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The Enemy Is.....

The Amish. Yes the Amish masters of the plain and simple. It is believed the Amish actually have are agents of the UN from the future. Using advanced time machines, Amish agents were sent back in time where they created the perfect disguise. Pious people who have given up worldly things for a simple way of life.

Amish Ninjas. Recently discovered branch of the Amish who use computers and AOL. Hidden in mainstream American societys, the Amish Ninjas are only identifiable by names like "Amos Yoder" and other Amish sounding names. More information on this particular threat to follow.

The United Nations. The liberal orgaization dedicated towards a one world government and the mark of the Beast. 'Nuff said.

Pepsi Cola. Yes Pepsi. 7-Up is really a UN mind control beverage. 7-Up is the UN Cola after all. Don't drink it or any other Pepsi product. They are full of mind control drugs. If you have been foolish enough to drink these foul products, drink pleny of Jack Daniels or other good american booze to block the mind control drugs and Sputnik sent mind control rays. A hat made out of 3 layers of aluminium foil, shiny side out will also block the Sputnik and International Space Station mind control rays.

Space Aliens. 'Nuff said, a whole page will be devoted to them in the near future.

UN/Amish Clones. Evil, mindless creatures that exist only to serve their UN masters. An entire page will also be devoted to them.

Bigfoot. Denizens of the North Woods or UN controlled Gorrilla/Human clones? Further details in the upcoming Clone page.

Liberal Pinko Communist Queers. 'Nuff said, enemies of the decent person worldwide. Disguised as members of the Democratic Party, UN, European Union, Enviromental groups, etc... A whole page devoted to their various variations also coming soon.

As more enemies are discovered or more information becomes available, then they will be added to this page.