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Who We Are

Some of who the Great West Texas Militia is can be found at the Disclaimer The rest can be found here.

The Great West Texas Militia, and her sister militias, The Great Island County Militia in Island County, WA and the Great Western Washington Militia in Washington State, her ally The Beaver County Militia are all part of the overall effort to protect the world from the vast UN/Amish/Microsoft/PepsiCo/Bigfoot/UFO/Midget/Black Helicpoter/FreeMason/Bilderberger/Sputnik takeover conspiracy!

Here are a couple of rather fiendish plots against the American People!. The first evil UN plot deals with the origins of bigfoot, and the other and fiendish plot from Pepsi Cola and our friends at the UN.

Bigfoot is really a cross between an Amish agent and a Gorrilla.(click here to learn about the vast Amish/UN conspiracy ) Back in the 1950's, the UN/Amish Alliance decided to create Bigfoot to create a UN presence in the American West. To create the Bigfoot myth, the UN/Amish Alliance, along with the vast UN/Space Alien Conspiracy sent a number of UN agents and Bigfeet back into time. The UN agents built the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and the Eastern Native American Earth Mounds as part of the project to monitor the Bigfeet. The Bigfeet are really quite intelligent creatures, and only act like mindless apes.

The Bigfeet are used to guard the Western UN interment camps, and to round up anti UN opposistion. If you encounter Bigfoot they are to be considered quite dangerous. They are impervious to most forms of bullets. Your best bet when cornered by a Bigfoot is to invoke the name of the Amish/UN leader Futthark. Tell the Bigfoot "In the name of Futthark the Magnificent I commandest thou to let me pass." If you get a particuarlly dumb Bigfoot (most are after several thousand years of inbreeding and cloning) they will let you go. If you get a smart one (from the current crop of crossbreeds) you will have to start talking to it like an Amish, and hope for the best.


In order to control the Masses, the UN must use a vehicle that many people use in order to convey their mind control drugs. Pepsi Cola has fallen in league with the UN, and is now using their products to distribute the mind control drug. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Consider 7-Up. Touted as the "Un Cola" it is really read as the "UN Cola". Clearly the UN is making 7-Up it's official softdrink. Since Pepsi makes 7-Up, all Pepsi products are tainted with the mind control substances. Pepsi also owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Food served in these places should also be considered tainted, and avoided.

Once the UN drug (called Mind Control Substance X or MCSX) is ingested, you are susceptible to the UN/Russian Mind Control Sputniks. The Sputniks broadcast mind control rays, and anyone who has ingested MCSX will find themselves under the control of the rays. Once under UN control, you tend to agree with the following UN Goals:

Universal Gun Control

A One World Order

Destruction of the American Way of Life

Amish Domination

You also will vote the straight Democratic ticket, and help place losers like Clinton and Gore into office. Beware Pepsi and help save the United States. Coke is the Patriotic thing to drink!

Pepsi Cola, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, 7-Up, The Un Cola, KFC, are registerd trademarks of the Pepsi Company, Coke is a registerd trademark of Coca Cola all rights reserved. More detailed information on the Conspiracy to follow!