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Cost Account and Fees
Customer Name:  Michael hall
Customer Email:
Customer Street Address:  127 Tacoma Blvd.
Customer City: Pacific
Customer State: WA
Customer Zip: 98047
Customer Phone Number #1: (253) 939-8231
Customer Phone Number #2: NA
Customer Fax Number: NA
Customer Start Date: 9/24/2000
Customer Close Date: 9/24/2001
Customer URL:
Customer Billing Rate:  $36.00 p/h
Customer ID#: mh8231.htm
Customer Server space: Currently < 3mb
Requested change date: 09/25/00
Requested change by: Mike Hall
Supporting file (email or?): (see hotmail account folder: mh8231)
Synopsis of change: Revise per conversation and storyboard provided by M. Hall 09/25/00.
Time spent on changes: 3.00 hours as of 09/28/00, 11:30 am PST
Time charged for changes: 5 hours for the price of 3, two hours free in exchange for WDE banner at bottom of page.
Billing date: NA
Payment received: NA
Payment Type: NA