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Ever since the recent attack on the WTC, I have recived several emails, which are largely the result of marketing this site too well. The Great West Texas Militia shows up as the 5th page in a search using the words "Texas Militia." While I am pleased to have such a ranking, I feel I must have failed to make it clear this site is a PARODY. The emails below make this evident. Names have been removed for privacy.

Hi, I'm 45 years old and can not join back into the Marines as I had been in my younger days. However, I am really dead set on doing something which can help gurrantee the safety of my family. Could you tell me of a group near Austin Texas, preferrably close to my home town of Liberty Hill, which are open to taking newcomers. I am a Viet Nam Veterian. I've also been in Cambodia and Laos. Sometimes I wonder why they can't let us fight until we can't anymore. I still can.

This person actually gave me his home and work phone numbers!

This is probably a BS site. But just in case. I am a disabled American. I have 4 sons. I have limited resources, and none of us have ever broken the law. I am wishing 2 find help in obtaining firearms/bows/etc. I need 2 train my sons the right way of using these. The world is teaching our youth only in how 2 kill. Please help me if U can. Thank U so much. W Adress:PO Box...

This person hit the nail on the head. This IS a "bs" site as he so quaintly put it. Several other people have also accused me of being un-American, and as such, I must have supported the actions of the FBI when they shot Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge. There must be a major shortage of brains out there folks! Lighten up! Since so many people have missed it, this is the DISCLAIMER