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Scouser DV 595 1CDR

(1) First Whitaker Tape (Minneapolis, MN); August 11, 1962
(2) Second Whitaker Tape (Minneapolis, MN); July 17, 1963
(3) BBC "Tonight" broadcast (London, UK); May 12, 1964
(4) Jack de Manio interview (London, UK); April 27, 1965
(5) Arie Crown Theater(Chicago, IL); November 26, 1965
(6) Carnegie Hall (New York, NY); January 20, 1968 (afternoon) (line)
(7) Carnegie Hall (New York, NY); January 20, 1968 (evening) (line)
(8) Press conference (Isle Of Wight, UK); August 27, 1969
(9) Earl Scruggs TV (Carmel, NY); December 1970
(10) Columbia Records Studio B (New York, NY); November 4, 1971

(1) Tomorrow Is A Long Time
(2) Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Girl From The North Country, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Eternal Circle, Hero Blues [fragments]
(3) With God On Our Side
(4) short interview excerpt
(5) Tombstone Blues, I Don't Believe You [inc], Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Ballad Of A Thin Man
(6) I Ain't Got No Home, Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, Grand Coulee Dam; This Land Is Your Land [ensemble]
(7) This Train Is Bound For Glory
(8) audio excerpts
(9) East Virginia Blues, Nashville Skyline Rag
(10) George Jackson, George Jackson, Wallflower

NOTE: The January 20, 1968 tracks are drawn from the officially released A Tribute To Woody Guthrie. All three November 4, 1971 tracks, as well as the Scruggs "Nashville Skyline Rag," have also been officially released. The Whitaker tape excerpts are taken from a telephone playback of the original recording, and are necessarily in relatively low sound quality.