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Conspiracy of the Month

August Conspiracy---

This month's featured conspiracy has to do with the deepest, darkest secrets of the fast food industry.

It is well known among patriots that the UN is running hidden death camps all over the world. We all know that loyal patriots vanish from the face of the earth, are enslaved and are ultimately murdered by the UN. It has long been assumed that their unfortunate bodies are simply dumped into the hole in the North Pole that leads to the center of the earth. The Great West Texas Militia has learned otherwise.

Ever bite into a McDonald's hamburger and wonder if that is really beef. Well, I'm here to tell you it isn't. It is part beef, part loyal patriot. 'Nuff said. I am encouraging a public boycott of McDonald's, calling on them to admit to this shameful practice and to put an end to it AT ONCE! Only then will our dead patriots rest in peace. It is also believed that Taco Bell engages in this evil practice. They must be similarly boycotted. Both companies need to put a stop to this!!

Doubt the truth of UN Death Camps ? Look no further as we have an actual picture here on this page! This is the real deal folks. You can't deny the facts when presented with evidence such as this!