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Guns for the Poor

The Right to keep and bear Arms is something granted to us by the Founding Fathers. Unfortunately, they never said anything about being able to afford the things. Thus, we wind up with a large number of poverty sticken Americans who cannot afford to exercise their rights. Enter the Great West Texas Militia's Guns for the Poor campaign. We are arming the impoverished one person at a time.

I have seen poor people from the 'burbs break down into tears when I hand them a brand new assault rifle to defend themselves with. That's one more house that won't get broken into, one more family that won't be bothered by drug dealers. The look of thankfulness as you give a homeless man a meal and a 9mm Glock with ammo is precious. Many a poverty stricken child has held off the advances of a doper or kidnapper with a semi auto .25 handgun given to them just hours before by a member of the GWTM.

So many Americans want to defend themselves, protect their families, homes, trailers or park bench from harm, but CAN'T AFFORD TO DO SO. This is shocking. In a country where the People own more guns than most third world armies, no poor person should be without a personal defence weapon.

BUT we can only afford to give away so many guns, and so much ammo. The WTM needs YOUR help. Donations of cash, weapons, ammo, cleaning kits, whatever is appreciated and will be given to Americans in need. Please help now.

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