Price...$25


1962 Army Green Base Toes Up

This is a 1962 Green Base Toes Up Army Nodder. It is in NM condition with just a touch of Bobbing Ware!!.... Price....$149

Univ. Of Washington Bobbing Head!!!
This is a UW bobbing head, It is one of the newer ones, But I have never seen this one before. I love the gold helmet. Go Huskies!!!!......Price....$35

Newer Nebraska Nodder

This is a new Nebraska College Football nodder. It has the Nebraska "N" on the sides of the helmet. It comes with the box..... Price...$19

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