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Reference Recording BDY010 1CDR

(1) date/location unidentified
(2) Traveling Wilburys outtake (Los Angeles, CA); May 1988
(3) Wilbury Mountain Studio (Bel Air, CA); April 1990
(4) date/location unidentified
(5) Madison Square Garden [rehearsal] (New York, NY); July 31, 1971
(6) Madison Square Garden (New York, NY); August 1, 1971 (afternoon)
(7) unidentified location (Woodstock, NY); November 1968

(1) radio plug (Harrison/Petty)
(2) Dirty World
(3) She's My Baby, Inside Out, If You Belonged To Me, Devil's Been Busy, Seven Deadly Sins, Poor House, Where Were You Last Night, Cool Dry Place, New Blue Moon, You Took My Breath Away, Wilbury Twist, Runaway, Maxine, Like A Ship, Nobody's Child
(4) Christmas message (Harrison)
(5) If Not For You (fragment)
(6) Love Minus Zero, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
(7) Everytime Somebody Comes To Town, I'd Have You Anytime