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Don't Ya Tell Henry 011 1CDR

(1) Sentimental Hygiene, Warren Zevon
(2) Down In The Groove outtakes
(3) Oceanway Studios (Los Angeles, CA); November 1984
(4) A Vision Shared [Guthrie/Leadbelly tribute album]
(5) Down In The Groove outtake
(6) Rattle And Hum, U2
(7) Forum (Los Angeles, CA); April 20, 1987 [guest vocals w/U2]
(6) Rattle And Hum, U2

(1) The Factory (harp)
(2) Just When I Needed You Most, Important Words, When Did You Leave Heaven, Willie And The Hand Jive, Twist And Shout, Important Words
(3) In The Summertime, In The Summertime
(4) Pretty Boy Floyd
(5) Got Love If You Want It
(6) Hawkmoon 269 (organ)
(7) I Shall Be Released, Knockin' On Heaven's Door
(8) Love Rescue Me