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Terrorist Attacks

The September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was a sickening display of how far terrorists will sink. Within hours of the attack, I saw numerous messages on the internet calling for the destruction of Islam, or encouraging others to attack Muslims or people of Middle Eastern heritage. This is wrong. The vast majority of Middle Easterners and Muslims in this nation are quiet, peace loving people who want nothing better than to be left alone and to continue with their daily lives. I have seen message boards that I frequent break down into school boy like shouting matches seething with hatred. This is wrong. We need to target our anger at those who killed Americans, not of a single ethnic or religious persuasion.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Americans panicked, and rounded up every Japanese national, and put them into Nazi style internment camps. We imprisoned a single, identifiable, and very patriotic segment of our population. Germans and Italians were not rounded up and imprisoned. They were a more "acceptable" part of our population. There is something sick and twisted in this country where we will single out ethnic and religous groups that fall outside of our "norms." People of different skin color, people who speak with a strange accent, worship a different god, or wear turbans on their heads. They are still human beings, and the basic right of "innocent until proven guilty" still applies here.

I have often been the target of hate mail by ignorant people who think that because I make fun of the right wing seperatist militia movement, I must be Un-American. People like that are incapable of differentiating between the militia as our Founding Fathers intended it (any able bodied person able to bear arms in defense of the nation.) and the current movement of armed hillbillies and tax dodgers trying to play GI Joe. It is the same ignorance that leads to the hate against other Americans based on their religious or ethnic background.

If you visit my website, please keep a few things in mind.

1. This page is a parody. Treat it like that, and you will have fun. Some say it is not very good, but the majority opinion is that this page is funny.

2. I do not hate anybody, nor do I encourage it.

3. I am not anti-American. If I stepped on your toes because you believe in stashing 50 million rounds of .308 NATO against the invasion of Elvis clones supported by UN Shock Troops, that is your business.

4. I am not anti gun. In fact, I collect them, and probably have more guns than most people.

5. I am sick and tired of the hate. We have an enemy, and that is any nation that harbors and encourages terrorism, and the terrorists themselves. Direct your anger towards these people, and not people who are of the same ethnic/religous persuasion as the enemy.

6. The vast majority of people who visit this page are Americans. Remember that. Americans are a proud people, slow to wrath. But when we get ticked off, we lash out hard against our enemies. Be proud of who we are, and remember, America is a conglomerate of people. We cannot alienate any one group of people because how they worship or where they came from. If it wasn't for the diverse peoples who made up the United States, we would not be as strong as we are now.

My rantings are done now. God Bless America.