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(1) Late Night With David Letterman (New York, NY); March 22, 1984
(2) Late Night 10th Anniversary outtake (New York, NY); January 18, 1992 [listed as rehearsal]
(3) Late Night 10th Anniversary Special (New York, NY); January 18, 1992
(4) Late Show With David Letterman (New York, NY); November 18, 1993
(5) Saturday Night Live (New York, NY); October 20, 1979
(6) 2001 Academy Awards (Los Angeles, CA/Sydney, Australia); March 25, 2001

(1) Letterman monologue/sketches, Don't Start Me To Talkin'*, License To Kill*, Letterman conversation, Jokerman
(2) Like A Rolling Stone*
(3) Like A Rolling Stone*
(4) Forever Young
(5) I Believe In You [cut], When You Gonna Wake Up
(6) Things Have Changed

NOTE: The tracklisting on the CD packaging is anomalous. Two tracks each are listed for the starred (*) songs, even though Dylan performed each of the 1984 songs only once. (While a second version of "License To Kill," from the earlier rehearsal/soundcheck, circulates, only one performance of "Don't Start Me To Talkin'" is known.) Two performances of the 1993 "Rolling Stone" are known, both from the main taping; the rehearsals are not known to circulate. It is unlikely that this disc includes any new or uncommon material, and the odd tracklisting most likely represents the peculiar division of single performances into multiple tracks, or the incorrect listing of Dylan's introductions as actual Dylan performances. This disc may also circulate as "The Bob Tube."