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unidentified label 4CDR

(1) unidentified location, presumably Malibu/Santa Monica area; December 1977
(2) New England, September 1978 (probably September 17, reportedly on tour bus)
(3) Veterans Coliseum (New Haven, CT); September 17, 1978 soundcheck

Tracklist: (1) interview with Jonathan Cott
(2) interview with Jonathan Cott
(3) unidentified instrumental, unidentified instrumental, unidentified instrumental, You Don't Love Me No More, This Way That Way, Maggie's Farm, More Than Flesh And Blood, Hazel, Love You Too Much, Love Her With A Feeling, Take It Or Leave It

NOTE: Soundcheck track listing as per cover slips. The soundcheck segment may also include other song fragments, including instrumental attempts at "Love You Too Much" near its beginning. According to Dundas, "Flesh And Blood" was actually played at the end of the soundcheck.