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The General Speaks!

Just what is the Great West Texas militia? Well, first off I hope you read the Disclaimer If you didn't please do. After you read that, then you should know who we are. This section, The General Speaks! serves as a personal sounding board, and will be updated often.

July 23, 2001

Today was quiet on the front, so just a few words of advice. Be kind to small children they are the future. If you don't like children, take comfort in the fact that most of them are either Midget UN KloneSpies or the unwitting tools of the Liberals.

Since the Communist loving Democrats and UN need something to manipulate us, they use children! "Do it for the Children" is their buzzword. And under that motto, they tax us more for more of their socialist programs that encourage bums to suck taxpayer money. Or they use it to take away freedoms all in the name of "the children." Oh well. I won't have kids, so I'm not adding to the problem.

Rattlesnake tastes just like chicken, and so do children! Infer from that what you will. More rantings, ravings and whatnot to follow!

Aug. 1, 2001

A new variant of the Amish has been discovered! The Amish Ninja Yes!!! Really!!! Disguised as a member of normal society, the Amish ninja (midget clone variants are also suspected) the Amish ninja is most identifiable by their modern technology and Amish names "Amos Yoder" for example. Pictures and more intel are forthcoming soon!

Aug. 2, 2001

Do we really believe the International Space Station is purely research? Of course not! Any true American knows the ISS is the new platform for UN mind control rays being broadcast over the planet! To block those mind control rays, wear a hat made of a triple layer of aluminium foil (shiny side out to reflect the rays) and drink plenty of American beer or hard liquor to further block those rays.

What can be done about the ISS? Well, The Great West Texas Militia has given that a lot of thought and we have reached a solution. Destroy it. Yup. Destroy it. We are working on building a rocketship that carries a modified 1958 Ford Edsel into orbit. Once into orbit, the Edsel will fire up it's rockets, and head towards the ISS. Once their, our special task force will either destroy the station, or occupy it in the name of Truth, Justice and Jack Daniels!!! We are currently looking for volunteers for this mission. Sign the guestbook if interested.

August 4, 2001

Have added page How to resist the enemy check it out for some general tips and tricks on how to resist the enemy. Things are mostly quiet on the West Texas Front, except for a couple of small skirmishes between a patrol and a black helicopter. We suceeded in shooting down the helicopter which was disguised as a hospital flight. We knew they were lying however, when we saw an Amish pilot and the passengers were really ElvisKlones from Mars! Ha! We showed them we know what is up.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from The Great West Texas Militia. "The Best Little Militia in Texas"

August 9, 2001

The Great West Texas Militia has just launched it's first orbital sattelite! Built out of an old sattelite dish and a cable tv reciever, the sattelite dubbed "GWTMSat 1" will be used to monitor UN/Amish activity in space. A small camera records images of the International Space Station and beams them back to earth. So far we have seen at least one unscheduled Russian flight to the ISS which we believe was carrying Amish techs to work on the Mind Control device Gen. RW Boyce of the Beaver County Militia has just announced the formation of a "Hobo Militia" check out his page for more updates. This program is similar to The Great West Texas Militia's Guns for the poor campaign. We congratulate Gen. Boyce on a job well done, and wish his hobo militia the best of luck.

August 27, 2001. Added pictures of black helicopter to main page, and added picture of UN DEATH CAMP Now when people say there is no such thing as a black helicopter, send 'em here and prove them wrong!