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While I don't agree with the war or the "real" reason for it, I call everyone to pray our troops make it home safely. Whether we like it or not, we're in this war and just want our loved ones and others that are fighting for you and I to make it home in one piece.

Mental Existence

My existence is mental,

Though I cannot expect you to understand,

You may feel you've touched me,

By making contact with my hand.

You cannot feel my thoughts,

Therefore you're merely touching my shell,

I'll lose that someday,

And only my mental and spiritual body will dwell.

How can you say you've seen me?,

Do you know what i'm thinking?,

Do you think my thirst is quenched,

When you see me drinking?

Though my expression may seem happy,

You don't know me by far and wide,

Because you don't know,

How my body feels inside.

You may try to comprehend,

Each and every day,

Although it's just pretend,

You claim to know me anyway.

My existence is mental,

But how can I explain,

I'm much more complex,

Although I may seem plain.

ęCopyright 2001 by Monique Williams. All Rights Reserved.

The Cross

How can I turn my back,

On something in which I can't relate?,

Jesus continued to love,

And all we did was hate.

We owe Jesus our lives,

For his death after suffereing and pain,

Most people 86 the message,

Because they feel they have nothing to gain.

I know that toward the cross,

I need to have firmer conviction,

I need to give in to God,

Instead of traditional religion.

Remember Jesus hanging there?,

He was the son, God left him,

He took on our sins and we still sin,

Where does that leave us then?.

Our mission always remains,

To seek and save the lost,

But we can never take for granted,

The message of The Cross.

ęCopyright 2001 by Monique Williams. All Rights Reserved.

What has 9/11 and this current war with Iraq taught you? Has it taught you to run away from or to God? Many people run after things that don't matter. Do you think that the money those multi-millionaires had made a bit of difference that day? Where are your priorities? Open the bible. It will help you on your way to understanding. If you don't understand it, open it with someone who not only knows it, but lives it. It's not enough to memorize the bible, but God want us to live it out. We live in a world that is so consumed with today's philosophies and ideologies that we don't see the big picture, in a word...GOD! Here are some scriptures to help you out: Proverbs 18:2 James 1:22-25 Acts 2:42 Matthew 7:24-27

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God calls us to repent and be baptized: Acts 2:36-41... God isn't far from any one of us.....Isaiah 59:1-3...JEREMIAH 29:11-13......