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Bin Laden Target Page

We at the Great West Texas Militia express our sorrow to the victims and their families of the recent terrorist attacks against America. Our prayers are with you.

Please remember that this website is just a parody, which is made pretty clear in the Disclaimer. Several people have emailed me and accused me of being un-American for making fun of the right wing militia movement. To them I say "whatever" I will continue to make fun of ignorance, and ignorant people who foolishly try to take up arms and overthrow our government, especially when a united nation is what we most need. I believe in the second admendment, and support it, but now is not the time for anti-government rhetoric. We still have a ballot box. When that fails us, then we can resort to more drastic measures. The time is not yet here, nor do I believe it will ever be here. Spare me your nastygrams, and pray for our wounded nation.

On a lighter note, I offer for your enjoyment, the Osama Bin Laden rifle, pistol, and bayonet (for those of us who collect WWII rifles that come with the pig stickers on them...) target. This came from a gun collector's forum and was marked for free distribution. Enjoy!