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Planet X 005 1CD

(1) Harry Belafonte session (New York, NY); February 2, 1962
(2) Carolyn Hester session (New York, NY); September 29, 1961
(3) Big Joe Williams/Victoria Spivey session (New York, NY); March 2, 1962
(4) Richard Fariņa/Eric von Schmidt sessions (London, UK); January 14-15, 1963

Tracklist: (1) Midnight Special (6 complete takes and many false starts)
(2) Swing And Turn Jubilee, Come Back Baby, Come Back Baby, Los Bibilicos, I'll Fly Away, I'll Fly Away, Virgin Mary
(3) Sitting On Top Of The World, Wichita, Big Joe Dylan And Victoria, It's Dangerous
(4) Glory Glory, Overseas Stomp, You Can Always Tell, Xmas Island, Cocaine Blues, London Waltz

NOTE: Not recommended. All tracks in (2), (3), and (4), as well as two takes of "Midnight Special," have been officially released. Dylan plays harp at all sessions, and provides some background vocals for (3) and (4). His participation in "Los Bibilicos" and "Virgin Mary" is dubious.