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Is your Neighbor a UN spy

You have probably asked yourself a number of times, "How do I know if so and so is really a UN Agent?

Finally, here are the answers to your question. Simply answer yes or no to each question asked below. If you answer yes to 3 or more questions, then the person in question is a UN Agent. It's that simple.

1. Does the person(s) in question have a UN Blue Beret?

2. Is the person(s) in question a member of any strange left wing organization (i.e., Society for the Siezure of all Guns, International Organization for a One World Government, etc..)

3. Does the person(s) drink European Liquor, and avoid American liquor?

4. Does the person(s) drive an all white vehicle?

5. Are the person(s) involved with the Amish, Pepsi Cola, or Microsoft?

6. Is the person(s) seen cavorting with Space Aliens?

7. Does the person(s) threaten to report you to the law when they see you dressed in cammo and stockpiling firearms?

8. Does the person(s) think you are nuts for beliving space aliens are going to take over the world?

9. Does the person(s) think the UN is the greatest thing to happen to the world since powdered donuts?

Okay, add up all your yes and no answers. Hope this helps.

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