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Great Militias, Incorporated

In todays ever changing world, the average militaman is engaged in an never ending search for Truth, Justice, and a new place to hide the still. What He is fighting against changes constantly. Just two or three years ago, it was the Y2K concentration camps and UN martial law. Now it is the threat of terrorist domination and government complicity. Many believe that the feds knew about the WTC attack at let it happen. Others believe our government is too stupid to stop another attack, or even welcomes the attacks so that they can impose martial law.

What will the next threat to our liberty be? Do you still cling to the outdated beliefs of UN routing information on road signs, and still reference outdated maps showing possible concentration camp sites? Or perhaps you are still after whoever killed Kennedy, or what was on those Watergate tapes.

In an ever changing world of conspiracies, only one thing remains constant. The Militia. But the Militia often does not know which way to turn and fails to present a unified front. We have people fighting and squabbling over the most petty issues like if black people are better than white people or vice versa. This gives the militia community a bad name and must stop.

Okay, I've got your attention. But you ask; "What can I do to help?" Simple. In order to present a unified front, we must unify the Militia under a single Standard. And we will accomplish this through franchising.

Look at what Franchising has done for the United States. No matter where you go, you can be assured of getting the same soy protien/beef by product and secret sauce. Why? Because of a single organization overseeing thousands of smaller organizations. Great Militias, Inc. is a prime example of this. We have built standarized militias in Washington, Colorado and Texas. The Great Island County Militia was our first. Quickly followed by The Great Western Washington Militia. Then the Great Colorado River Militia in Grand Junction was formed. Lastly, we have The Great West Texas Militia.

These 4 militias present a unified front in 3 different states. Due to organization and relationship to a parent, each militia is able to become the premier militia in their geographic region. YOUR militia can be a part of this. Several other militias have also joined up with us. Below are is a testimonial.

"I had organized a small militia in Northern California, but we were always having problems. Some of our members were still pursuing outdated information, like who shot Lincoln, and why did the British burn Washington DC during the War of 1812. Some of us didn't know about mind control rays, or the benifits of drinking large quanitites of alcohol to block those rays. But when I found an ad offering franchises in "Great Militias Inc." I knew our prayers were answered. After paying a small franchising fee, and unifying under the current Great Militias system, we now proudly bear the name "Great Northernmost Northeastern section of Northwest California Militia." Thank you General Gooberman!"

Colonel Robert Robertson

Thanks to the unifying efforts of Great Militias, Inc. all militias in the franchise wear the same uniforms, and pursue the same common goal. To keep all franchises up to date, we print weekly newsletters detailing all the latest conspiracies (we even make them up if we have to!!) news of government, and UFO spottings among other things. Plus tips on gunsmithing, explosives manufacturing, and how to spot Government KloneAgents.

For franchise information, email the link from the bottom of the page!