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Sir Oliver 1CDR

(1) reported as Dylan's home (Woodstock, NY); November 1968
(2) Nashville Skyline quadrophonic mixes
(3) Songs For The New Depression [Bette Midler] outtake
(4) Shangri-La Studios (Malibu, CA); March 30, 1976
(5) Special Rider demo (Clearwater, FL); April 17, 1976

Tracklist: (1) Nowhere To Go, I'd Have You Anytime
(2) Nashville Skyline Rag, I Threw It All Away, Peggy Day, Country Pie, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
(3) Buckets Of Rain [Bette Midler w/Dylan]
(4) Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Adelita, Water Is Wide, When I Paint My Masterpiece [fragment], Idiot Wind; Big River [Eric Clapton w/Dylan]; Steppin' Out [Levon Helm]
(5) Seven Days

NOTE: The Shangri-La segment may include several unlisted fragments. While Dundas lists Clapton as the vocalist on "Steppin' Out," Clapton boot listings credit the lead vocals to Levon Helm.