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Is Osama Bin Laden for Real?

For several years the American people have seen pictures of Osama Bin Laden, and even seen rare television interviews of the man. But in most of these pictures Bin Laden does not move much. He is sitting or firing his AK-74 rifle. There are many still photos of him, but again they show little action, and many are just mugshots.

Is Osama Bin Laden really just a clever fake? Perhaps a being or person needed to create the guise of a wealthy Arabian with anti American sentiments. We must ask ourselves who would hate the Americans? Great West Texas Militia intelligence forces have narrowed down the choices to three likely candidats.

1. Abdul the Talking Camel. Angered by never becoming as popular as Francis the Talking Mule (star of several campy moviees filmed in the 1950's about a talking mule and his dimwitted army pal) Abdul decides to take his revenge on the public that never had a chance to embrace him.

2. A pig of unknown name and origin. Our sources believe that the Soviet Union performed several genetic experiments to create a somewhat intelligent pig that they could use in their war against Afghanistan. The pig would be considered unclean, and hordes of talking, possibly grenade toting pigs advancing with the Russian troops could have a detrimental effect on Afghani morale. Also, the pigs could be trained as sucide bombers, taking out several Afghani soldiers at once. The experiment went awry, and one super intelligent pig escaped to carry on a war against the world. His anger is directed at the United States, as it believes that there would not have been a Cold War that created it if not for the USA.

3. An extraterristrial of unknown origin. Why would an alien want to create global unrest? So they could continue to kidnap mentally unstable people to perform medical experiments on, then release back into society to appear on AM radio talk shows. With the guise of a war on terrorism, this kidnapping is easier, and creates a situation where the aliens can walk right in, take over our planet, and open up a string of intergalactic fast food joints. "McEarthers. Millions and Millions of Earthlings served."

Whatever the evil brain behind the BinLaden puppet, it must be stopped! I urge you all as fellow American Patriots to write to your elected officials and point out to the the TRUTH about "Osama Bin Laden."