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Don't Ya Tell Henry 018/019 2CDR

(1) Bayfront Auditorium (St. Petersberg, FL); April 20, 1976
(2) Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL); April 27, 1976
(3) "Mary Travers And Friends" broadcast recording (Oakland, CA); March 10, 1975
(4) Answerphone Message (Malibu, CA); summer 1975
(5) Clinton Correctional Institution For Women (Clinton, NJ); December 7, 1975

Tracklist: (1) (2) Mr Tambourine Man (cut), If You See Her Say Hello; Vincent Van Gogh [w/Bobby Neuwirth]; I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Maggie's Farm, One Too Many Mornings
(3) interview segments
(4) answerphone message
(5) Blowin' In The Wind (fragment), Hurricane, Knockin' On Heaven's Door