Eighties Music


My favorite genre of music is eighties music. Although I personally don't have much information on it, I have several links that might help.


A pretty extensive archive of lyrics of songs from the eighties. I was a little disgruntled, though, to discover that the only Berlin song in this archive is Take My Breath Away, which is probably my least favorite of their songs. Otherwise, a good source of lyrics.

Eighties Music

This page has a lot of information on eighties music.

The Eighties Server

This has to be the most comprehensive web site concerning the eighties. It includes information on both music and movies, along with other aspects of the decade.


Do you remember the cartoons way back when you were a child? Can you remember how much better they were than what we have now? Then join the group! There are others out there, just like you, who hum the Gummi Bears theme song or practice their Care Bear stare or whatever. I was very young back then, but I still remember the Ewoks (that show was so cool!), Robotix, Tranzor Z, MASK, Voltron, Thunder Cats...I could go on and on. I even remember the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon!

Optimus Prime


Unfortunately, all I can do is point you in the direction of people who know more than I do about cartoons. Here are some links that I strongly advise looking into:

Cartoon List

This site has a list of links to other sites about specific cartoons.


The owner of this site is trying to bring back a lot of the cartoons from the eighties. The site itself is an excellent source of MIDI files.


A must-see for any transformer fan.


Terri Nunn Berlin

The Masquerade

The painted faces on the street

caricatures of long ago

oh they were young and oh so sweet

down beyond the boulevard

knock on doors and empty halls

and still sometimes remember

the masquerade's forever

when you see the price they paid

i'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade

the reeling figurtes pass on by

like ghosts in some forgotten play

beneath the black and empty sky

music plays and figures dance

with partners chosen by chance

and still some times remember

the masquerade's forever

they reached for tomorrow

but tomorrows, more of the same

so they reached for tomorrow

but tomorrow never came

when you hear the price they paid

i'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade

one by one and two by two

past eight by tens in shattered frames

the players try to leave the room

frantic puppets on a string

and all the while the music sings

and still sometimes remember

the masquerade's forever

Although Berlin is my favorite band--or at least at this moment--I want to spend more time and effort on the more nerdy aspects of my page. For a more comprehensive web site dedicated to Berlin, go here.