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Dandelion DL017

Shangri-La Studios (Malibu, CA); March 30, 1976

Tracklist: Billy Preston, It's Eric Clapton's Birthday; Van Morrison, Who Do You Love; Rick Danko, Hard Times; Van Morrison, Stormy Monday; instrumental jam; Bob Dylan, Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Water Is Wide, Idiot Wind; Clapton, Big River; Levon Helm, Steppin' Out

DEEP: Clapton says,"I had a magnificent birthday party right in the middle of the sessions and we decided to record everything and everybody that came into the studio. There's Billy Preston singing a couple of Ray Charles songs with The Band backing him along with Jesse Ed Davis, me, Robbie Robertson and Woody (Ron Wood) on guitars. Bob showed up about eight o'clock in the morning and it went on from there." Best quality I've heard of this material, particularly the Dylan segment. A loose, fun disk, packaged nicely with a color 8 page booklet.