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Mutts - Dogs and Cats

Top reasons to get a mutt

healthier than purebreeds
each one is unique
a friend for life

This site is dedicated to all lovable mixed-breeds and pedigrees, both cats and dogs, who are in need of a good, loving home.

Did you know:

At some point in any purebreed's history, they started out as a mixed breed. Pure breeds weren't in existance until humans decided to breed dogs for specific traits.
The oldest dog skeleton, found in Britain and dating back to 3,000 b.c., was a mixed breed of unknown origin.
Mixed breeds are bright and quick to learn.
Information for this list came from The ASPCA Book of the Mix Breed Dog by Kay White

This is Hannah, Our youngest mutt.

Our lovable mutts include two dogs and two cats. Daphne and Persephone are domestic short haired cats. Hannah is a Border Collie/Spaniel mix, and Magnus is of unknown origin. If you can guess what he is, I'd love to hear your opinions. Take a look at our mutts

Our mutt cats
Our mutts
Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society
Updated!Famous dog quotes, dog and cat jokes and poems.
Coming Soon! Tips on choosing a pet, pet care, and training
Coming Soon! Educating ourselves and our youth about animal abuse


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Hard to believe, isn't it?
Through no fault of their own,
animals like these are abandoned every day.

Want to join the America's Most Unwanted?

Help us show these animals
just how wanted they are!
Visit your local shelter today!
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Cool Mutts Club

Hannah and Magnus are proud Members of the
Cool Mutts Club.

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