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Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st & 16th (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

10-11am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Barbara Eden.
Life of the actress famed for her role as the carefree
genie on I Dream of Jeannie, who endured the heartache
of two divorces, loss of her second child, and a son
with a drug problem. Features "Jeannie" clips, rare
screen tests, and comments from co-star Bill Daily,
Loni Anderson, son Matthew Ansara, and husband Jon

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - 'Til Death Do Us Part.
Jordan (Jill Hennessy) meets a former boyfriend who's
now a Catholic priest and presses him to break his vow
of secrecy and reveal what he knows about the death of
a woman. Meanwhile, Garret investigates a widow who
has suspiciously lost five husbands in just over a
decade. With Miguel Ferrer, Jerry O'Connell, and guest
star Anthony De Santis.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - Silence in the Grove/Show
In Miami's Coconut Grove, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his
team try to solve a near-impossible case of four men
shot while sitting in their car. The shooting left an
innocent passenger dead...but the three survivors
refuse to name names. And when Det. Emiliano Tamayo
and his rookie partner Det. Kevin Ruggerio find a
local celebrity murdered in his apartment, they
realize the key to the case is the victim's cellphone
missing from the scene. As they work the murder around
the clock, Ruggerio learns he must make a personal
sacrifice to solve the case.

9-9:30pm -- Family Plots - Parentless. 
Funeral Director David Moravee helps a family plan the
funeral of their much loved father to be buried next
to their late mother. As the gang at the mortuary all
contemplate losing their own parents, David, whose
mother's birthday is upcoming, realizes that he's
never told her how much she means to him. Meanwhile,
Chuck takes the hearse for a ride, leaving John and
David stranded on their way to a funeral. 

9:30-10pm -- Family Plots - For Funerals and a
A couple who met in grief counseling after losing
their spouses writes in to ask if they can be married
at the mortuary! Despite their own cynicism towards
marriage the gang agrees, hoping to lighten things up
around the place. Rick will perform the ceremony,
Chuck will give the bride away, and the girls will all
be bridesmaids. But, as the big day approaches,
everyone's on edge because Rick will have to deal with
ex-fiancée Missy at the ceremony. Will celebrating the
new love of others help bring the love back to the

10-11pm -- Intervention - Renee and Peter (#7).
The stories of two people who need the intervention of
family and friends to save them from their addictions.
Renee's eating disorder has become so dangerous that
it is threatening her health, marriage, finances, and
even the custody of her two small children. And Peter
is so addicted to video games that he identifies
himself as the characters in the games he plays and
refers to other characters as people he hangs out


Monday, May 2, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Mark of Cain/Death on
the Freeway.
A man in Florida is reported missing and his roommate
at the time, who tried to take over his business, is
the main suspect. But he has an alibi. Then, at first
it looks like L.A.P.D. Sgt. George Arthur died in a
car crash. But two days later, four bullets are found
in his skull. After 15 years, detectives track down
the killer.

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - Takes Two To Tango.
The problems of an odd couple of men, aged 70 and 90,
distract their fellow passengers; a man whose life was
saved by flight attendant Caroline Livingston returns
with his wife to express his thanks; a drunken
passenger passes out at the gate; and comedian Brian
Shiel tries out his humor on Southwest staffer Erlene,
who proves good at comedy comebacks.

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - The Sky's the Limit.
A flight instructor who's supposed to take two
youngsters to Sacramento is delayed at security and
the kids leave without him; a man may miss the wake
for his first love because he's been drowning his
sorrows at the bar; a confused grandmother insists
she's on her way to Berlin and refuses to board her
flight to Jackson; and a mother and daughter have
problems at LAX when the daughter loses her ticket and
the mother loses the daughter.

9-10pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - Over the Edge.
Robbie prepares for one of the biggest jumps of his
life - leaping over seven airplanes on the flight deck
of the USS Intrepid. But Robbie's stuck with rookie
crewmembers who spend their nights going out on the
town in New York and show up for work hung over. While
they foul up, Robbie worries about slamming into a
wing or careening off the edge of the ship and
plummeting 80 feet into New York Harbor.

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - Kaptain Undependable.
It's the last jump of the season and things are
boiling over. Robbie's jumping in Tucson over a bunch
of RV's, but the town is home to a known Knievel
saboteur and Master Gates has to beef up security.
Meanwhile, Robbie skips out on a radio show and the
radio guys bad-mouth him. And when Robbie is late for
a big promotional Harley ride, hundreds of Harley
riders leave without him seeing him. The event
coordinator dubs Robbie "Kaptain Undependable."


Tuesday, May 3, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Payback for a Bully
At age 20, Bobby Kent appeared to have everything
going for him: popular, athletic and a good student,
he took a job out of high school and was trying to
start his own business. But things were not all they
appear beneath the clean-cut, all-American veneer. On
one hot July night, Bobby headed out with Marty and
six friends, never to return. What happened later was
no mystery as all seven, including Marty and Bobby's
ex-girlfriend, confessed to his murder, claiming that
Bobby was a ruthless bully who could not be stopped
any other way. The jury disagreed and found all seven
guilty of first or second degree murder. Gripping
interviews with prosecution and defense attorneys and
Bobby’s ex-girlfriend take a closer look at this
headline case.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Weepy-Voiced
Killer/The"Mr. Big" Sting.
A prostitute who fights off a screwdriver-wielding man
helps police track down a serial killer; and
undercover agents acting as mobsters conduct an
elaborate sting operation to solve a murder case that
had gone cold for years.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Hide and Seek.
Dog has a big problem. Patty Estabilio has jumped a
$15,000 bail bond and disappeared into Hawaii's
underworld. Kissing the kids good night, Dog and Beth,
with Tim and Leland at their side, plunge into a
drug-infused netherworld where the snitches are
unreliable, the streets violent, and everyone has
something to hide. They halt their hunt for Patty in
lieu of an adrenaline-filled daylight raid to capture
Michael Blanco, but a hot tip sends the crew back out
for another late night searching for Patty.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Hide and Seek,
Part 2.
Two weeks in pursuit of fugitive Patty Estabilio has
placed her in the pantheon of Dog Chapman's most
persistent prey. A slew of near misses, bad tips, and
long nights spent staking out "ice" dens is taking its
toll on Dog's team. But Dog is keeping up appearances
with his daily vacuuming at the house, while Beth
makes an emergency visit to the nail salon to have a
broken nail repaired.

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - The Kaptain Goes
The Knievel crew nearly wears out their welcome in New
Mexico by partying way too loud into the night. But
come jump day, the highway spills over with people and
drivers trying to make their way to the event.
Robbie's going to try to leap over 17 Kenworth trucks
at the Sky City truck stop casino, but it's going to
be a dangerous jump because Robbie's bike is banged


Wednesday, May 4, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Shattered Innocence: The
Fells Acres Abuse Case.
The case of Gerald, Violet, and Cheryl Amirault, who
were found guilty of child abuse at the Fells Acres
day care center in Malden, Massachusetts. Forty-one
children made allegations against the Amiraults--but
were the children coerced into their statements?
Cheryl and Gerald Amirault tell their side of the
story on camera, along with two parents and a teacher
who disagree about the Amiraults' guilt.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Blood Relations.
An auto parts salesman is the lead suspect in the
brutal murders of two Texas sisters who were
bludgeoned to death so badly that at first, police
thought they had been shot.

9-10pm -- JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation - 
Puts the JonBenet Ramsey murder case under the
microscope to discover how it was irreversibly damaged
and who is really to blame for failing to bring the
murderer to justice. The lead FBI agent on the murder
scene talks about the mistakes that were made, and
John and Patsy Ramsey answer our tough questions about
why they weren't more cooperative during the

10-11pm -- Kingdom of Heaven - 
The newest epic from director Ridley Scott, Kingdom of
Heaven stars Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson
and Ed Norton. It tells the story of the fight between
Christians and Muslims over Jerusalem in the Crusade
of the 12th Century. Based on real characters from the
time, including Balian of Ibelin (Bloom), a Crusade
Knight who led the defense of Jerusalem in 1187, as
well as the Muslim leader Saladin (Ghassan Massoud)
who defeated him. This episode of MovieReal will
explore the true story as it interweaves with the
film, including interviews with key players on both
sides of the camera.


Thursday, May 5, 2005

8-9am -- BIOGRAPHY® - The Love Boat.
A look back at the series the critics claimed would
"sink like the Titanic," but which sailed on for nine
years with its Aaron Spelling formula of bikinis,
blondes, celebrity guests, and lovable stars. Features
interviews with Gavin MacLeod ("Captain Stubing"),
Fred Grandy ("Gopher"), Bernie Kopell ("Doc"), Ted
Lange ("Isaac"), and Jill Whelan ("Vicki").
Repeated in 6 hours

9-10am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Happy Days.
A nostalgic look back at the TV series from its
conception to its years as one of America's favorite
sitcoms. Includes clips from the most unforgettable
episodes and interviews with cast members Ron Howard
("Richie"), Henry Winkler ("Fonzie"), Marion Ross
("Mrs. C"), Tom Bosley ("Mr. C"), Erin Moran
("Joanie"), Anson Williams ("Potsie"), Don Most
("Ralph Malph"), and Scott Baio ("Chachi").
Repeated in 6 hours

10-11am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Laverne & Shirley.
Go behind the scenes to learn the inside story of how
the popular 1970s sitcom stayed on top of the ratings
despite tensions on the set and reports of jealousy
between co-stars Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall.
Includes interviews with Williams and Marshall and
Michael McKean ("Lenny"), David Lander ("Squiggy"),
and Eddie Mekka ("Carmine").
Repeated in 6 hours

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Mistaken Identity 
In the spring of 1997, 16-year-old Terence Garner was
arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted
murder. With no physical evidence linking him to the
crime, the North Carolina teen was convicted on the
basis of eyewitness testimony. Just days after the
conviction, a person with the similar sounding name of
Terrance confessed to the crime. AMERICAN JUSTICE:
MISTAKEN IDENTITY reports that the ordeal began when
three men robbed a finance company in North Carolina.
An employee was shot, but survived and testified that
Garner was the gunman. The other two men arrested,
Keith Riddick and Kendrick Henderson, told vastly
different stories. Riddick, in exchange for a reduced
sentence, testified that Terence Garner was the
shooter. Henderson, for the defense, said the shooter
was Riddick’s cousin, Terrance. But Garner was found
guilty and sentenced to 32 years. After the trial,
Terrance confessed the crime to a detective, but then
recanted, setting in motion events that reveal
disturbing questions about eyewitness testimony.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Lady in the Box & In the
Care of a Killer/Deadly Lies.
The murder of an Ohio woman in 1974 is solved more
than 20 years later after police get a crucial
clue--the woman's husband was seen building a
coffin-shaped box about the time the woman
disappeared. Also, the suspicious death of 2-year-old
Billy Blankenship is solved when police force his
babysitter to re-enact the circumstances of his death.
Then, a murder case is solved when the dead man's body
is accidentally found by divers searching underwater
for an antique car. (2-hour version.)

10-11pm -- The First 48 - On Ice/Body in the Canal.
The brutal murder of a young worker at a Phoenix ice
rink turns into a cat-and-mouse game as Detective
Steve Orona and Detective Alex Femenia track a cunning
killer. And when a body is found floating in the
Arizona canal, Detective Tommy Kulesa and Detective
Paul Dalton must solve a double mystery--who's the
victim and who's the killer? Our cameras were with the
detectives of Phoenix's expert homicide team from the
first moments of their investigations to their
dramatic and stunning resolutions.


Friday, May 6, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Cop Killers.
Looks at some of the most notorious cases of police
killings in recent times, including the murder of
Texas State Trooper Bill Davidson by Ronald Ray
Howard, who claimed gangster rap music encouraged him
to shoot the officer, and the execution of rookie cop
Eddie Bryne by members of a drug gang, while he sat in
his patrol car guarding the home of a drug witness in
Queens, New York.

8-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Celine Dion.
She began life in humble circumstances, but now she's
got her own line of perfumes. Celine Dion soared to
stardom with her blockbuster hit, "My Heart Will Go
On" from the movie Titanic, and her popularity has
continued to grow ever since. This portrait features
an exclusive interview with Celine plus a
behind-the-scenes look at her Las Vegas show where she
performs in a 4,000-seat theater designed especially
for her. Other interviewees include husband Rene
Angelil, Jay Leno, Tommy Mattola, Randy Jackson,
Carole King and David Foster. 

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Brooke Shields.
This portrait of the beautiful actress who has gone
from teen sex symbol to respected TV and Broadway
performer follows her often controversial career.
Encouraged by her stage mother, 12-year-old Shields
shocked audiences in Pretty Baby when she kissed a
28-year-old actor. She went on to make a risqué Calvin
Klein jeans commercial, the racy movie The Blue
Lagoon, and date Michael Jackson. But she also won
respect as a student at Princeton as well as kudos for
her performances in Cabaret and Wonderful Town.
Includes an interview with Brooke herself.


Saturday, May 7, 2005

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Boise, ID: Last Dance.
The center of Idaho's potato empire, there's nothing
bland about this Northwestern town. Spud money has
given Boise a sprinkling of big-city sophistication
and a dollop of crime. Like in 1995, when Boise got
caught up in a mystery worthy of New York City and was
shocked when a billionaire art patron was implicated
in murder. But when the townsfolk took a closer look,
they discovered a twisted tale involving a Russian
ballet dancer and rumors of KGB involvement.

8-9pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Paducah: Cruel Summer.
A Kentucky river town is shocked when the owner of a
popular restaurant is bludgeoned to death with an
antique pancake syrup bottle and her husband is
charged with conspiring to murder her. Narrated by
Paul Winfield.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Original Nightstalker
& The Southside Rapist.
In the 1980s, a serial killer prowled the posh streets
of Orange County. Police were unaware of the serial
attacks until 1996, when DNA revealed the killer's
secret and they linked four murders to a single DNA
profile. Detectives uncovered three more crimes
attributed to the man dubbed "The Original Night
Stalker" before learning he had an earlier career as a
serial rapist! Watch as cold case detectives compare
the attacker's DNA with nearly every convicted violent
offender in California. Then, a series of brutal rapes
goes unsolved for many years until a fluke audit of a
license plate number leads to the culprit. (2-hour


Sunday, May 8, 2005

10-11am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Bio '78.
A review of the landmark events of 1978. Pope John
Paul II assumed the seat in Rome; President Jimmy
Carter brought Israel and Egypt to the peace table;
"birth" of the first test-tube baby; Love Canal
emerged as an environmental disaster; and mass suicide
at Jonestown. And there were happier moments--"Animal
House" made us laugh, as did "Three's Company".
Features interviews with Suzanne Somers, the late John
Ritter, Carter speechwriter Hendrik Hertzberg, and
Love Canal activist Lois Gibbs.

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Is That Plutonium in Your
Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
On her first day as pathology resident in the state
coroner's office, Devan Maguire must deal with the
case of a murdered man found with traces of
radioactivity on his body. Back at the morgue, Macy is
visited by an FBI agent who seems more interested in
keeping a dangerous secret about missing plutonium
than protecting the City of Boston. Stars Jill
Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Jennifer Finnigan, Kathryn
Hahn, and guest stars Cyd Strittmatter and David

8-9pm -- The First 48 - Double Murder on Haskell/Back
Alley Revenge.
When a couple is found shot to death, Kansas City
investigators track down two suspects and must
convince one of them to give up the other--his own
father; and detectives must rely on inhabitants of a
drug-ridden area to help solve a murder, hoping that
the word on the street will crack the case. Join our
detective teams as they race the clock in The First

9-9:30pm -- Family Plots - The Web We Weave.
The gang brings in a woman to set up the mortuary's
first website, to attract new business. She gets to
know each of them personally as they help a family
deal with the death of their beloved father. While she
may have eyes for Rick, It's Chuck who really wants to
make an impression on her.

9:30-10pm -- Family Plots - Cleaning House.
Recently separated from his wife and living on his
own, funeral director John Greeney has a lot on his
mind. Now he must handle the arrangements for a
family's much beloved father on the anniversary of his
own father's early demise. The love shown by the
deceased's family makes him reflect on his dad and his
new solo life away from his children. Meanwhile,
Shonna and Emily have their own plans to help him get
back on track. They think adding a woman's touch will
spruce up his new bachelor pad.

10-11pm -- Intervention - Tina (#8).
Once a valedictorian, Tina is now a real-life
desperate housewife. This mother of a three-year-old
spends her days gambling her house and car payments
while stoned on prescription pills. With most of her
jewelry in pawn shops, and forced to take paycheck
advances, Tina now writes insurance policies from home
and spends her days at horse tracks and in Bingo
halls. With her marriage, health and finances in
complete crisis her husband Harley says that "this
show may be the only thing left that can save our


Monday, May 9, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Terror in
Telluride/Signature of a Killer.
A tipster's phone call helps solve the murder of the
heir to the U-Haul company fortune, and a grisly
murder case is solved two decades later with the use
of new fingerprint technology.

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - #47.
In this high-flying series, we provide viewers with
complete access to the inner workings and emotional
stories behind Southwest Airlines--from individual
passenger's tales and dramatic reunions to action at
the counter between passengers and employees. Our
"cast" of characters includes the personnel who create
a minor miracle every day by getting the airline
airborne in this series that reflects our love-hate
relationship with flying.

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - #48.
In this high-flying series, we provide viewers with
complete access to the inner workings and emotional
stories behind Southwest Airlines--from individual
passenger's tales and dramatic reunions to action at
the counter between passengers and employees. Our
"cast" of characters includes the personnel who create
a minor miracle every day by getting the airline
airborne in this series that reflects our love-hate
relationship with flying.

9-9:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Birthday Party Poopers.

Victoria's birthday has arrived, and John, Carmine and
Frankie plan a belated surprise party. The boys feud
with Victoria's publicist about whether or not Luigi
will jump out of a cake. Meanwhile, Victoria hires a
new assistant, Jay, who quickly proves incompetent;
and Victoria's friend Robert comes to stay and
immediately begins feuding with Luigi.

9:30-10pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - No Help at All.
Victoria's assistant Jay drives her crazy with his
general incompetence, insolence, and laziness.
Victoria's houseguest Robert helpfully points out all
the ways in which Jay makes her life miserable, and
finally Victoria fires Jay and hires Robert to help
her. At the same time, Luigi's chain-smoking gets out
of control, and Victoria bets him $1000 that he can't
quit smoking for a week. Meanwhile, Carmine gets
ripped off buying an expensive fur coat.

10-10:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Hamptons Come Alive!
Part 1: #12.
Victoria promises the boys that if they behave during
their first week of school, they can embark on an
overnight trip to the Hamptons without her. Under the
supervision of their so-called chaperone
"Quack-Quack", the shenanigans escalate until Frankie
and John get into a knock-down, drag-out fistfight.
Victoria is not pleased.

10:30-11pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Hamptons Come Alive!
Part 2: #13.
One of the boys is injured while riding a motorbike,
but that doesn't keep them from visiting a popular
nightclub as their Hamptons weekend continues. Though
the boys remain uncharacteristically well-behaved,
their chaperone Quack-Quack gets distracted. The next
morning, Quack leaves the boys unattended in order to
drive a girl home, further upsetting Victoria. When
the gang returns to Long Island, Victoria assesses the
damages and confronts Quack about his lack of


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Deadly Force.
A look at the growing problem of out-of-control law
enforcement agents. Features the police bombing of the
MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia, which killed 11,
and the shootings of Randy Weaver's wife and son at
Ruby Ridge. Bill Kurtis hosts.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - A Brother's Burden/The
Midnight Attacker.
A police officer helps solve an 18-year-old murder
case when he finds the prime suspect-his older
brother. And a biker with a bloody finger is the clue
that police need to put away a rapist who assaulted 31
women over six years.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Dog II: Son of
Dog and the team get their man, a fugitive named
Stuart, but only after a brawl. Later, Dog, Beth, and
Tim nab another fugitive, Josephine, after they find
her apparently peddling drugs on the streets of
Chinatown. In jail, Dog tries to talk some sense into
both Stuart and Josephine, but all he can do is hope
they'll see the light.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - The Sweep.
Dog decides to sweep the island clean of as many
fugitives as he can in two days. Raymond, wanted on
drug charges, is an easy grab. Mauro, wanted for
solicitation, is busted. And a Samoan, Siamau, is
convinced to fly back to Hawaii from Los Angeles, and
the team quickly nabs him. 

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - Knievel Inc.
A series of boondoggles leading up to Robbie's jump in
West Virginia proves that the guy needs a reality
check and image makeover. He crashes his Harley before
the jump, and then his crew tears up a golf course and
runs up a $6,000 bar tab. To top that off, Robbie
tells a pregnant reporter that she's huge and that it
would be amazing if he could "jump her."


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Corcoran Eight 
Prison guards and corrections officers have broad
powers to control our most dangerous criminals. But
what happens if guards abuse that power? AMERICAN
JUSTICE: THE CORCORAN EIGHT recalls that in 1994,
whistleblowers at California's Corcoran State Prison
charged that their fellow guards were pitting inmate
against inmate in gladiator-style combat. The
accusations were chilling: prisoners were forced into
deadly fights for the amusement of the guards.
was in the Security Housing Unit for disobedient
inmates that the fights in question broke out. When
inmate Preston Tate was fatally shot by a guard after
fighting with a rival gang member, guards Steve Rigg
and Richard Caruso decided to investigate. They found
that Tate was one of six inmates gunned down as a
result of fistfights in the unit. Rigg and Caruso
compiled evidence that they believed would indicate
that officers staged fights between gang members and
turned this evidence over to the FBI. The FBI then
launched its own investigation. A media frenzy ensued,
and the legal battle that followed resulted in the
indictment of eight correctional officers and a wave
of reform for California correctional facilities.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Who Wants to Kill a
A Las Vegas tale of wealth, buried treasure, drugs,
and sex. It's the story of casino millionaire Lonnie
"Ted" Binion, who was found dead in his home in 1998.
Less than 48 hours later, three men were arrested as
they dug up 46,000 pounds of silver from an
underground vault belonging to Binion. As police
investigated, the murder trail led to Sandy Murphy,
Binion's live-in girlfriend and former topless dancer,
and Rick Tabish, who was Ted's friend and Sandy's

9-10pm -- Stealing Wheels - 
Shocking probe into the $7.5-billion auto theft
industry--a business so big that it would be the 56th
largest U.S. corporation if it were legal. Examines
how auto thieves use chop shops, retagging, and
exportation of stolen cars to keep their business
flourishing, and how manufacturers devise new ways to
foil the thieves.

10-10:30pm -- AIRLINE - That's Entertainment!
Traveling through LAX, famed American Idol loser
William Hung sings his trademark song, She Bangs.
Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines employee Mike Carr has
to track down a missing case that contains costumes
for a Madonna concert the next day. And in Chicago, a
group of rock fans late for their flight try to
persuade gate agents that they're in a rock band in
hopes of getting on the plane.

10:30-11pm -- AIRLINE - Unfit for Travel.
In Baltimore, a grandmother toting a cute pooch tries
to get around Southwest Airlines' no-pet policy. In
Chicago, Supervisor Val must tell a passenger carrying
an icebox full of fresh chickens that she can't put
the poultry on the plane. And at LAX, a passenger is
so desperate to leave Los Angeles that she's turned up
for a flight several days early. When she's told that
she must wait, she disintegrates, leaving Supervisor
Bronwen to try to pick up the pieces.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Dealing with the Devil.
The incredible story of Marion Pruett, a "mad-dog
killer" who went on a murder spree while he was in the
government's witness protection program. This
documentary features footage of Pruett two weeks
before he was executed and interviews with his
victims' relatives and the government official who put
him in the witness protection program.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Murder on the Menu/Crimes
of the KKK.
A boy's toy Batmobile car provides an important clue
for detectives struggling to make a case against a
serial killer who stalks and kills waitresses. Then,
Klan leader Sam Bowers goes on trial for ordering the
murder of an African-American storeowner 32 years
prior, and investigators reopen the unsolved case of
an African-American truck driver who was forced to
leap to his death from a bridge by Klan members.
(2-hour version.)

10-11pm -- The First 48 - Devil's Candy.
Soon after discovering a bullet-ridden body in
Overtown section of Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci learns
the murder may spark a bloody turf war between rival
heroin dealers in the neighborhood. Schillaci
realizes, to prevent further bloodshed, he must
infiltrate the world of heroin dealers and get them to
reveal the killer's identity. But going undercover
means Schillaci must confront his own traumatic past
as a street narcotics cop--when he gunned down a man
during a buy-and-bust operation gone wrong.


Friday, May 13, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - An Execution in Doubt.
A look at the controversial case of Roger Keith
Coleman, who was executed in Virginia in 1992 for the
brutal rape and murder of his sister-in-law. Now, in
an attempt to exonerate him, Coleman's defenders want
to conduct DNA tests, which were still under
development at the time of his execution. Will the
state be willing to put the DNA, and its own legal
system, to the test?

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Peter Boyle.
Portrait of the monk turned actor who's played the
lovable monster in Young Frankenstein, the grumpy
dad on TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond", and the
executioner in "Monster's Ball". Features interviews
with "Monster's" co-star Halle Berry and "Raymond"
co-stars Ray Romano, Doris Roberts, and Brad Garrett.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Ray Romano.
The highest paid actor per episode in TV history is
not Jerry Seinfeld or Jennifer Aniston - it's Ray
Romano, star of Everybody Loves Raymond. Not bad for a
guy who lived in his parent's basement until he was
29. This profile of Romano looks at his slow start in
show business, his sudden rise to the top, and the
uncanny ways that his TV show parallels his real life.
Includes interviews with Romano, members of his
family, Kevin James, and co-stars Patricia Heaton and
Brad Garrett.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Patricia Heaton.
Profile of the Everybody Loves Raymond star who
struggled for years to succeed and nearly quit acting
before getting her big break on TV's thirtysomething.
Includes interviews with Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, and
New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

6-7pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Alfred Kinsey.
Examines the work of the famed scientist who conducted
the first mass survey of human sexual behavior and
made sex acceptable to read and talk about. Alfred
Kinsey's book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,
published in 1948, concluded that the average man
achieved peak virility at age 16 or 17 and steadily
declined thereafter, and that homosexual acts were
much more common than believed. In the early 1950s,
many Americans were frightened that Communism was
subverting the moral fabric of society, and Kinsey's
funding to study perversions was withdrawn.

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Akron: Brother against
The tycoons of the "Rubber Capital of the World" are
shocked when a fellow multi-millionaire is murdered
and the trail leads to a voluptuous go-go dancer, a
hired killer, and the dead man's own family. Narrated
by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Palo Alto, CA: Flesh and
The sophisticated, well-heeled capital of Silicon
Valley is shocked when a popular teacher is murdered
so brutally that her body is nearly unrecognizable.
But the city is in for an even bigger shock when the
trial reveals a dark secret from the dead woman's
politically radical past.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Mommy's Rules & A Sealed
Fate/Deadly Divorce.
A mother is suspected in the murders of two of her
daughters, when her third daughter finally convinces
police to reopen the two cold cases. Then, a
murderer's saliva, found on envelopes that he sealed,
helps seal his doom 37 years after his first killing.
And Colorado police crack a cold case 24 years later
when they take a DNA sample from the victim's son that
proves his father murdered his mother. (2-hour


Sunday, May 15, 2005

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Dead or Alive.
Macy goes to Mexico to prove that a wealthy man he
investigated five years earlier for rape and murder is
striking again. Back home, Woody works the case and
turns to Jordan to get information from a reluctant
witness. Stars Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Jerry
O'Connell, and guest stars Anthony Starke, Jsu Garcia,
and Sarah Joy Brown.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - A Serial Killer Calls.
Homicide detectives led by Sgt. Doug Niemeier are
drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial
killer who calls 911 to direct them to bodies he's
hidden around Kansas City. Niemeier and his team must
race against time to stop the elusive killer before he
kills again.

9-9:30pm -- Family Plots - Moving On.
Welcome to the Poway Bernardo Mortuary, where a
real-life death experience awaits you. This new
reality series chronicles the intense, peculiar, and
sometimes hilarious days and nights at a busy Southern
California funeral home. You'll meet the three
beautiful Wissmiller sisters, their hot-blooded
father, an exacting boss, and a quirky funeral
director who run the place, along with the steady
stream of corpses and grieving families who come to
the mortuary every day.

9:30-10pm -- Family Plots - House of Pain. 
An emotionally worn Rick hires a "Life Affirmation"
expert to give the staff a seminar on how to improve
their interaction with grieving families and each
other. Reluctantly, the gang is forced to get to know
each other more deeply than ever, and even face their
own mortality. Will things ever be the same again?

10-11pm -- Intervention - Alissa and Brian (#4).
Parents and friends intervene to save Alissa, a
compulsive gambler who has lost more than $30,000 on
25-cent slots. Meanwhile her boyfriend juggles three
jobs just to make ends meet for them. Then we meet
Brian, whose crystal meth habit feeds his sex
addiction and sends him trolling the streets for new
partners every day. 

Monday, May 16, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Diary of a Serial
Arsonist/The Lost Clue.
A highly-regarded California arson investigator is
suspected of setting a series of fires, and a man is
convicted of raping and murdering his 68-year-old
neighbor and stealing her Coke bottle and rare coin

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - A Hard Day's Flight.
There's Beatlemania in Houston when a Fab Four tribute
band can't get on their flight to Harlingen. If they
can't make it, 1,500 fans are going to be
disappointed. And at Venice Beach, the annual grilled
cheese eating competition is about to begin, and
passenger Don is the favorite. Don is to eating what
Tiger Woods is to golf, and he's already the butter
and baked beans champ, but he's going to face a
challenge from slender Sonya.

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - Takes Two To Tango.
The problems of an odd couple of men, aged 70 and 90,
distract their fellow passengers; a man whose life was
saved by flight attendant Caroline Livingston returns
with his wife to express his thanks; a drunken
passenger passes out at the gate; and comedian Brian
Shiel tries out his humor on Southwest staffer Erlene,
who proves good at comedy comebacks.

9-9:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Rap Sheet.
The Gotti clan welcomes a new Gotti to the house: the
rapper Gotti. He's very excited to spend time with the
guys and find out what being a Gotti really means, and
he wants the guys to do a "gangster" rap on his new
mix tape. Things don't go quite as expected,
especially when Gotti has a running feud with John,
and Victoria has a decidedly mixed reaction to the rap

9:30-10pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - The Secret Admirer.
Victoria has a secret admirer who sends flowers and
chocolates, and Robert is intrigued. He tracks down
the admirer, a lounge singer named Gianni Russo.
Robert is impressed enough that he takes Victoria out
to a restaurant where Gianni is singing. Victoria is
charmed by Gianni, but surprised and dismayed to
discover that he's the secret admirer. Meanwhile,
Luigi tries to rid the Gotti property of raccoons.

10-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Traces of Murder/The
Bathtub Killer.
A killer helps convict himself when he boasts about
his crime to prison cellmates; and New Hampshire
investigators probing the murder of a pregnant woman
found raped, strangled, and dumped into her bathtub,
get a new lead when they discover a similar case in


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Disappearance of
Madalyn Murray O'Hair.
The story of how an enterprising reporter, a private
investigator, and federal authorities unraveled the
mystery behind the 1995 disappearance of the founder
of the American Atheist organization, Madalyn Murray
O'Hair, and her son and granddaughter.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Lady Killer/A
Husband's Secret.
The testimony of three prison inmates helps convict a
man who viciously killed a woman out for a bike ride
nearly two decades prior; and a self-admitted sex
addict who strangled his cat is a suspect in the
30-year-old murder of a neighbor.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Bosco the Clown.
Dog and the team get a big surprise after they track
down Bosco, a fugitive who they believe is addicted to
methamphetamines. They discover he's off drugs,
settling into a normal life with a new girlfriend, and
is very friendly. But despite their newfound fondness
for Bosco, business is business, and they hand him
over to the Hawaii police.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Surprise!
Dog and his team are out to revoke bail on Eugene, a
chronic heroin addict. They find him in a squalid
apartment with a huge stockpile of syringes, and they
can see that his physical condition is deteriorating.
Beth tells Eugene about her first husband, whose life
was ruined by heroin, and pleads with Eugene to go to

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - The Jersey Curse.
The launch of Robbie's big summer tour is riddled with
bad omens. He's going to New Jersey to jump over 25
police cars, but because of a previous crash in New
Jersey he's afraid the state is cursed. And his
nostalgic visit to Butte, Montana, where he was born
and raised is ruined when he winds up in a barroom
brawl that leaves his face and ego battered.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Blueprint for a Murder
On the morning of March 3, 1992, an intruder broke
into a Maryland home killing a woman, her crippled
child and his nurse. Authorities arrested the woman's
estranged husband and an accomplice. But while
investigating the crime, police located a how-to
publication containing a virtual blueprint for the
murder. The victims' families were not content to go
after the actual killers, but went after the publisher
of the book. In a landmark decision, the 4th circuit
Virginia Court held that the case had merit to
proceed, despite the clear first amendment issue. A
fascinating review of how the courts are
reinterpreting “words of incitement” under modern
first amendment law.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Blood Brothers: The Derek
and Alex King Case.
The shocking story of how two young boys were led to
kill their father, and the unique way that the State
of Florida delivered justice in the case.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Jeopardy!
Answer: He's the biggest winner in "Jeopardy!"
history. Question: Who is Ken Jennings? We profile
the unassuming software engineer who's made TV history
with his record streak of victories on the game show,
plus look back at other big "Jeopardy!" winners of the
past to find out how fame and fortune changed their

10-12am -- Star Wars: Empire of Dreams - 
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George
Lucas launched the most successful movie franchise
ever created. We look at how the Star Wars trilogy
changed movie-making, catapulted Harrison Ford to
stardom, and made director George Lucas a legend. For
Lucas, what began as a quest for creative freedom
became a philosophy, a cultural phenomenon, and an
empire of dreams. Features film clips, screen tests,
and interviews with Lucas, Ford, Steven Spielberg,
Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher. 


Thursday, May 19, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Dead Woman Walking: The
Karla Faye Tucker Story.
Recalls the controversial life and death of the first
woman executed in Texas since 1863. Karla Faye Tucker
committed a grisly double murder, converted to
Christianity in prison, but was put to death in 1998
despite pleas for mercy from family members of the
victims, Protestant groups, and even the Pope.

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Vintage Murder/Trouble in
Paradise & The Widow and the Wolf/Unicorns &
Police doggedly reopen a rape-murder case 25 years
after the crime and find enough DNA evidence on the
suspect's cigarette butts to bring him to justice. And
a confession made to a "Baywatch" TV star helps police
solve the three-year-old riddle of a wealthy Newport
Beach woman's murder. Then, after the murder of her
aunt goes cold, a woman helps launch an advocate group
that brings awareness to cases that have gone
unsolved. And police solve a young girl's rape and
murder when the car where her body was discovered acts
like a refrigerator, preserving half of her body and
allowing authorities to recover incriminating DNA from
semen in her body. (2-hour version.)

10-11pm -- The First 48 - Fire in the Rain/Family
When a partially torched body of a prostitute is
discovered, police must work quickly to determine the
Jane Doe's identity. And Sergeant Joann Kinney races
against time to find two shooting victims who may
still be alive. For homicide detectives, the clock
starts ticking the moment they are called. Their
chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don't
get a lead in The First 48. Follow detectives during
these critical hours as they race against time to find
the suspect.


Friday, May 20, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Cruel and Unusual
The Eight Amendment protects citizens from the
infliction of cruel and unusual punishment. Here is a
look at some notorious cases where prisoners were
subject to conduct that ranged from bizarre to
barbaric. Included are Henry Young, who was kept in
the "Dark Hole" of Alcatraz; Tommy Ortiz, who was
beaten by prison guards wearing lead-filled gloves;
and John Evans, whose body was charred in the electric

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Brad Pitt.
He epitomizes the talent, charisma and heartthrob good
looks that make someone a superstar. From his humble
birthplace in Oklahoma to high school acting gigs at
Kickapoo High in Missouri, Brad Pitt has traveled the
all-American road to Hollywood. He got his first big
notices in Thelma and Louise and went on to
mega-stardom in: A River Runs Through It, Interview
with a Vampire, Seven, Twelve Monkey's, Seven Years in
Tibet, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club, Spy Game and Oceans
Eleven. This special will feature interviews with
Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, and George Clooney.

9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Johnny Depp.
Chronicles the life of the eccentric, sensual,
uncompromising, and media-shy star of Pirates of the
Caribbean. Johnny Depp rebelled against his early
image as a Hollywood hunk, opting to play complex
characters in such movies as Edward Scissorhands and
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?. Along the way, he
romanced actress Winona Ryder and model Kate Moss
before wedding French singing sensation Vanessa

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Sandra Bullock.
The career of the A-list actress who's made it to the
top with a rare combination of down-to-earth charm,
unassuming beauty, and a disdain for living in
Hollywood. The daughter of a vocal coach and an opera
singer, Bullock soared to stardom in Speed, and after
a few box office bombs scored again with Miss
Congeniality. Bullock has moved to Texas to avoid the
Hollywood media glare, but the savvy, family-oriented
Bullock is still one of the most powerful players in


Saturday, May 21, 2005

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Carthage: Frozen Assets.
A friendly Texas town is stunned when one of its most
popular citizens is accused of murdering a wealthy
widower. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Merion, PA: Recipe for
A centuries-old inn that once hosted George Washington
and Ben Franklin becomes the site of a shocking crime
when world-class chef Jim Webb is murdered and fellow
chef Guy Sileo becomes the chief suspect.

9-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Cop Killer/Evil Twin &
The Zodiac Killer.
After 46 years, LA homicide detectives take a Lover's
Lane bandit who also gunned down two police officers
into custody. Then, DNA testing helps lead police in
Florida to a suspected killer, however the killer has
an identical twin. Who is the real killer? And, with
access to the San Francisco Police Department's work,
including saliva samples taken from letters the
infamous Zodiac Killer sent 30 year ago, we reevaluate
the case of the serial killer who began terrorizing
California in the late 1960s--one of the first to
taunt police by sending clues to the media. (2-hour


Sunday, May 22, 2005

7-8pm -- Crossing Jordan - Second Chances.
Woody and Devan make a shocking discovery when they
notify a woman that the remains of her baby, missing
for nearly 20 years, have been found. Meanwhile, Macy
and Jordan must determine if the death of a woman who
fell down a flight of stairs was really murder. Stars
Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Jerry O'Connell,
Jennifer Finnigan, and guest star Pamala Tyson. 

8-9pm -- The First 48 - Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue.
In Kansas City, KS, Capt. John Cosgrove and his team
of homicide detectives must track down a man suspected
of beating his best friend to death with a cinder
block--before he can flee the country; Dets. Greg
Lawson and Mike York are hot on the trail of their
murder suspect they know only as "Teeth." 

9-9:30pm -- Family Plots - In Memoriam.
When A young couple loses their 3 month old son, it's
new arranger Matt's job to help them and his first
time handling a baby case. Though John, who lost his
own baby boy, lends a hand, he must do so while trying
not to relive his own tragedy. Everyone at the
mortuary is touched by the family's loss as Shonna
works to prepare the child for the viewing where his
parents will see him for the last time.

9:30-10pm -- Family Plots - Sink or Swim.
It's boss Rick's birthday - a time for him to ponder
love and life. To celebrate he's invited everyone
(except ex-fiancée Melissa) to a swim party, but only
Chuck wants to wear a bathing suit. While a big fight
between Chuck and Emily threatens to dominate the
party, Rick can't shake off the ghosts of his own
recent losses.

10-11pm -- Intervention - Travis and Matt (#6).
An addiction to crystal meth threatens the life of
Travis, a former rock 'n' roll star. Can his
girlfriend and family get him into treatment before
it's too late? And Matt, who comes from an
upper-middle class home, is addicted to crack-cocaine
and has stolen from his family and friends to support
his habit. Desperate, his parents turn to an
interventionist to save Matt from himself.


Monday, May 23, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Killer on the Strip/The
Doll Murder.
In Palm Beach, a determined cop solves the murder of
prostitute Lucy Pate five years later, when he
connects Lucy's case with another case that was
overlooked at the time. The prostitute who survived
agreed to help and identified her attacker. In 1989,
socialite Susan Doll was found beaten, raped, and
strangled in Colorado. Investigators extracted DNA
from a semen stain, but had no suspect to match it
against--until 1995 when a local landlord found 25
pairs of panties stuffed into a furnace.

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - April Fool.
At LAX, actor Ricky Smiley tries to fool the airline
with a fake sight impairment to get priority boarding.
At Midway, passenger Paul insists his wife should be
allowed to pre-board because people are always
stepping on her. The reason? She's invisible! And in
Houston, Joe is waiting for a woman he's been
romancing online. But the flight's landed and there's
no sign of her. Could he be the victim of an April
fool prank?

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - The Sky's the Limit.
A flight instructor who's supposed to take two
youngsters to Sacramento is delayed at security and
the kids leave without him; a man may miss the wake
for his first love because he's been drowning his
sorrows at the bar; a confused grandmother insists
she's on her way to Berlin and refuses to board her
flight to Jackson; and a mother and daughter have
problems at LAX when the daughter loses her ticket and
the mother loses the daughter.

9-9:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Knockout Performance.
With Uncle Pete's encouragement, John decides to take
up boxing. Victoria is concerned about John getting
hurt, but he's determined. Meanwhile Victoria risks
bruising her ego as she decides to audition for a role
in an Off-Broadway show.

9:30-10pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - The Getaway.
Victoria needs a vacation and decides to head to Aspen
to ski and meet men. When she arrives, she discovers
that it's Gay Ski Week--perfect for Robert, not so
perfect for her. Meanwhile, the boys want new jewelry,
but are having trouble getting exactly what they want.

10-10:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Dates with Destiny.
Victoria's still in Aspen, determined to have a good
time even though it's Gay Ski Week. When she
unexpectedly meets a handsome, single straight man,
will romance bloom in the frosty air? Back in Long
Island, Luigi romances Tracy, a young woman who's
supposed to be keeping an eye on the Gotti boys.

10:30-11pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Guys and Dolls. 
The boys challenge Uncle Peter and his friends to a
full-out tackle football game. Meanwhile, Victoria
meets with a woman who wants to make a "Victoria


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death Row Women.
Bill Kurtis takes viewers inside America's prisons for
a rare look at mothers and grandmothers awaiting
execution on death row. 

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Well/The Deadly Ex.
A pawned gun and a stolen pick-up truck are the clues
that investigators need to solve an elderly man's
murder. And a tip from a prison informant cracks open
the 15-year-old case of a man who had his ex-wife
killed so he could cash in her life insurance policy.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - You Can't Go Home
Back in Denver Dog discovers that recapturing the past
can be more difficult then tracking down felons. On a
day of more misses then hits in their fugitive
hunting, Dog and Beth repeatedly collide with
reminders of their early days. A trip to a house built
by his grandfather, and where Dog raised Leland, moves
Dog to tears. Wandering through the abandoned and
rundown homestead that once boasted "the greenest
grass in town," the skies blacken, a tornado alarm
sounds, and Dog touched by the sublime tearfully
recalls the words his father said to him as he lay

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - A Family Feud. 
Working for a bondswoman friend, Mary Ellen, Dog and
his team hunt Chris, a fugitive wanted on drug
charges. Dog turns over every rock, but to no avail.
In the end Mary Ellen decides to revoke the bonds she
holds on Chris's mother and stepfather because they've
violated the conditions of their own bonds and have
been threatening her. Dog takes the two to jail after
an intense bust.

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - Over the Edge.
Robbie prepares for one of the biggest jumps of his
life - leaping over seven airplanes on the flight deck
of the USS Intrepid. But Robbie's stuck with rookie
crewmembers who spend their nights going out on the
town in New York and show up for work hung over. While
they foul up, Robbie worries about slamming into a
wing or careening off the edge of the ship and
plummeting 80 feet into New York Harbor.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - A Woman Scorned: The
Betty Broderick Story
While divorce claims nearly half of all marriages
today, reaching an amicable settlement is not nearly
as common. Take the case of Dan and Elisabeth "Betty"
Broderick. Betty thought she had the perfect marriage
until she discovered that her husband was having an
affair. Then when he won custody of their children and
later remarried, it was more than Betty could bear. On
November 5, 1989, she murdered her ex-husband and his
new wife. Hear family, friends and lawyers from both
sides discuss this headline-grabbing case of jealousy,
rage and divisive justice. 

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - What Happened to Carrie
A look at the strange case of Carrie Culberson, a
former cheerleader who vanished in 1996 from
Blanchester, Ohio. Her boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was
convicted of murdering her, and his father and police
chief were accused of covering up the crime. The town
remains divided as the Culberson and Doan families
continue to search for the truth - and for Carrie.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Perfect Murder/Death
of the Innocents.
It takes nine years and the work of cutting-edge
forensic toxicologists to solve the murder of a
medical examiner's wife. Then, a determined Alabama
sheriff reopens the case of the deaths of two babies,
hoping to get their mother to confess.

10-11pm -- The First 48 - Desert Bones/Party's Over.
Detectives Dillian and Jewell join forensic
anthropologist Laura Fulginiti to determine the
identity of a female skeleton found in the desert. And
the shooting of a teenager at a high-school party puts
Detectives Rodriguez and Kulesa on the trail of a
shooter wearing a ski mask.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Bad Medicine.
In August of 1966, Britain was shocked to hear that
three policeman were gunned down in West London after
stopping a car. Within days, two petty criminals, John
Duddy and John Witney had been arrested. The third,
Harry Roberts, evaded capture for another three
months, after one of the largest manhunts in British

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Unluckiest Man/The
Deadly Triangle.
Fire investigator Jack Malooly helps crack the case of
an arsonist and killer who set a series of fires to
collect insurance money; and a prison inmate tells a
homicide detective that he can't help him with his
current murder investigation, but knows plenty about
another murder that took place in California 15 years

9-11pm -- Bearing Witness - 
Riveting documentary about five women reporters who
have risked their lives to report the war in Iraq. The
five are Molly Bingham, who was sent to Abu Ghraib
prison during Saddam Hussein's regime; Mary Rogers,
who was nearly killed while working in Sierra Leone;
Marie Colvin, who was blinded in one eye while on
assignment in Sri Lanka; May Ying Welsh, an American
who works for Al Jazeera; and Janine DiGiovanni, who
covered dangerous stories while pregnant.


Friday, May 27, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death Row Prostitute:
Aileen Wuornos.
A look at the violent story of "highway hooker" Aileen
Wuornos, who was convicted of killing seven men after
her lesbian lover became the star witness for the
prosecution. Wuornos was executed in 2002.

8-12am -- Wyatt Earp - 
(movie) Chronicles the life of Wyatt Earp and how he
became a law enforcement legend of the Wild West.
Beginning in 1881 Tombstone, the film backtracks 17
years to a Midwestern cornfield where a young Wyatt
considers running away from home to join his older
brothers in the Union army. From there, the film
follows Earp's experiences through 35 years of his
life, including his tragic marriage and experiences as
a lawman, and occasional vigilante, in Dodge City and
Tombstone. Kevin Costner heads the cast with Dennis
Quaid, Gene Hackman, Annabeth Gish, Mark Harmon,
Michael Madsen, Bill Pullman, Joanna Going, Jeff
Fahey, Tom Sizemore, JoBeth Williams, Mare Winningham,
Catherine O'Hara, and Isabella Rossellini. Director:
Lawrence Kasdan. (1994)


Saturday, May 28, 2005

5:30-8pm -- No Way Out - 
(movie) Great thriller about a U.S. Secretary of
Defense trying to cover up the murder of his
girlfriend. Gene Hackman plays the bigwig, Sean Young
plays his sexy, but doomed, gal pal, and Kevin Costner
is the CIA man who gets mixed up in it all. (1987)

8-11pm -- Windtalkers - 
(movie) World War II drama about Navajo Indians trained
to use their native language as code to help U. S.
Marines battling the Japanese in the Pacific. Nicolas
Cage plays a Marine with difficult orders: Protect the
life of one of the Navajos, but kill him if he's about
to be captured to protect the code. With Adam Beach,
Christian Slater, and Noah Emmerich. (2002)


Sunday, May 29, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Sex, Lies and Murder.
Police in Overland Park, Kansas, hunt for over 15
years for a serial killer who lures women to Kansas
for sadomasochistic sexual trysts at hotels. With
unprecedented access to surveillance photos and video
from the investigation, we go inside the probe,
highlighting the pressures the small-town
investigators faced while searching for the
cold-blooded killer.

8-8:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Baby's Back in
Dog tries to nab a fugitive named Wayne by tricking
him. Dog calls Wayne to tell him that he's won a new
vacuum cleaner and he should stick around to get it.
Dog then sends his daughter, Lyssa, to "deliver" the
vacuum cleaner and lure Wayne out of his house. But
when Lyssa arrives, Wayne is gone, and with the sun
setting, the chances of nabbing the fugitive suddenly
don't look very good.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Surprise!
Dog and his team are out to revoke bail on Eugene, a
chronic heroin addict. They find him in a squalid
apartment with a huge stockpile of syringes, and they
can see that his physical condition is deteriorating.
Beth tells Eugene about her first husband, whose life
was ruined by heroin, and pleads with Eugene to go to

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - No Ice in
Dog and his team fight the war on ice - crystal
methamphetamine - on many fronts. They appear on a
special anti-drug float in a parade. Then they go
after bail-jumping Pana, a convicted drug dealer with
a reputation for being a member of the deadly
California gang, the Bloods. They get help from a
woman who has a score to settle with the fugitive, and
she offers to help Dog lay a trap for Pana and spring
it at midnight in Chinatown.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Fathers in Law.
Hunting down a fugitive known as "Bozo," Dog gets help
from an unexpected source - Bozo's father-in-law. When
they find Bozo, he protests his wife-beating charge,
saying he never hit her with his fist, only his open
hand. That's not good enough for Dog, who hauls him
away to the police station with little sympathy.

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Son of Dog.
Dog and the team get their man, a fugitive named
Stuart, but only after a brawl. Later, Dog, Beth, and
Tim nab another fugitive, Josephine, after they find
her apparently peddling drugs on the streets of
Chinatown. In jail, Dog tries to talk some sense into
both Stuart and Josephine, but all he can do is hope
they'll see the light.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Bosco the Clown.
Dog and the team get a big surprise after they track
down Bosco, a fugitive who they believe is addicted to
methamphetamines. They discover he's off drugs,
settling into a normal life with a new girlfriend, and
is very friendly. But despite their newfound fondness
for Bosco, business is business, and they hand him
over to the Hawaii police.


Monday, May 30, 2005

7-8pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Well/The Deadly Ex.
A pawned gun and a stolen pick-up truck are the clues
that investigators need to solve an elderly man's
murder. And a tip from a prison informant cracks open
the 15-year-old case of a man who had his ex-wife
killed so he could cash in her life insurance policy.

8-10pm -- Faith of My Fathers - 
(movie) The harrowing and heroic real-life story of
Sen. John McCain, who endured five years of
confinement and torture as a POW in North Vietnam. The
story chronicles McCain's younger years as a hotshot
Navy pilot and rise to political prominence after the
war, and looks at how his experiences in Vietnam
shaped the man he has become. Based on the book,
"Faith of My Fathers," by McCain and Mark Salter.
Shawn Hatosy and Scott Glen star. (2005)
Repeated @ 10pm & 12am

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Hillside Stranglers.
An examination of the infamous case of serial killers
Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, who murdered 10
young women and girls in Los Angeles in 1977 and 1978.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Déjà Vu /Secret in the
A new fingerprint identification system known as
I-AFIS helps Texas detectives track down a killer
after three years of searching. And a Georgia
investigator gets to the bottom of a 16-year-old
murder case when he discovers where the victim's body
had been hidden -- in the bottom of a well.

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Brother's Keeper.
Leland has a full plate of fugitives in Kona, and the
whole family heads to the Big Island to help. They
capture Clifford, who has a nasty habit of hitting his
wife. On the ride to jail, Dog tries to make Clifford
understand that hitting his wife won't make her love
him. And at the police station, Dog says we are all
our brother's keepers, and we must all try to help
Clifford change.

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Sons and
Dog goes after Virginia, a hard-to-find lawbreaker. He
gets a tip that a pickup truck will be going to
Virginia's house. In true private-eye fashion, the
team tails the truck in two SUVs, regularly switching
the follow car to throw off their scent. The truck
leads them their prey.

10-11pm -- Knievel's Wild Ride - Robbie Jumps China.
Not only does Robbie have to jump, he's got to do it
while taping a commercial. That means Team Knievel is
going to have to get along with a commercial
production crew - oil and water! Meanwhile, Robbie is
in the throws of a wild week. First, he and friends
Roman and Dan "Griz" Haggerty go on a celebrity filled
charity bike ride, then he ends his week with an all
night drinking binge the night before the big jump.
The next morning he's called to a promotional
commitment after little or no sleep. Robbie wakes up
in a tirade and leaves the production crew wondering
if he's going to jump on time.

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