My Cocker Spaniel Page
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My Cocker Spaniel Page

Hello Web Surfers!!

This is my page about cocker spaniels. I enjoiy this breed because I just love the dog. It is a beautiful dog. My aunt owns a cocker, and I own a cocker. They are very lovable and they will be your companion for life.

Well, I guess i can only give you the story behind my dog Checkers. She is a 5 year old American cocker spaniel, full bred. She is black and white, (black and white is rare) and she is very playful. She loves to eat and be with her daddy, as we call my dad. Her only bad habit is that she likes to eat rocks. She chews on them and breaks off her teeth.

My aunts coker is the tan color and he is 13 years old. She has had him ever since he was a puppy. His name is Logan. He likes to lay in the sun and he is just very lovable. He isn't as playfull as he was when he was the puppy age, but we still love him.

Now to the point.
Every month or so, I will provide a tip for raising a cocker spaniel, but the only thing I can say this month is a few things. Your Tips of the month are:
1.) never buy a dog you know you can't take care of. It will just end up being killed in an animal shelter. :-( 2.)Always love your dog.
Good Bye For now!! Casey & Checkers

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