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A&E Listings

Here are listings for A&E Biography (and other prime-time evening programs), and here's a link for A&E Biography videos.
A&E provides listings on the 1st & 16th (times are EST/Pacific Time):

A&E Programming Schedule

Monday-Friday programs are each repeated once, 4 hours later

NOTE: We are listing both EST/Pacific Time and individual television ratings.
All are [TV G] or [PG]unless noted.
[NR] = Not Rated, news-related program.

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

7-7:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Dress to Kill: #10.
As Fashion Week hits New York City, Victoria's
publicist tries to convince the boys to get involved
in a runway show. Carmine ends up being the only one
to walk down the runway, but the results are
explosive: girls go crazy for the Gotti kids as they
attend a street fair in Brooklyn, and the mob scene
escalates to the point where they have to evacuate.
When Victoria wears a skimpy dress on the catwalk, the
boys let her know how they feel about it.

7:30-8pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Upstate Without a
Paddle: #11.
In an attempt to teach her boys discipline and
encourage male bonding, Victoria suggests that her
sons go on a camping trip with their Uncle Pete.
Though the boys dismiss the idea, Uncle Pete
strong-arms them into going with him, while Victoria
takes a jet to LA for an appearance on a soap opera in
the role of a sexy nurse. The boys are immediately out
of their element in the wilderness, but that doesn't
stop Pete from urging them to connect with nature.

8-8:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Meet the Chapmans.
New series focusing on the tumultuous home and
professional life of bounty hunter Dwayne "Dog"
Chapman, and his partner and wife Beth. In the first
episode, Dog and team chase Floyd Chapman (no
relation), a heavily tattooed bail jumper. After the
arrest, Dog, who was once a criminal himself, shares
his own personal story with the captured Floyd to try
and get him back on the right side of the law.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Father and Son. 
In Hawaii, Dog sets off from Honolulu to Kona to help
his son Leland with some of his fugitives. First, a
stop at Leland's boxing gym to warm up for their day
of hunting with a quick sparring session and some
father-and-son time together. 

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - The Competition.
Dog decides to liven things up with a competition. He
and Beth will hunt for one fugitive, while Leland and
Justin chase another. The winner will be the duo that
captures its fugitive first. Will Dog keep bragging
rights as the Best Bounty Hunter in the world, or will
his young apprentices steal the mantle from him? 

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - A Walk on the
Wild Side. 
Chasing a tough guy over several days puts a strain on
the team. The crew must tirelessly search under every
rock in Waikiki's seedy underbelly, looking for some
sign of their tattooed repeat offender, or lose the
$20,000 bail. Dog and the boys finally get their man,
and celebrate with a birthday party for Tim, complete
with juggler.

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunters
Have Hearts, Too.
Once a criminal himself, Dog knows how it feels to be
hunted. In this episode of our series that focuses on
the tumultuous home and professional life of bounty
hunter Dwayne "Dog" Chapman, he and the team delve
into the depths of Honolulu's Chinatown as they search
for a young Samoan girl who's gone down the wrong
path. After a frustrating day of hunting, Dog must
shift gears to fulfill his suburban Dad obligations by
attending his daughter's school play.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Love's Labor's
Lost and Found.
While hunting an elusive deep sea fisherman, Dog is
also trying to plan a great Mother's Day for Beth, but
he's having problems finding the special flowers Beth
wants. Ultimately the fugitive's friend and girlfriend
help Dog and the team with the capture, and then Dog
and Beth get to celebrate together.


Sunday, January 2, 2005

10-11am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Suzanne Somers.
The roller-coaster career of the blonde bombshell who
became a star on Three's Company, was ousted from the
show after a salary dispute, and then reinvented
herself as a fitness guru promoting the "Thighmaster".
Today, Somers, who was once arrested for writing bad
checks, is battling breast cancer. Features interviews
with John Ritter, Barry Manilow, and Merv Griffin.

7-7:30pm -- AIRLINE - In Sickness and in Health.
A 5-year-old boy, who suffers from a rare brain tumor
that causes seizures, is on his way to get an
operation that has seldom been performed. Southwest
Airlines pilot Jon Soerby, whose own son successfully
underwent the same operation, comforts the boy and his
mother. And at BWI (Baltimore/Washington International
Airport), Carol and Gina deal with an emergency when a
mother has a seizure while waiting for her two kids to
come off a flight.

7:30-8pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - It's Good to be
Dog and his team return to their roots, with a visit
to their home town of Denver, Colorado. Dog and Tim
begin the day with an early morning radio show
appearance, and it pays off when a listener calls in
with a tip about one of the fugitives they're hunting.
Learning that he's working at a Taco Bell restaurant,
they head for the drive through window and order one
fugitive to go. 

8-11pm -- Midnight Run (Movie)
Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin shine in this
terrific comedy about a bail bondsman determined to
bring in a sweet-natured accountant who stole money
from the mob and gave it to charity. The two go on an
uproarious cross-country trip, dodging the mob, the
FBI, and each other. With John Ashton and Yaphet
Kotto. (1988)


Monday, January 3, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Dealing with the Devil.
The incredible story of Marion Pruett, a "mad-dog
killer" who went on a murder spree while he was in the
government's witness protection program. This
documentary features footage of Pruett two weeks
before he was executed and interviews with his
victims' relatives and the government official who put
him in the witness protection program.

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - Expect the Unexpected.
A husband plans a big surprise for his wife--he's
taking her to Las Vegas for their 30th
anniversary--but she doesn't know there's some very
special guests waiting onboard to join the
celebration. In Baltimore, the staff finds something
very unusual in a woman's bags. They're filled with
dried fish well past their sell-by date and a few
creepy crawlies are coming along for the ride. In Los
Angeles, Yolanda goes head-to-head with a stand-up
comic. He thinks he's funny. She thinks he's drunk.

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - High and Mighty. 
"America's Strongest Man"--Phil Pfister--who's flying
to the Battle of Muscle Beach in Venice, California,
tries to persuade gate agents to give him a seat with
extra legroom. In Los Angeles, Mike Carr is having a
bad day in baggage. He's got a crate full of giant
clams to deal with, plus a mysterious bottle of
alcohol. And in Baltimore, Chris Marr must deal with a
passenger who refuses to accept that his mixture of
painkillers and alcohol might have made him unable to

9-9:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Oh My Gotti: My Dinner
with Peter.
Victoria and her brother Peter dine in a swanky
Manhattan restaurant and dish about Growing Up Gotti's
first season. They banter about life, Luigi, single
motherhood and raising those Gotti boys. Also includes
highlights from future episodes.

9:30-10pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Loons over Miami: #4.
Victoria gets stressed out over traveling with a huge
group of boys, but the gang arrives in Miami
unscathed. The shenanigans soon fly, however, and
security is called in more than once. Jeff proves to
be an incompetent chaperone and Quack-Quack is a thorn
in everyone's side. Victoria is pushed to the limit
with all the craziness until she turns the tables by
pulling a prank on Quack-Quack, making him believe
that her brother is traveling to Miami to reprimand
him for telling tall tales.

10-11pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Officer Down/Secret
After 23 years, investigators finally track down the
killers of an Atlanta policeman when the ex-wife of
one of the killers phones in a tip; and a mother keeps
the skeletal remains of the 3-year-old daughter she
killed in a footlocker.


Tuesday, January 4, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Happy Face Killer.
Sometimes, people kill or claim the blame for murder
because they want to be famous. We delve into the
psychological motivations of murder and infamy when a
mild-mannered, grey-haired grandmother accuses her
boyfriend of the murder of a woman that he didn't
commit, angering the man really responsible because he
wanted "credit" for his kill. Over the next five
years, the real culprit raped and murdered seven more
women before being caught. His motivation? Notoriety.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Weepy-Voiced
Killer/The"Mr. Big" Sting.
A prostitute who fights off a screwdriver-wielding man
helps police track down a serial killer; and
undercover agents acting as mobsters conduct an
elaborate sting operation to solve a murder case that
had gone cold for years.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Death before "I
Do"/Hollywood Homicide.
Police crack a cold case of murder when a mysterious
woman calls to say that her boyfriend is the killer;
and the murder of a woman in 1998 provides clues to
the 1988 murder of actress Myra Davis, a stand-in for
Janet Leigh in the movie "Psycho".

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Stress
Dog goes after a fugitive named Tracy who lives in a
homeless shelter, but the shelter's staff is
uncooperative, and the two sides get into an angry
confrontation that forces Dog to temporarily back off.
Next, an informant leads the team to Daniel, whose
capture is clean but violent. Stressed out by the job,
Dog and Beth decide to relax with a romantic dinner.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - A Family Feud. 
Working for a bondswoman friend, Mary Ellen, Dog and
his team hunt Chris, a fugitive wanted on drug
charges. Dog turns over every rock, but to no avail.
In the end Mary Ellen decides to revoke the bonds she
holds on Chris's mother and stepfather because they've
violated the conditions of their own bonds and have
been threatening her. Dog takes the two to jail after
an intense bust.


Wednesday, January 5, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - The Rosenbergs.
Story of the "spy trial of the century" that ended in
the 1953 executions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for
passing A-bomb secrets to the Russians. Includes a
report on a mock trial conducted in the 1990s--would a
modern jury find the Rosenbergs guilty?

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - A Murder Before
Plea bargains have become an indispensable component
of the justice system, but in many cases they result
in disproportionately lenient sentencing. The story of
Randy Wood is a case in point. A convicted killer,
Wood was one of three defendants accused of killing
16-year-old cheerleader, Heather Rich. Offered a plea
deal by the district attorney in order to facilitate
the investigation, Wood rejected the arrangement and
insisted on telling what really happened. His decision
cost him years of freedom, but won him the forgiveness
of the victim's family and helped him assuage his
conscience for his role in the crime. Watch candid
interviews and footage and learn why Wood chose the
truth over freedom.

9-10pm -- Keepers: A Job Behind Bars - 
Producers take cameras inside some of America's
toughest prisons to find out what it's like to be a
prison guard, required to do everything from family
counseling to shaking down inmates. 

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Jeopardy!
Answer: He's the biggest winner in "Jeopardy!"
history. Question: Who is Ken Jennings? We profile
the unassuming software engineer who's made TV history
with his record streak of victories on the game show,
plus look back at other big "Jeopardy!" winners of the
past to find out how fame and fortune changed their


Thursday, January 6, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Cruel and Unusual
The Eight Amendment protects citizens from the
infliction of cruel and unusual punishment. Here is a
look at some notorious cases where prisoners were
subject to conduct that ranged from bizarre to
barbaric. Included are Henry Young, who was kept in
the "Dark Hole" of Alcatraz; Tommy Ortiz, who was
beaten by prison guards wearing lead-filled gloves;
and John Evans, whose body was charred in the electric

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Boy and the
Monster/The Secret in the Cellar.
In Wisconsin, the body of a teenaged girl, missing her
hands, is discovered in the woods and a 3-year-old boy
provides police with evidence that sends his father to
prison for murder. Then, investigators doggedly pursue
the killer of a Maine housewife, who mysteriously
disappeared only to show up buried in her own cellar.

9-10:30pm -- The First 48 - A Serial Killer Calls.
Homicide detectives led by Sgt. Doug Niemeier are
drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial
killer who calls 911 to direct them to bodies he's
hidden around Kansas City. Niemeier and his team must
race against time to stop the elusive killer before he
kills again.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - The Sweep.
Dog decides to sweep the island clean of as many
fugitives as he can in two days. Raymond, wanted on
drug charges, is an easy grab. Mauro, wanted for
solicitation, is busted. And a Samoan, Siamau, is
convinced to fly back to Hawaii from Los Angeles, and
the team quickly nabs him. 


Friday, January 7, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Hired Guns.
A look at the murder-for-hire business. This
disturbing episode probes cases of people hiring hit
men to perform contract murders. Includes the case of
a corrupt businessman who had his partner murdered and
a millionaire who arranged to have his wife killed to
avoid splitting his fortune with her in divorce

8-9pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Tom Hanks.
The story of the great actor's extraordinary life and
career, from his dysfunctional childhood through his
early years as a Shakespearean actor and to his
sometimes bumpy road to superstardom. Features
interviews Steven Spielberg, Penny Marshall, and Roger
Early movies included Dragnet (with Dan Aykroyd as Friday)
and A League Of Their Own (with Geena Davis and Madonna)
9-10pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Ben Stiller.
No one expresses embarrassment and humiliation on the
screen better than Ben Stiller. Our profile of the
prolific comic actor looks back at a decade of success
in the movies, including "There's Something about
Mary" and "Permanent Midnight". Features interviews
with wife Christine Taylor (Marcia in "The Brady
Bunch" movie) and parents Jerry Stiller and Anne
Meara, who appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" three
times while pregnant with Ben.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Bernie Mac.
Profile of the hard-working, up-from-poverty comic
who's hit it big with his TV sitcom "The Bernie Mac
Show". Features hilarious clips from his career,
including his HBO special "Midnight Mac" and the TV
series, where Bernie offers his politically incorrect
approach to parenting.


Saturday, January 8, 2005

7-8am -- BIOGRAPHY® - Mata Hari.
The amazing story of the legendary spy accused of
being responsible for the deaths of 50,000 French
troops in World War I. Sentenced to death, but defiant
to the end, Mata faced her firing squad exquisitely

7-8pm -- MI-5 - Pit of Secrets.
Tom calls on Danny and Zoe to help him stop the
assassination of a top British official. Stars Matthew
MacFadyen, Peter Firth, Megan Dodds, David Oyelowo,
and Keeley Hawes.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Friend of the
Family/Remains of Murder.
The killer of an 11-year-old girl is brought to
justice when his ex-girl friend tells police he
confessed the crime to her. And a mysterious set of
bones puts police hot on the trail of a man who killed
a teenaged boy 17 years before.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Operation
Jambalaya/Footprints in the Snow.
A New Orleans police officer goes undercover on a
Baton Rouge riverboat to gain a confession from one of
the ship's maintenance workers who is suspected of
murder. A Wisconsin man, suspected of committing
murder using a nunchukus, a weapon consisting of
handles connected by a chain, goes on trial nearly 10
years after the victim's body was found on Christmas
Eve 1987.

10-11pm -- MI-5 - Project Friendly Fire.
MI-5 faces catastrophe when Tom disappears after being
accused of assassinating the chief of the British
defense staff and shooting his superior, Harry. The
chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee uses the
crisis to take control of Britain's homeland
intelligence service and launches an investigation of
the "rot at the core" of MI-5. Stars Matthew
McFayden, Peter Firth, Keeley Hawes, Rupert
Penry-Jones, and Olga Sosnovska.


Sunday, January 9, 2005

7-7:30pm -- AIRLINE - Rules are Rules.
A passenger at BWI becomes upset when told he must
come off a flight to Florida to accommodate two flight
attendants who have to be in Norfolk ASAP. Meanwhile,
over at Midway, a father is taking his son on a flight
to Indianapolis, but there's a problem. His son has
cerebral palsy and usually takes off in his father's
arms. But Southwest is sticking to policy and since
the child is over two years old, he must sit in his
own seat. Colleen steps in to solve this tricky
situation. At LAX, Yolanda explains to a passenger why
she must confiscate his precious lighter. It has
sentimental value to him, but strict laws put in place
after 9/11 prohibit a lighter onboard. And it's a long
flight for Michael Lindsey and his mother Julie. They
are heading from LAX to BWI for Michael's first day at
the Naval Academy. It's his dream to be a pilot, and
this is the start of his journey. 

7:30-8pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - You Can't Go Home
Back in Denver Dog discovers that recapturing the past
can be more difficult then tracking down felons. On a
day of more misses then hits in their fugitive
hunting, Dog and Beth repeatedly collide with
reminders of their early days. A trip to a house built
by his grandfather, and where Dog raised Leland, moves
Dog to tears. Wandering through the abandoned and
rundown homestead that once boasted "the greenest
grass in town," the skies blacken, a tornado alarm
sounds, and Dog touched by the sublime tearfully
recalls the words his father said to him as he lay

8-11pm -- Scent of a Woman - 
Movie. Al Pacino won his only Oscar for his
unforgettable portrayal of Frank Slade, an irascible,
rambunctious, blind former Army officer who is being
looked after by a college student (Chris O'Donnell)
over the Thanksgiving holiday. The student expects to
have a quiet time, but Slade takes them on a wild ride
through New York City that teaches both of them
valuable lessons. With Gabrielle Anwar. (1992)


Monday, January 10, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Blood Relations.
An auto parts salesman is the lead suspect in the
brutal murders of two Texas sisters who were
bludgeoned to death so badly that at first, police
thought they had been shot.

8-8:30pm -- AIRLINE - Down to the Wire.
Passenger Scott Johnson has a nerve-wracking time
waiting to see if his elderly mother, who needed to
take a bathroom break, will make it to the plane on
time; a family may miss their flight because they left
their tickets on the bus; and police dogs are called
in when a bag is left on the sidewalk and there's no
sign of the owner. In Chicago, Mauro has to deal with
a family moving to Los Angeles. They've arrived at the
airport with 18 boxes, and only 20 minutes to check in
and catch the flight!

8:30-9pm -- AIRLINE - Live and Let Fly.
All good things come to an end--even at Southwest.
It's a special day for a long-serving member of the
airline. Captain "Bubba" Edens is on his last flight
ever as a Southwest pilot, and friends and family are
going along for the ride. At LAX, Susie deals with a
passenger who's got cockroaches in his bag. And at
Midway, passenger Suzanne has flown to the Windy City
for a romantic weekend, but her date is nowhere to be

9-9:30pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Hamptons Come Alive!
Part 1: #12.
Victoria promises the boys that if they behave during
their first week of school, they can embark on an
overnight trip to the Hamptons without her. Under the
supervision of their so-called chaperone
"Quack-Quack", the shenanigans escalate until Frankie
and John get into a knock-down, drag-out fistfight.
Victoria is not pleased.

9:30-10pm -- GROWING UP GOTTI - Hamptons Come Alive!
Part 2: #13.
One of the boys is injured while riding a motorbike,
but that doesn't keep them from visiting a popular
nightclub as their Hamptons weekend continues. Though
the boys remain uncharacteristically well-behaved,
their chaperone Quack-Quack gets distracted. The next
morning, Quack leaves the boys unattended in order to
drive a girl home, further upsetting Victoria. When
the gang returns to Long Island, Victoria assesses the
damages and confronts Quack about his lack of

10-11pm -- Caesars 24/7 - You Win Some, You Lose Some.
An exciting new real-life series that goes behind the
scenes at Caesars Palace, the legendary casino on the
Las Vegas strip. In this premiere episode, security
staff must diffuse a volatile situation when a fight
erupts in the casino between two women in love with
the same man; pit boss Joe Camastro tries to keep a
high-rolling, wannabe pop star happy while she's
dropping tens of thousands of dollars at the roulette
table; a man strikes it rich at the million-dollar
slots only to reveal that he probably won't live long
enough to enjoy his money; and a gigolo scores with a
married woman.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Death Row Radical.
A highly-regarded African-American journalist is
convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer
and sentenced to death. Abu-Jamal, who once supported
the infamous radical group "MOVE", has attracted the
attention of celebrities and scholars who are working
to overturn his conviction.

8-9pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Bump in the Night/Blood on
the Badge.
A young woman who alertly takes down the license plate
number of a car that had been following her for miles
helps investigators solve the murder of another young
woman; and a phone call from a mother accusing a man
of molesting her child gives police the lead they need
to solve the 30-year-old murder of an Atlanta
policeman by a member of the Black Liberation Army.

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The Lady Killer/A
Husband's Secret.
The testimony of three prison inmates helps convict a
man who viciously killed a woman out for a bike ride
nearly two decades prior; and a self-admitted sex
addict who strangled his cat is a suspect in the
30-year-old murder of a neighbor.

10-10:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Where There's
Dog juggles his job and family responsibilities at the
same time. He leads the search for Robert, a low-level
drug dealer who makes money by selling hedge clippings
as marijuana and broken Macadamia nuts as crack. As he
hunts down Robert, Dog gets on the phone to tell Beth
not to spend too much money to furnish Leland's
Honolulu apartment.

10:30-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - Sons and
Dog goes after Virginia, a hard-to-find lawbreaker. He
gets a tip that a pickup truck will be going to
Virginia's house. In true private-eye fashion, the
team tails the truck in two SUVs, regularly switching
the follow car to throw off their scent. The truck
leads them their prey.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Dangerous Medicine.
Conor McInnerney stopped breathing while breastfeeding
and was rushed to the hospital in 1998. Eugene Turner,
a doctor on the case, was charged with murder after a
nurse saw him smother the child. Murder charges were
eventually dropped and Turner was censured by the
State Quality Assurance Commission. Dr. Bruce Rowan,
his colleague in ER that night, was later accused of
murdering his wife and was found not guilty by reason
of insanity when he claimed that Turner's act
triggered a psychotic episode.

8-9pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Thrill Killers.
A young married couple's photographs of their vacation
give police the clues they need to implicate the pair
in the murders of two other Ocean City, Maryland

9-10pm -- Bullied to Death - 
In light of evidence that many kids who commit school
shootings have been victimized by bullies, this
special presentation looks at how young people become
bullies and what adults can do to intervene.

10-11pm -- BIOGRAPHY® - Dorothy Stratten.
Story of the beautiful actress and Playboy playmate
who was shotgunned to death at age 20 by Paul Snider,
her control-freak manager and husband, who then turned
the shotgun on himself. Stratten's incredible story
includes an affair with director Peter Bogdanovich,
who accused Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner of fueling
Snider's rage, and who later married Stratten's
20-year-old sister Louise. Features interviews with
Bogdanovich, Hefner, Louise, Snider's brother Jeff,
and Eric Roberts and Mariel Hemingway, who starred in
the film Star 80, which was based on Stratten's life.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Hiding in Plain Sight:
Tales of a Fugitive
Like many of his generation, Howard Mechanic was
vocally opposed to the Vietnam War. Then in 1970,
based on the testimony of a single witness, Mechanic
was sentenced to five years in prison for detonating
cherry bombs during an anti-war rally, a charge he
denied. When his appeals failed, he jumped bail and
went on the lam. For 28 years, flyers described
Mechanic as "armed and dangerous," but interviews with
the former fugitive reveal that he led a deceptively
normal life under the assumed name of Gary Tredway.
But politics finally did him in: When Mechanic sought
a seat on the Scottsdale City Council, his bogus
identity was exposed nearly three decades later.
Prison interviews with Mechanic, his twin brother,
former college roommate and the reporter who revealed
his true identity chronicle the extraordinary story of
a man who might be the final victim of the Vietnam

8-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - Answer in a Box/Maternal
Instinct & TX Drifter/Fingerprint File/Rose among
Police hunt a killer who posed as a sports
photographer to lure an 11-year-old track star to her
death; and prosecutors say Munchausen Syndrome by
Proxy drove a mother to kill her 5-year-old daughter.
Then, Texas detectives use a DNA databank to nab a
serial sexual stalker; a fingerprint on a beer bottle
leads to an arrest in a 9-year-old murder; and British
detectives travel to America to ask Colt .22 experts
to help solve the murder of a grocery man's wife.
(2-hour version)

10-11pm -- The First 48 - Murder on the
Interstate/House of Santeria.
In Miami, homicide Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his squad
must solve a murder of an innocent college student
during a hectic Memorial Day weekend; and Sgt. Carlos
De Los Santos and his team tackle the murder of a
doctor found hogtied in his house and learn that the
key to the case may lie with the voodoo-like Santeria
shrines found at the crime scene.


Friday, January 14, 2005

7-8pm -- AMERICAN JUSTICE® - Lying Eyes
On a hot July night in 1984, an intruder broke into
Jennifer Thompson's apartment and raped her at
knife-point. Two days later, she identified Ronald
Cotton, a black man with a former attempted rape
conviction, as the assailant. Examine the 11-year
legal odyssey that followed, including two convictions
based on faulty eye-witness testimony by Jennifer
Thompson. Steadfastly maintaining his innocence
throughout, Cotton reported that another inmate
boasted how Cotton was serving his time for the crime.
It was finally DNA sampling that proved beyond a doubt
that Cotton was innocent. Legal experts, scientists
and lawyers discuss how improved forensic testing has
helped ensure that only the guilty pay for their

8-11pm -- Clear and Present Danger - 
Movie. Novelist Tom Clancy's popular CIA operative
Jack Ryan is back in action in this thriller about a
close friend of the U.S. President's who gets involved
with Colombian drug lords and pays for it with his
life. Stars Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, James Earl
Jones, and Willem Dafoe. (1994)


Saturday, January 15, 2005

7-8pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Deadly Games in Little
A college student living in a fantasy world and
obsessed with the game Dungeons and Dragons is charged
with the brutal murder of his stepfather in North
Carolina. Narrated by Paul Winfield.

8-9pm -- CITY CONFIDENTIAL® - Chattanooga: Dangerous
When three visitors to Signal Mountain are murdered in
the woods, suspicion falls on Frank Casteel, who liked
to threaten trespassers with his shotgun. Includes an
interview with Casteel's former mistress, who wore a
wire to gather evidence against him. Paul Winfield

9-10pm -- COLD CASE FILES® - The South Side Rapist.
A series of brutal rapes in St. Louis goes unsolved
for many years until a fluke audit of a license plate
number leads police to the culprit.

10-11pm -- MI-5 - The Sleeper.
MI-5 persuades a renowned chemical engineer and Nobel
Prize winner to help set a trap for terrorist groups,
telling him that it's in the best interests of
England. But Tom, fearing for the good man's life,
begins to put his safety first, threatening the
operation. Stars Matthew McFayden, Peter Firth,
Keeley Hawes, Rupert Penry-Jones, and Olga Sosnovska.

Sorry, no descriptions were ever received for 2nd half of month

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December 2004
January 2004
Note: Monty Python is now on only occasionally: "Meet a composer with the longest name imaginable, and the head of a chocolate company is asked about the inclusion of such ingredients as "crunchy frog" in his candies. The classic British comedy phenomenon of the 1970s, starring the six-man troupe of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin."
Terry Jones' new series for A&E's History Channel is a semi-humorous 4-part look at truths and urban myths about the Middle Ages, illustrated by computer graphics and on-location scenery, seen Saturdays in early 2004

Episodes of the quirky Northern Exposure are on Hallmark Channel now, Monday-Friday. And episodes of the even quirkier "Twin Peaks" are sometimes on Bravo. Monstervision review & host segments of the Twin Peaks movie "Firewalk With Me."

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