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Militia Links of Interest

Beaver County Militia. Friends and Allies in Pennsylvania
The Place for Up to the Minute Patriot News.
The Militia of Montana. And you thought I was weird?
Hippies meet the Militia?
Amish Resistance Homepage. 'Nuff said.
Gen. J.C. Christians homepage. A true American Patriot
Canadian Redneck Militia. Isn't Canadian and Redneck a contridiction in terms?
Dr. Verne's Whitetrash Nation. Representing 110% of all Militia Members.
Militia Watchdog homepage. Links to other militia sites. These folks are scary.
Republic of Cascadia homepage. When Yuppies and the Militia combine. Not a pretty site.
Google Groups link to the misc.activism.militia newsgroup. Some strange people there!
This woman actually believes the Sputniks are out to get her...
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