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Tambourine Man 1CD

All tracks sourced from the officially released New Morning CD and reprocessed with sound editing software, except italicized tracks, sourced as noted

Tracklist: If Not For You, Day Of The Locusts, Time Passes Slowly; Gotta Travel On [Self Portrait]; Went To See The Gypsy, Winterlude, If Dogs Run Free; Spanish Is The Loving Tongue [single B-side, recorded June 2, 1970]; The Man In Me; Went To See The Gypsy, Tomorrow Is A Long Time [New Morning outtakes]; New Morning; Alberta [Self Portrait]; Sign On The Window; If Not For You [New Morning outtake]; One More Weekend; It Hurts Me Too [Self Portrait]; Three Angels, Father Of Night

NOTE: To be avoided. This is a pirate edition. Despite the title, virtually all the tracks are sourced from the officially released CDs. Apparently cloned from the mistitled fan project.