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Bin Laden in Space?

Now that the United States and Britian have begun their bombing campaign on Afghanistan (who knew the Brits even had bombs?) things have gotten rather hot for our friend Osama Bin Laden. Unbeknownst to international "intelligence" gathering groups, Bin Laden had a small rocket ship prepared for when he would have to evacuate to a safer place. The first image below is a picture taken by the hubble space telescope showing an unknown space craft leaving earth around the same time as the bombing. The second photo shows what looks like the new lunar headquarters of the Taliban. Someone, possibly Bin Laden has crudely spraypainted "Death 2 the grate Satun" on it. This clearly demonstrates the lack of education amongst the Taliban and it's supporters. As any American 3rd grader could tell you, the phrase should read "Death to the Great Satan." Of course you can't expect such sophistication out of those who go crashing aircraft into the first big buildings they find... More intel will be forthcoming.