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Official Disclamer

Welcome to The Great West Texas Militia Disclaimer Page. I wish to make several things clear.

1. The is a JOKE I am not a militia member, I do not believe in the militia movement, nor do I espouse it's causes. I do feel that the militia movement gives a lot of room for parody, so I created this webpage.

2. Believe it or not, I have recived emails from people who thought I was serious, or seeking information about joining or starting a militia. This is why I put up the disclaimer page.

3. Some people cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction. If you are one of these people, please do not email me and ask how to start a militia.

4. In case you missed it the first time, this page is a parody in some cases, I may make mention or describe the unsafe use of firearms, explosives or other dangerous devices and substances. This is all meant to be taken as part of the parody. I am a gun owner myself and believe that gun safety is very important. Please do not take anything unsafe seriously, nor infer that the great majority of gun owners are unsafe. It is the other way around. I will not be responsible if you claim to have been influenced by one of my parodies.

5. While I do not believe in the United Nations, and think the US should withdraw membership, I do not believe any of the acts I attribute to the UN actually take place. Get over it people. There are no death camps.

6. Remember to smile.

7. Click here and have FUN