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MP3 links

Here are lots of other peoples' MP3 sites. I hope they can be of some use!! 他人の MP3 のサイトのリンク集です。 役に立つでしょう!

MP3 sites (日本語)

Rie chan's Music Headquarters
Pegu san
Mo Mo Music
Japanese MP3 link sites
Japan Lyrics MP3 links
J-Pop Studio-Spitz and lots of other stuff
Mike's J-Pop and HK-Pop Music Land
Western and Japanese

Fantasy Palace 英語
Western and Japanese
MP3 DL Oldies 英語
MP3 World (over 4000 songs) 英語
Tony's International
Spitz MP3 Japanese
The J-pop Warehouse

Real audio and MIDI sites

Real audio with new J-pop