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no label 1CDR

(1) John Bucklen Tape (Hibbing, MN); 1958 [broadcast excerpts]
(2) Minnesota University Tape (Minneapolis, MN); September 1960
(3) Gerdes Folk City (New York, NY); September 29, 1961
(4) Billy James Interview (New York, NY); Fall 1961
(5) Cynthia Gooding Apartment Tape (New York, NY); March 1962
(6) Gerdes Folk City (New York, NY); September 29, 1961
(7) Madness On Castle Street (London, UK); December 30, 1962 or January 4, 1963

(1) Hey Little Richard, Buzz Buzz Buzz, Jenny Jenny, We Belong Together
(2) (3) [w/Jim Kweskin] San Francisco Bay Blues, Great Divide
(4) Billy James interview excerpts
(5) Ballad Of Donald White, Wichita (Going To Louisiana), Acne, Rocks And Gravel, Long Time Man
(6) Ranger's Command
(7) Blowin' In The Wind, Ballad Of The Gliding Swan

NOTE: Volume 1 in the Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan fan project.