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Latigo 'n Lace Team Members Biography Page

Welcome to Latigo 'n Lace Team Member Biography Page three.

Samantha Moore

Hi, I'm 13 year old, live in Ridgefield, Washington and attend View Ridge Middle School. I started riding horses when I was 2 and got my first horse, Hot Shot when I was 4. At age 5 I started showing at open hose shows. Since then I have been in 4-H, have competed in a few gaming shows, shown in horse shows and started drill on Shokee when I turned 7. Other than horses I'm also involved in sports. I've played softball, soccer, T-ball and basketball. Currently I play the trumpet. I have been in 4-H for six years and show English, Western and game. Last year I made the 4-H Hippology team and went to the Washington State Fair with my horse, Sonny. He is also my current drill horse. I was asked by the drill master at the time five years ago to join the Team. I have an 11 year old sister who is also on the Team now and my Mom is the current drillmaster. My Dad is always there to drive us around and look at the sites (especially likes to golf) and is one of the Teams photographers. At the 1998 Spring Fling horse show I received a high point belt buckle. At school I made the basketball team, knowledge bowl team and I have 4 point grade average. During the summer I have a part time job watching the youngest memeber on the team, Jessica. My future dream is to design a space station on Jupiter and take my family on vacation there. If that fails, I want to move to Germany and become the world's greatest architect.

Samantha Apple

Sarah Anderson