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Signs Around The Country

signs__image001.jpg - 11545 Bytes
Robin! To The BAT CAVE!!!!!!!!!!

signs__image002.jpg - 23561 Bytes
An example of our country's fine education system at work

signs__image003.jpg - 24114 Bytes
Attending this church may be hazardous to your health

signs__image004.jpg - 24444 Bytes
This is one exersice class I'll pass on

signs__image005.jpg - 23192 Bytes
The height of irony

signs__image006.jpg - 20201 Bytes
Not my first choice of a vacation paradise

signs__image007.jpg - 23152 Bytes
An example of our governments secret keeping prowess

signs__image008.jpg - 13328 Bytes
My favorite place to shop

signs__image011.jpg - 21986 Bytes
I wonder how much business they really do

signs__image013.jpg - 14960 Bytes
No need to take chances with a street dealer here