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More signs

signs__image014.jpg - 19241 Bytes
No doubts as to what this areas visitors like to do.

signs__image015.jpg - 11685 Bytes
To park or not to park that is the question here.

signs__image016.jpg - 22878 Bytes
A successful parking job is one you can walk away from and have a beer afterwards.

signs__image017.jpg - 14833 Bytes
Life is full of decisions.

signs__image018.jpg - 13606 Bytes
The hardest part of eating a vegetable is the wheelchair gets in the way.

signs__image019.jpg - 21190 Bytes
This guy's family had a high opinion of him.

signs__image020.jpg - 19713 Bytes
Woohooo ladies take note.

signs__image022.jpg - 11976 Bytes
Again not what I would call a vacation paradise.

signs__image024.jpg - 16461 Bytes
This is one golf course with strict rules.

signs__image025.jpg - 13422 Bytes
I wonder if this would really work.

signs__image027.jpg - 13550 Bytes
This is a movie I doubt we'll ever see.