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no label 1CDR

(1) First MacKenzie Tape (New York, NY); November 23, 1961
(2) Second MacKenzie Tape (New York, NY); December 4, 1961
(3) Third MacKenzie Tape (New York, NY); September 1962
(4) Fourth MacKenzie Tape (New York, NY); April 12, 1963

Tracklist: (1) Hard Times In New York Town, Wayfaring Stranger, Long Time Man Feel Bad, Lonesome Whistle Blues, Baby Of Mine, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, San Francisco Bay Blues, You're No Good, House Of The Rising Sun, instrumental
(2) Katy Cline, Bells Of Rhymney, Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies, Katy Cline, Bells Of Rhymney, instrumental, Highway 51, This Land Is Your Land
(3) Instrumental, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Ballad Of Donald White, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, instrumental, James Alley Blues
(4) I Rode Out One Morning, instrumental, Don't Think Twice, instrumental, Long Time Gone, Only A Hobo, House Of The Rising Sun, Still A Fool, Worried Blues

NOTE: Volume 3 in the Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan fan project. Dates and track identifications per Dundas '99; packaging ascriptions are slightly different. First and second tapes are edited; third and fourth complete as circulating.