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History Channel Primetime Listings

Friday, July 13, 2007

6-8pm -- The World Trade Center -
On September 11, 2001, terrorists did the unthinkable when they flew
two fuel-loaded jetliners into the World Trade Center. The Twin
Towers' physical height and symbolic stature made them the perfect
target. They were remarkable achievements in architecture,
construction, and technology. In this 2-hour profile, we look at how
the WTC was constructed and talk to representatives from the Army
Corps of Engineers, New York's Office of Emergency Management, FEMA,
and DNA experts about the aftermath.

8-9pm -- Gangland: Aryan Brotherhood -
The Aryan Brotherhood has the distinction of being the deadliest gang
in American history. They kill for hire or for free. They kill people
who steal their drugs or those that owe them money. Maintaining the
culture of terror that has solidified their power is their primary
goal. Drugs, gambling, liquor and inmate prostitution earns them
millions. From their beginnings in San Quentin Prison in 1964 to
current trials of sixteen members in Los Angeles, discover the
ultra-violent world that has largely gone unnoticed by the general
public for the last forty years.

9-11pm -- Dogfights - Kamikaze
Famous battles are recreated using state-of-the-art computer graphics.
With up to 25 percent of the program consisting of animation, viewers
will feel like they're in the battle, facing the enemy. First-hand
accounts will drive the story. Rare archival footage and original
shooting supplement the remarkable computer graphics.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

7-8pm -- Modern Marvels - Fertilizer
Fertilizer--without it two thirds of the world would starve. It makes
our lawns grow greener and our crops grow taller. Take a tour of the
places where the essential nutrients that feed the soil are harnessed.
Dig deep in a phosphate mine, sniff around a sewage treatment plant
and get dirty in a trough teeming with seven million worms. Finally,
learn about a war that was fought over the control of bat poop!

8-9pm -- Cities of the Underworld - 01 - Hitler's Underground Lair
Berlin, Germany was the battlefield of the 20th century, and today,
sealed up and forgotten beneath its streets are the remnants of a dark
past. Walk anywhere in the city and you could be walking directly on
top of one of the over 1000 Nazi bunkers engineered into Berlin's
sandy soil, lost remnants of Hitler's ill-fated Germania or even beer
brewing plants that inspired the Nazis' journey into the underground.
Join host Eric Geller as he travels through the dark and damp recesses
of Berlin's secretive soil.

9-10pm -- Cities of the Underworld - 10 - Beneath Vesuvius
Naples, Italy narrowly escaped meeting the same fate as its
neighboring city, Pompeii in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius wiped out
everything around it. The wind saved Naples that day, but life in the
shadow of this massive volcano is unlike any other--and so is its
underground. For centuries, Neapolitans have carved out their
underground, creating a parallel world where their secrets are safe.
Entire neighborhoods line the underworld, time capsules of ancient
life--with banks, bakeries and homes preserved below. From repelling
into an ancient Greek cavern to uncovering Nero's famous stage
underneath a modern apartment, host Don Wildman steps back almost 2000
years to discover the world hidden beneath this volcano.

10-11pm -- Cities of the Underworld - 11 - Dracula's Underground
Rich in legends and folklore visit the city of Bucharest, Romania and
learn about its most famous citizen, Vlad the Impaler, more commonly
known as Dracula. Travel underground to separate the myth from reality
as secret prisons, caves and dungeons are revealed. Only through the
bleak subterranean stretches can one come face-to-face with the
Impaler and the truth about this infamous Romanian ruler. Join host
Don Wildman as he braves eerie tombs and clandestine tunnels to
discover the "Son of the Devil."


Sunday, July 15, 2007

7-8pm -- Ice Road Truckers - 04 - The Big Chill
It's the 18th day of the ice road season and truckers have delivered
more than 3000 loads to the diamond mines. The temperatures are
dropping, the loads are getting heavier and the ice is just three feet
thick. A 50-ton fuel tanker flips over at the beginning of the ice
road. Jay Westgard, a 25-year old ice road veteran, hauls three giant
water purifiers to the De Beers Diamond mine. It's a challenging
30-ton load that tests and stresses the ice for the entire journey.
Rookie Drew Sherwood finds himself back in Lee Parkinson's garage
after a rough trip tore his battery box from the underbelly of his
truck. Another rookie TJ Tilcox battles subzero temperatures in a
truck that's weatherproofed with duct tape.

8-10pm -- Dogfights - Kamikaze (repeated from Friday)

10-11pm -- Ice Road Truckers - 05 - Midseason Mayhem
It's half way through the grueling ice road season. Six hundred
truckers have ferried more than 4,000 loads to the northern mines.
They still have 6,000 left to go, but everyday roadblocks threaten
their progress. Going a few miles over the speed limit is one thing on
a regular road, but on ice it's a different story. Blowouts are
appearing in the ice as a result of reckless speeding. Other trucks
come to a standstill when a fuel tanker overturns on the Ingraham
Trail. The wreck not only blocks traffic, but it's a potential
environmental disaster. Rescue crews race to prevent a diesel spill
from contaminating the Yellowknife River, the only water supply for
this entire outpost.

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Nostradamus predicts a war between Christians and Muslims
(aired previously on A&E/History Channel)

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Wild West Tech @ 9am hosted by David Carradine, some episodes narrated by Keith Carradine:
Saturday July 07
 Wild West Tech : Execution Tech.
Saturday July 14
 Wild West Tech : Massacres II.
Saturday July 21
 Wild West Tech : Biggest Machines in the West.
Sunday, July 22 
 Wild West Tech: Massacre Tech. 
Mail Call (rated TVPG-L, cc) in 2007, all 30-minute unless noted:

July 8 @ 12pm: Navy Marine Mammals/WC54 Ambulance/Desert Ducks: #55.
The Gunny proves that the Navy Marine Mammals program is no fish tale and discovers just how dolphins and sea lions help to win wars. Next, R. Lee Ermey discovers how we got our injured soldiers from the battlefield to field hospitals by the chain of evacuation in WWII, and takes a ride in the WC54 ambulance. Finally, we profile the Desert Ducks, the Navy unit in charge of delivering the mail to ships in the Persian Gulf.

Friday, July 27 @ 12pm & 6pm: Afghanistan: #68
R. Lee Ermey returns to Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base devoted to the hard-charging Marines stationed there. The Gunny goes on foot patrol into the rural villages surrounding Kabul. With his armed Marine Corps escorts, he shows what it's like to gather intelligence and promote goodwill among the Afghanis. Next, Lee goes for a ride in the Ch-53 Super Stallion, gets a little trigger time on a helicopter gunship--the Cobra attack helicopter, and test drives the Marine Corps' newest heavy duty truck, the MTVR. Finally, Lee spends time with the lifeline for the Marines in Afghanistan, the Medical Corpsman, and finds out how they treat injuries on base and on the battlefield. Rating: TVPG L
R. Lee Ermey (Mail Call) has decided to play something other than a tough drill sgt. (Full Metal Jacket). His latest movie is a prequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre called "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" as the head of a very strange & lethal family of mutants

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