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Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid soundtrack

Tracklist: Main Title Theme (Billy), Cantina Theme (Working For The Law), Billy Surrenders, River Theme, Billy, Cantina Theme Revisited, Billy, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Turkey Chase, Billy, Final Theme, Working For The Law, River Theme, Bunkhouse Theme, River Theme, Working For The Law (Whorehouse Theme), Final Theme, Billy

NOTE: This set, which at least borders on being a pirate project, consists of a standard audio CD (reportedly taken directly from the film soundtrack rather than from the studio recordings themselves) plus a CD-ROM including clips from the movie, a Dylan discography, pictures, and other features. The packaging misidentifies several tracks, and not all of the listed tracks can be definitively matched to the proper titles; this corrected track listing is therefore somewhat tentative. Most tracks are instrumental, but many have overlapping dialogue. Sources for the CD-ROM are not identified. By some accounts, the audio CD circulates separately under the same title.

rmd: A strange item. An interesting experience, like hearing a movie without watching it. The CDROM is virtually an antique. Only for the completist. (MM)