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accident.gif - 10492 Bytes


This is a VERY graphic scene not for children

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attitude.gif - 8995 Bytes


Proof all dogs have their day.

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basketball.gif - 8843 Bytes

Basketball Shot

Pay close attention to the lil kiddo you see running across the bottom of the screen in the begining.

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blinddate.gif - 7137 Bytes

Blind Date

This is just hillarious a must see.

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firefart.gif - 7672 Bytes

Fire Fart

Probably the most famous lady of all the millions belonging to the blue flamer club.

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flyingmachine.gif - 5984 Bytes

Bike Stunt

This extremely difficult Bicycle stunt is almost never done on purpose when I unwillingly performed it myself I broke my left heel.

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hare.gif - 6025 Bytes

Hare at the Races

Bunny vs. Car the results are as expected, no winners.

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hottie.gif - 6980 Bytes

Hot Pits

This is the reason racing associations everywhere only allow gravity flow tanks for fueling in the pits and why the gas guy has to lug those big cans around.

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monalisa.gif - 5811 Bytes

Mona Lisa

The mona lisa like you have never seen before.

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sheep.gif - 4243 Bytes

Sheep Stunt

More data to backup the theory that there is one in every crowd that has to be different.

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shovel.gif - 7966 Bytes


This child needs education in some harsh realities or maybe just raise some blisters on his tuckus so he wont sit for a week.

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tech.gif - 6531 Bytes

Tech Tantrum

The good tech support guys are underpaid the bad ones are undertrained and as a universal rule you are probably the 100th person with a stupid question today.

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jiggle.gif - 13953 Bytes


Some people like to leave very little to the imagination.

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kickbaby1.gif - 11750 Bytes

Kick the Baby 1

Glad my granny never played soccer.

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kickbaby2.gif - 12063 Bytes

Kick the Baby 2

I think granny enjoys "saving" this one a lil too much.

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pizzaguy.gif - 10445 Bytes

Pizza Guy

Another VERY graphic accident scene.

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shortestvacation.gif - 10481 Bytes

World's Shortest Vacation

This is one vacation video I'm glad I wasnt there for.

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tree.gif - 10934 Bytes

The Tree

This guy's elevator doesnt go all the way to the top.

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wheelchairbarbie.gif - 12203 Bytes

Wheelchair Barbie

*VERY Adult Content* bet you never thought of barbie like this.

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yorkbang.gif - 9672 Bytes

Yorkeshire Bang

Nice doggie, ...... good lil doggie, ....... stay!

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