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froggie 5CDR

various Australian dates/venues; March-April 1992

Tracklist: New Morning (4/6, Melbourne); When I Paint My Masterpiece (4/14, Sydney); All Along The Watchtower (4/10, Launceston); I'll Remember You (3/21, Adelaide); Just Like A Woman (4/5, Melbourne); I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (3/23, Sydney); Tangled Up In Blue (4/7, Melbourne); If Not For You (4/15, Sydney); Cat's In The Well (4/1, Melbourne); Shelter From The Storm (4/14, Sydney); Absolutely Sweet Marie (4/6, Melbourne); Idiot Wind (4/2, Melbourne); To Be Alone With You (3/24, Sydney); Man In The Long Black Coat (4/16, Sydney); I Want You (4/11, Hobart); Most Likely You Go Your Way (3/21, Adelaide); Simple Twist Of Fate (3/25, Sydney); I Don't Believe You (4/3, Melbourne); Most Of The Time (3/28, Brisbane); Union Sundown (4/14, Sydney); John Brown (4/11, Hobart); Memphis Blues Again (3/21, Adelaide); What Good Am I (4/5, Melbourne); Ballad Of A Thin Man (3/29, Canberra); Watching The River Flow (3/18, Perth); Lay Lady Lay (4/13, Sydney); Everything Is Broken (4/1, Melbourne); You're A Big Girl Now (4/11, Hobart); Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (4/2, Melbourne); She Belongs To Me (3/25, Sydney); LeopardSkin PillBox Hat (4/6, Melbourne); It Takes A Lot To Laugh (4/5, Melbourne); I Believe In You (4/7, Melbourne); Highway 61 Revisited (3/24, Sydney); Shooting Star (4/18, Auckland); Maggie's Farm (3/24, Sydney); Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (4/18, Auckland); Times They Are A-Changin' (3/23, Sydney); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (3/28, Brisbane); Girl From The North Country (4/16, Sydney); Desolation Row (4/5, Melbourne); Mr. Tambourine Man (4/3, Melbourne); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (3/25, Sydney); Gates Of Eden (4/13, Sydney); Love Minus Zero (4/15, Sydney); It Ain't Me Babe (4/1, Melbourne); Don't Think Twice (4/11, Hobart); Visions Of Johanna (4/10, Launceston); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (4/15, Sydney); Blowin' In The Wind (4/7, Melbourne); Female Rambling Sailor (4/3, Melbourne); Little Moses (4/5, Melbourne); Golden Vanity (4/7, Melbourne); Lady Of Carlisle (4/14, Sydney); Two Soldiers (3/28, Brisbane); Trail Of The Buffalo (4/2, Melbourne); Dolly Dagger (3/18, Perth); Delia (4/15, Sydney); Little Maggie (3/18, Perth); Black Muddy River (4/6, Melbourne); Sally Sue Brown (4/16, Sydney); Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (4/13, Sydney); West L.A. Fadeaway (3/18, Perth)

NOTE: Includes one recording of each song performed during the spring 1992 tour of Australia and New Zealand.